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April 1, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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April 1, 1963

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COMBINING THE BALLARD TRIBUNE AND THE BALLARD NEWS--ESTABLISHED 1891 SU. 3-0400--SU. 4-5800 Free Home Delivery ~ 41 Wednesday, April I, 1964 I.N.C.A. JUDY ANNE PAHLMAN of 6510 Dibble Ave. N.W daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Pahlman, is sponsored as a Ballard Nordic Ni~e Queen Contestant by the Ballard Branch of the Seattle- First National Bank. Judy is a Ballard High School graduate and holds a Bachelor of Arts Baseball will get under way I John Beahm, starts the season this afternoon Wednesda ) as with Mountlake Terrace at 3"15 Sallard faces ~(orehne y the " " ).m. at Edmonds stadmm. At presstime, the Tennis squad Ballard High Playfield at 3:45 was beginning the 1964 season Choose on Sears t jtree ' Degree in Elementary Education from the U of W and is presently teaching 5th Grade students at Whittier Elementary School. Her future ambition is to obtain a Masters Degree to become an Asst. Professor at the U of W and later to become a wife and mother. At the U of W she has held the title of Senior Honor Woman, was recipient of Inter- national Good Music Scholarship and Theodore Presser Founda- p.m. Friday afternoon the Bevos travel to Mountlake Terrace. Ex- cept for the opener Ballard will play each Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Beaver head coach is Norlund King. His assistant is Donn Higley. Friday the track team under the direction of Bob Henning and with the Roosevelt Teddies at Roosevelt. Team coach is Joe Cromarty. Don Burnett's golf squad will tee off the season april 27th; the match to be Ballard vs. Roose- velt vs. Ingraham vs. Nathan Hale at 3" a c k s o n Park Golf Cours% Where Is Ole Olson? Asks Maline, III. Officials. His Relatives Want To Find Him Do you know the whereabouts children in Mr. Olson's family of ale Olson? and, would it be possible to le- A search for a former Bal- cute thru your records any one lard man reached from Maline, of this family? Illinois, from the register of Anything that your office may n Wilt Eliminate Deeds there, to Robert A Morris, be able to do to help locate this King county auditor and on to relative will be greatly appre-I the Ballard News-Tribune elated not only by the writer but,[ The letter, forwarded to this by his aging sister and brother. newspaper by "Bobby" Morris, Both are imploring me to find follorws: their brother or news of him or + Maline, Ill. members of his family. I I March 14, 1964 Respectfully, Register of Deeds Hjlmar C. Thompson County Courthouse 1 1333-15th St. A Seattle, Wash. Maline, Ill. 61265 Dear Sir: I ! For quite some time I havelf~ r't :. I-- t a sl%,~dll~r LJFIVI~ Ill tried to locate a cousin h t ha !:i [ion Scholarship and has held lived in Seattle for quite a num-IR~ll ~p~ D~r4, ~ offices with numerous college or- ber of years: Since the early part ~u.~a~,~ s~ vJ ganizations. She is highly accom-of the 1030s no one has beenl|LC-- ~- : - L >lisheq with the flute, plays the able to get any response from ~II~-JCIVIIILJ ~UU ,lane, sings and directs chil- him or his family. There are or, The American Cancer Society's lren's choirs She is active in were 11 children in his family, annual fund-raising and educa- mere- all sports was a 2nd runner up The last known address was at tional crusade will be conducted Shown here is the nresent status of construction as thp M,~irnnnl;t~. ~,-o~ ,e goo+H,~ 'r~ t ~+: :. today, fin the 1964 Miss Seattle Contest 2045 West 58th St,I believe this I in Ballard on Tuesday, Aprd 21. of the ,reatest Sewaoe treatment nlant -reject in at ll~,a~, o,~; ~ lnuror l~'n~.t !" + .i ;+~. +h^ atmn, I and was formerly a member of address zs from theBallard Congress has designated Aprd as the entire Northwes+ ~+ ~ h~-.l ~ l~ ll~, h ~,R' --~ l~ ----J 1--~.|--- ~'~L - u= g uu,t uy ,euu, oa.aru muss zne rounu ts teaseo trom me J the Teen Talk T V Panel Show [District /t.ancer uontro[ ~wonm g army ." . metropoman,umonty eonststmg oz eatue, me at per year the inset is the plant as it will look i :+ --,Now, does ale Olson stin five/ Mrs Sam Bolotin, Mug ~ounty count : " tat this address and, did he ever division chairman for Ballardy ano me smatter ctues ann sewage alsmcts when nmsneo oy the end of 1966. :i I I .- . I ' within the Lake Washington basin, otherwise known Photo by Seattle Police Department. ! i ' LIll~I UO I I film town mis property, sv~y Dellel ~u/saia tna~ preparauuu zu s -- , ~ . that he was the owner of the year s crusade will concentrate ;:,' '-', .~.:: ,~,: - : ++,~ ++ ~*=~- - -- I / I Seattle s most polluted area and 240 {eet deep 3 000 feet into the [ More than 45,000 chad yar~Isi~he m operation By hue/~, 1~ I[lua~ I'lA~#~4b Iproperty at this address. . If he/on more effective, education orbits most dramatic solution for eh+annel west or" me west Point ot sana ann gravel will be usea " ~+ UU ;II 17UIIILI t no longer owns thin property to/volunteers who will wstt every water tmllutinn ar~ :;ei~ hv ~id,~ l;ohth I. +h Metro trunkhnes from 9 there ~- J ~' ~" ~ ~u ~t= [whom was ~t sold. Has [home m Ballard w~th hfe-savmg/on Shilshole Bay, according to The new fae'li--is--i .fir[ " . lto Kirkland will be completed E l~y :!:~cS~tt~Vaho~:f.~S~esil" " " . " ". !:jr :~n~ed:U1/::l.?~n~ctVe~o~Pcr~o,:~o:th e:aGtfliJr aa~nd~S:l!n:t~e~!lle " e eh~hva.lkr~ BLANK FOR- ~:ngm lltew:r:;ed volunteers and weICl~Un~lmmanml~erB2ike: ~tPo ~n2;r~drl~:7 or~~ lta~ee iPr~tard~ L A R D Q U E E N at pres p [must saturate the community[board /FruinCol " .~ I a year. " - non t~o. oz ~an ~vmteo i +i K 1}N O !/II I c N 1 G T S premises. /with information about cancer if] Great flocks of seagulls hover ,~ By the end of 1966, all Puget In addition to ending the prac- California. ~gflll~ :: . H As noted above, there were ll[we are to do the job we areIDver the "resent Dut~all of the Sound beaches will be protected $,~,r, tice of putting raw sewage into l Even before the West Point I! Roe '~'a.~,]o" /called upon to do, Mrs. Bolo-/North Trunk sewer on Magnolia's and all sewage and sewage el- Puget Sound the plant will handle plant is finished Metro's whole[ --i~:~l~l~k---- " -- I./ . a ~' ~tin said north b"-^t" n 2. t. nuent removed from Lake Wash- ~ ~ - I I:::aUH IL-Ieb~lltly lllOIC HI~.II treet HalIDUT uueen /0 mgton sewage from the Lake City area ]Eastside sewerage system will[ ~10 ~'/ [ Mrs. Bolotin urged that all 40,000,000 gallons a day of raw ""o .-- ~ . and northward on the Lake Wash- [ ~ ~,~!~ Phone: SU 4-1269 add bi$r knrm TO rthose w~shmg to volunteer m this sewage ~s being discharged rote ington shore to Bothell. I ,11 ~Ak^J,I^ g ll~hl~bV"~ ', ^ "1"' ." . [vital struggle against possible water only 40 feet deep near the + i~atl~] ~l~| I1 h The. plants which are nowllI-Ull@UlllgUUl lUI k ~ /,i'~l~'?', ' s tqlA/h,#,~ tA/~.^" g~ln [death from cancer to contact her entrance to the Lake Washington UVVO II~lU U '; : IVIIIII~ |l~ldV1~ OMIG treating this sewage are deposit, a u ~ = =, . ~i,~' " Phone /at LA 4-0088 for volunteer refer- sh~p canal channel, m- u ing their effluent, more than 10,- WOO]f ll te Ilnd$ 1 ~il~.~'- '~%? * mutton. On the sandspit at West Point 'wav Mnna v 000,000 gallons a day, in Lake wuvvn ~zu vaiqdv I 1~~" ~ere? The American Cancer Society only a few hundred feet away, . . ~, I= uj WashmgtDn National " explains that there will be two Metro is building the biggest Boys Club Week, al- tertainment and nrizes The ~h~ ~ I' ~,)"ti,T~I^-. basle oals m thin years cam-sewage plant m the Northwest ti~ - While the bacteria in the sew- wa s a bi event at the Ballard . cats" g . . . starts at 7:00 shar . age has been killed in the treat- Y g ~[--'~" ~ ""'," (1) saving those hves that to provide treatment for 125,000,- P + r e lost unnecessarily which 000 gallons a day. ment process, "+the effluent re- Club, will be busier than any year Thursday, April 9th, has been !:+ :, for Master Plan of dlard General Hospital MISS CONNIE HALLIN The Halibut Fishermen s Wives Association, t h e indomitable group of dedicated ladies largely from the Ballard area who for the past several years have prac- tically single-handedly fought the encroachment of foreign products on the market they believe be- longs to their men folk who brave the hazards of the Bering Sea to bring halibut to Seattle docks, are at it again. Friday and Saturday they will demonstrate the quality Df an old product in new dress--canned halibut under the trade name of "White Wave". president of Ballard hospital with Ross Garrett, eon- Specialist,--Photo by Johanson requirements and indicated re- visions in the present structure. "The n e e d s of individuals change with 'time', and likewise The demonstration will take the needs and the mission of an place at the Tradewell store at institution may c h a n g e with 15th NW and NW Market from time; Dur planning will reflect 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. beth/days. these Changes,' states Dr. Paul Miss Connie Hallin/beauteou,s Johnson, chairman ef the Plan- "Queen of the H~4but Fleet', ning and Expansion Committee. [will lend her ch.~r~ to the event According to Dr. W e n d e 1 11 and the store ~s doing its part Blight, Chief ef Staff, the Medical toward po~ulbrizing American Staff is enthusiastically behind caught halibut by offering White - " discount for this program, and they are con- Wave at a special " fident that this project is essen- the two days. tial to their fulfillment of the The Fishermen's Wives have present and future role in the s p e n t thousands of volunteer community health picture. "man hours and not inconsider- George A. DeLange, Adminis- able sums to save the livelihood trator, states, "This is a for-of their husbands, fathers and l ward step taken by the Board brothers. One of their effective of Trustees without which we projects has been the distribution could not continue to properly, of 80 000 recipe books delineating adjust to the changes that have dozens of ways to cook and serve taken place, and plan for those halibut. The booklets have been that will be taking place, in the sent to every state in the Union next ten to twenty years." land to Pu~,rto Rico and London. ,b's Ballard IV getting each individual to his or her doctor for an annual check-up; (2) raising money for research, education and service. One cancer patient is being saved every three minutes in the i United States today, much of it as the result of growing re-[ search, education and service ef-i forts to control cancer. More than 1,200,000 Americans are alive today cured of cancer. 44 h DernocraHc Club Elects The 44th District Democratic Club, on March 16, held its an- nual election of officers. Those elected were: Olise Larsen, 6527 24th Ave. N.W President; Hans Berge, When finished early in 1966, the $11,900,000 plant will per- manently end beach pollution in the entire Ballard watefront area and in addition handle millions of gallons of sewage now going into Lake Washington Work started on the plant last fall with Alexander Hepler II, age 3, great grandson of Seattle City Engineer R. H. Thomson, as official ground-breaker It was Thomson who selected the area mains a fertilizer Which has been responsible for the increasing algae (plant life) bloom on the lake. Construction at West Point to date has largely been s, onfined to excavation and concret~"lm~r- tug in the area of the pumping" station. About 125 men are cur- rently employed with the work force on the project but the num- ber is expected to reach 300 by fall. so far when the seven-day cele- bration gets under way Monday, April 6. Highlight of the local show will be a Volley Ball free- for-all Monday evening from 7 to designated as a day and night of games room tournaments, with special emphasis on a Mother. Son show starting at 7:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. For those who want to Concert and Awards Night, see the Ballard boys in North- April 10th, promises to be biggest ~est competition, they have only night of the year, with the Bal- to travel to Bellevue where, be- lard Boys' Club Recording Or- ginning at 6:00 p.m,pull-up chestra playing and four mere. artists and broad-jumpers from 12 bers of the local organization, Clubs will be competing for representing four age grDups, b~- Washington State trophies, ing chosen "Boys-of-the-Year," as the principal outfall point for The construction installation on Tuesday, April 7th is the date Saturday, April llth, from 10 to Seattle sewage more than 60 the sandspit includes a "batching of the annual Father-Son basket-1 p.m. is the Mutt and Small years ago. plant' for mixing the sand and ballgame. It begins at 7:30 plm. lA'~. a!s show, with girls as well The new plant will treat the gravel which is delivered by and ends when all the fathers las boys entering their pets for sewage and deposit the hen- barge and carried ashore and in- have been winded or carried lblue, red and white ribbons. The polluted liquid effluent in water to the plant on an endless belt. away on stretchers. All young- i show is jointly sponsored by the sters must be accompanied by King County Humane Society. YMCA Sustaining Membership adults. Sunday, April 12, all boys and 8310 16th Ave. N.W. 1st Vice i President; John Rodgers, 12515 1st Ave. N.W Secretary; Jessie Haapla, 7526 19th Ave. N.W Treasurer. I YMCA Sustaining Membership boys--ages 6 - 9 years; (three They took office en Marchz~ Enrollment effort for the Ballard new tribes have just been or- and will serve for one year. area of the Sound-View Branch. ganized in Ballard); Jr. Hily Joyc~'-~$ ~ ;nd tin a joint statement, they said and Jr. Tri-Hi-Y clubs for boys . I the "Y" needs to enroll 50 mere- and girls in the Jr. High SchOol I.e&.ll & I~mlAe [bers and raise $500 in just the (65 boys at Monroe have indi- =.v,s ~ea. e#~'nna Ballard area. They are off to a cated that they want to join the In Greenwood lgood start with six members and Jr. Hi-Y; and Hi-Y and Tri Hi-Y Hardly a day goes by that we $102 raised the first day of the clubs for Senior High school stu- don t read in Dur local newspa-I drive. Working with the co- dents (there are three such clubs pers the following terse message, chairmen on the drive are KDn at Ballard High School). These "His~her life could have been Ericksson, Gil Lahti, Art Allen, !programs of Christian leader- saved bv~ ,h,~,4 use of a seat-belt " Dr. Ken Sonderleiter Mrs. Doro-Iship traininzv and --~ersonality de- Once again the Greenwood thy Nelsen, Rev Burton Brown, lvelopment are in the best in- 3aycees are selling and installing Joseph May, and David Mitchell. [terestwork ?:rth~s total community and for $6.50 life-saving seat belts It was explained that funds are r " betterment. Saturday, April 4 and S t~ay, needed to make up the differ- Anyone interested should call April 11 in the parking lot across ence between what the "Y" re- the Sound-View office--AT 3-9622 the street from the Greenwood Branch of the Seattle First Na- tional B~----~'~h 85th St. and Dayton Ave. from 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. both days The belts used are approved by the American Seat Belt Council and meet the rigid specifications set by the National Safety Coun- cil. A wide range of colors are available. Wednesday, April 8th is special itheir parents are urged to attend Fun Night for 14-and-under boys t special Boys Club services at the Enrollment Drive Under Way with bigsurprisesb0th!ntheen-lchurchesof their choice Robert Craven and Arnie Bergh program includes the Y-Indian o : - of Ballard are heading this year s Guides, a father-son program for or just dial ATE--YMCA. Business Women The Activity meeting of Ballard B u s i n e s s a n d Professional Women's Club will be held Tues- day evening, April 7 at the home of Mrs. Ben Lafferty. Election of officers will be the feature of the evening's business. Quality INSURANCE Costs No More -- See Stanley R. Olson Co. 170~ N.W. Morke* St. SU 3-8800 ceives from the UGN and fees received from participants The YMCA is a membership organi- zation and the Sustaining Mem- berships are contributions used to sustain the "Y" program at the current level and maintain a balanced budget. Without this vitalsupport, the "Y" will have to curtail their youth work in the area. Mr. Craven said the'"Y'"s Recognized Specialist Fiberglass Spin Rod, Reel, REPAIRING--RESUILDING Line & Practice Plug, ANTIQUE CLOCKS special, $4.9S Peterson=Lockwood ] XP .RT B A L L A R D Fishincj Licenses WATCH TIME SHOP Salmon Punch Cards REPgIR$ SILOS 20th N.W. $419-22nd N.W. SU. 4.2087 su. Phone MA 4-7930 about any type of home loan: to buy uild--remodel or ref/n4nce. Ballard Office--2020 N.W. Market Savings placed by the 10th earn dividends from the I st---~t 4~/4 % LICENSE SERVICE Monday thr. Friday S:30-5:30 CARS-TRUCKS-TRAILERS SCOOTERS - MOTORCYCLES WILSON MOTOR CO. $433 L|ARY AVE. NW SU. 2-1111 ~epair Npeeialists For the Best in Sight ond Sound Find us Fast in the Yellow Pages. BOS McFARLANE Serving Bellerd Since 194S $816.24th NW SU. 3-10 20