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April 1, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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April 1, 1963

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ii i i i i~~ ! i|i'i ! iili SITUATIONS LEGAl. NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES Wednesday, April |, |9641The Ballard News Tribune----I] L.osTEXCEL'7~~I ,VICES- IR0/~~ . ,j~~ S,J Date of f rst-UbBNT 3-4 tO 48-64 / 1964 ,M^ rr:=LEGALwNOTICESo=. r =o i| LEGAL NOTICES /at Room--LEGALof the--NOTICESprobate iI I iI Date of first--aubllcatlon--March & j ~ ~ : ~~:.ilii! i up ~1 deliver. SCHNEIDER, .MUL.LAVEY & SCHNEIDER, MUL.LAVEY & I JONSON & JONSON r HAROLD M. EASTVOLD, Attorneys! SCHNE DER, MULLAVEY & SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY & ~-~'~ ee~eeael 542~l~ar~N'AvAe;n1 urpneNYSw I tHAGE MnAN, At~r%eYwS Attorneys o. 2208 N.W. Market St r HAGEMAN HAGEMAN, Attorneys ~'%' i: i CHILD CARE IN THESe~!t'll~W' ~shin~en'. I SAVAGE & LECHNER I S~e~t~le,/v~ar~s~.lr a, /IN TH/e~ttI~ERWI~)s~'ng~JRT OF! 5420 EallAaftr~rn~vYes. N.W. l 5420 SBe(~rd Avsel~ NW, ~- i LICEN-SED~'~ h u, ~.u~ LUUK Ur-] Attorneys ~INTHE SUPERIOR COURT .OlI the State of Washington for the Seatlle, Wash. IIN THE SUPEROR COURT OF ~ i Fenced yard. repair~ ~e olQle at vvasmngTon tar F, ingj - 86 00 2g;n .N.Wj / the State of Washington for Kin! County of King. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OFi the State at Wash ngton for the '" ,anai ,~ y . j :=Rattle, Wasn 98107 / County tin the Matter of the Estate of the State of Washington for the~ County of King . ',i : 88(,3. ~ -~ - i-LAJ~e ~at.ter or me ~.stare o f/IN wilE SUPERIuR LuURT OF/ KENNETH P. GRONVOLD an. I ELINE ANDENES, Deceased. In County of King In the Matter of the Estate of [ ' ~ LICENSED ch .u,li~1~.1 r~ ,c~/v~y PIAWLI::Y ueceasea, the State of Washington for the/ ANITA J GRONVOLD, hiswife, I Probate No 171869 Not ce of, In the Mutter of the Estate of] JACK N. JOHNSON, Deceased. In day or night, ng rq-e" No. 171257. Notice of Sale of Real l County of King. ! Plaint ffs vs. J Hearing' Final Report'and Petition l SIVERT N. RODAL, Deceased. I Probate b'o 175454 Notice to 18 BAB'YS[TtI~ on n (" "=state. [n the Matter of the Estat, oft THOMAS P CROWDER and lfor Distribution J In P'obate. No. 175537. Notice To l Creditors " ' " ";,~" ~u 70th & 10thN el,1 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEinN thea~/ ISnARpArHboB. MCRY70=TT, Deceased. I SHARON D. CROWDER, hswfe, Notice is hereby given that JOHAN Credtors. Notice is hereby gven that the i . ~ " !=elLESL!E ANN. HAWLEY, j I o. N .555. Notice toSTATE OF WASHINGTON, DE-IR ANDENES Administrator at thai Not.ca is hereby gven that thelundersianed has been eopolnted and -- :i CHILD care, ~ )q, jcapaclty as Administratrix of theI Credtors. I PARTMENT OF LABOR AND IN-IEsIote of F:[IN~: Z~NnI=NP:~, h~ rundersigned has been appointed and!hr,~ n,~lifpd n Fy =t',',triY nf the' " " ~ i i "--- aDOV " - " . . ' -.-, -1 ]5, 47th, 3rd-6th EL e estate, wHI sell at privateNotice ts hereby gwen that theI DUSTRY, Defendants. No. 617933. if led in the office of the Clerk allhas quahfted as Executrx of thelestato of JACK N JOHNSON, De- - pooOOOee jR3 SCH00L5 O so enganddefcOr beCc ShreO[ ete - ts. the to,- ~nder%ga~fdehaSasbe~neaupp~nted c~de ~TSuTmmons BY^Pi iUbJlJtCcoTtJ(oln. said Court his finD, Report and ~s~feed. f t IvERT N. NODAL, D ~l ~ ~ ~d; that all persans having - ,-~ 311 N w ~ ~ = H,~ w~,=h ,~, ~* *.2 ~ c h r= ^^ ** ,-. petition for d str but on ask ng the,rlar . aa persoas having c aims against said deceased are . . '1'el ] scrb~d n~ to~,~'~n ~i,~u o%~L ~, ~ ~.yE~. r- ~ ~u2E~=.? %.u the property to the persons theretoi, uy ,~qu!rea zo serve Tne same]duly verified, on said Executrix or : 0'! --- ~EARN ton 981()7" mo're"oa'ri~'c'ul'a~v'"d~" e~ as~-~cl" "'that''all '~'e;s'on~""tl"v~'ea ~o.' Court to settle said Report, distribute; ~ar'e~.s. Qg.C~!rlST. said dace.a sad are Ihereby required to s the same We specialize ~- I Ba arcl -~.'ddit-io'n "'i~o ~"G'Jl'man I~er'eb~" r~'~'re~l 'o'serve tUh esamtel entted and to discharge said' x'eYcu i T'ear on said. u:ise Rodal, lher attorneys of record at the ad- . i!' '.! ~p 3 years and u u . I Y q '1 uu kKk: PIt::KI:;UY bU/V~/V~U ~Ulmn~ ~ ^~r~=~=~ ,~. +h,+i,0 net anorney or rec-ldress below stated and file the I II Red CreSS Ol ES I ['ark, according to plat recorded Iduly verified, on said Executrix orITO APPEAR wthn sxty (60) daysl~'~'~on~'~ n"~'-",';~: ,'~"~.H'"~" ord at the address bRow stated, andl~ame wth the Cerk of sad Court J lib iill Call LI 2.3511. I i m. Vol. 5, page 29 records of her attorneys of record at the ad- after the date of the first publica-JT " -~.~ ''~'"", anD. peT!.io. ),Vi y,e! file the same with the Clerk of satd ltoaether with proof of such serv ce ~11 BB 00 I~O~ J.said county, dress below stated, and file the/tlon of this Summons to-wit: withinJ',~u[u . n-Lne ,~uTn aay or '~PrH'iCourt, to~ether with proof of such ""K~, ,~h~ ,~*=~ *h= ,~,*= ,~ !i;: contact Mr. ' N ~.theLhighest and best bJdder. Bids, lsame with the Clerk of said Court, /sixty (60) days after March 25, 1964,11~Yo6o4m %f Y;I~u A.M~ aT ~ne F~ur~!service wJthin six months after thel~i;'s'~'"pu~'~ica~'{o'n"~of~'~'is"n~ot~'ce: or iit}~l : "~I1~ ~l'" ~' ae suomlnea in writing anattogether wire proof or sucn service,and defend the above entitled action . ~ r,~,~,~ ~'~t" aare at first publication of this no- ~r, !l~eeeeeee ~/may be left with the Admnstratrix wthin six months after the date of In the Court aforesaid and answer of sa,d Court, at wh,ch t,me an d;t th ill be barred, thesame w,~l be bar~eda I HELP ~ jaL, 5420 Ballard A N.W Se-j first publication of this notice, or I the Complaint of ~he plaintiffs and place any person interested, in,ldi Date of first publication March 18,/,~u~l o i i i ~ l I= at i p-~R~TIME II ~'( ~/ame, Washington 98 07. Bids w be the same will be barred. ~ serve a copy of your Answer upon i =stare may appear ana tile oa ec-~ 1964 I ;-, I l i I lrq& il ~)ut ~'y~rece!ved until the date of sale. Date of first publication March the undersigned attorneys for plain- tlo ns, thereto and contest the same.I Olise Rodab I I 1 I and evenings Sro ]l 1--The sale will be made on or after 10, 1964. Itlffs at their offices below stated;I uaTed this 26th day of March.I Executrix of said Estate, I E;"" I d JU "' ~[ i shop. Must be at erime 7th day at April, 1964. The ad- DOROTHY HELEN VANDELAC and in case of your fa ure so to do ,yo,~. / 5420 Ballard Ave N W, I ~ Io W~,h ' '" J i IF k ~ i,~r ability to rnl )YS to mi.nistratrJx reserves the right to Executrx of said Estate judgment w be rendered aganstI Date of first publication April lst l Seattle, Wash. " ISCHNEI~E~='I~'~'/V~Lj~="~,VEY I ~- P(: Cleaners. ~SU Id ar reled any and all bids. / 5600 20th Ave. N.W lyou according to the demands of 1964. JCHARLES N MULLAVEY, I & HAGEMAN I ,~ ~ ;EXCELLENT I g LESLIE ANN HAWLEY, J Seattle, Washington 98107 i the Complaint which has been filed WALTER W. RENSCHLEK, I Attorney for Estate, J wa tar H Haaeman Jr I "." lanced beauty AI ~ Administratrix ]SAVAGE & LECHNER J with the C ark of sa d Court I Clerk of said Court j5420 Ballard Ave N.W l^. "-, ~f^r ~'=t"*e' " I " i: 3432. ~ 'lob nt SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY IAttorneys for Estate, I The s an acton to forecose a By H. W. POTTER, ]Seatte Wash .~V"'NW J I J,: es EX~E~F~IENCE Old a- & HAGEMAN, 5600 20th Ave. N.W. JcertaJn real estate contract dated Deputy. I BNT--3-18 to 4-1-64 ~'[~H~'~a'wash ] ~moker-drinker rio V [Attorneys for Estate, iSeattte. Washington 98107 iDecember 2% 1961, wherein KEN- I HAROLD M. EASTVOLD, ~ i " a ,~o ~ ~1 .=~1 J~ ~J , H .wi oil5420 Ballard Avenue N.W / BNT--3/18-4/1, '641NETH P. GRONVOLD and ANITAJ Attorney for Estate, J THOR P II/~/I= TAR --" I " "' --! I BI :1!::I ;i !'aii li! if: i,i!~ ! il Ithe State of Washington for the/in" the'Matter"of the Estate of] LARD~ A.UUHIuN Iu. ~:~ - /In the Superior Court of the State/ Creditors I County of King ' I i Ill ~- [! Count of Kin MAN P'AKr~ occoralng 1"o ~'lOr =~ i i - DZ e~.a.Te .o.r - y . /having eta ms against sad de-J] GRONVOLD and for a decree|Miller" Executrix of the Estate of i attorney of record at the addressJfiled In the office of the Clerk at J I / ILIB I :':t =J J i ~, c~u~v-~orequ~re-, .o serve^,~.e same said Executor or his attorney Of|nO rlahf tlt{e or Interest-n sad/Court her final Report and petitionlgether with oroof of suc'h""~'rvl'r~'~=l"Court to settle said Report, diStrla- :,'~v F I li li!; ~noTtce, or zne same wm De oarrea, land oremlses to the alaintiffs for [fion will be heard on the 27th day THOR P ULVEST ~i i / ' /March 17th, 1964, for attorney's fees t and place any person Interested in ; Senttle4 Washin j d rt Executor of said Estate In the su of 5000 for sol t gton and contest the same i [i ! Adminlstratrxof sad Estate " ',Dated the 17th day of March, -/ 54 1 1732 N.W. Market Street, Ihlsbursements to be 'axed, and the objections thereto and contest the Attorney for Estate, 1964 Seattle Wash i!! l!i '-~t20 Baard Ave N "W iSeattle WaSh. ~d/u/ lattice and P. O. Address: 1964 ' i I B D. ~ !I g R JONSON & JONSON 5420 Ba ard Avenue N W ~a ;I~ o. alouD1. .~ummons By Publlca-] rnr nistribution l PKI::I.~ M. PIALLI=, ueceasen, in JONSON & JONSON, Attorneys estate of E en V Anderson De- Seattle Wash. '!:" :,' r " ' ~ i.~= ur- w~orl~u~ =u BERT JOHNSON executor of the/ ~,'~7.'";? ~ J ~eatTle Wosn. cams against said deceased areJ the State of Washington for the or ARBARA M. KING, Defendant. . undersigned has been appointed and the State of Washington for the duI " " f :: ~ J~;te~ w,~m %x,y ~eu~, aayStand patton tar distribution, askngleS~a~e,~ '~c.=,u ~-~.~= ue-|,n. the Matter of the Estate Otldress be,ow stated, and file the]Probate. No. 175660. Notice To =---. /1~.6~ u.er me mn uay at r~arcn, !thereto entitled and to dlschargel.!=~=uy /=qUI/~-=lJ /u ~.[ ~ 1111~ ~Ullll~j NOTICe at Hearing Fine! Report!w th n s x months after the date of:undersigned has been appointed and ~ I J, J ~'~:' ~ Jand anew and pet t n w be heard on theli g the same wdl be barred, irate of LENA SIGURDSON, De- V l "V ~ erthecamp a nt of the be ow stated, and f e the same w th ford W Edwards Executor of the - I r ns hovin ~'~ ~a plaint" 21st day of Apt I, 1964 at 10:00 A.M . . ' Date of hrst publieat on March 18 ceased, that all pe so g ~ , against ou ~.l ~ " ' o s a ' ~ "~" z'0749c--~=-'~- ~' s,xD~'tene of first publication March' 25, J D~te of first publleatlon March 25,11sDC~t;64.of first publication March,Crtedl~tor~; hereby given that the I~ airtt Ixe ,da .an: r/;atdL nn, SaC ,har~epr.OSLu~d ca=Ec~ ~e E~eu: J With~.~arSci~V d~ys aftn~lr tdhefe4ntdh c~yI "~J ~ ~ t. :~r~ Seattle Washington 98107J tJ GRONVOLD, his wife are sellers I 2208 N W Market Street 1207 O "-'---":"L':"'":;'An-or'ney ~ l . 31s BNT --3.25 to 4.1-64 and THOMAS W CROWDER and Seattle ~/ashlngton ' =y~plc r~aTi. Life mag, SCHNEIDER MULLAVEY & -" i |~ ~I LEANINGday. Must h0h' ~ V1 SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY / ERI~ttFoRr?e~ERG JSHARON D. CROWDER, his wife,I, ' BNT---4-1 to4-15-6411N THE S~t~ IoNI~ShcouRT OFr HAGEMAN ] 3-0660~ ~- 3El "-~ & HAGEMAN / ~ ,~, l are purchasers. That the real proP- I the ~ I "ttorne-s I B A-B-YS I TTE R Web~ 'Vic wJ Attorneys ~ ~eat~e Jetty. sold. under the terms of saidI I Coun~yUJof ~rlngW. asnlngTon Tar me1 5420 aall~rd Avenue N.W. J .~ ~g" in| 5420 Ballard Ave. N.W.|l~J "rilE SUPER'IOR C:OURT OFIc nTrac~-'s-aescrl ea- s z n ws,~ / JONSON AND JONSON, Attorneys IIn the Matter of the Estate of/ Seattle, Wash. [ I I JIB= RELIABLE 'P :e. ~/ Seattle, Wash. |'"~ho' ~tate of Washlnnt~,n ~^," th-|EaST le reeT at. LOT /Z ana all / 1738 N W Market St. I WILLIAM RUSSELL Decea~rl In] IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OFt I -~-, ing, etc. LA h~r ~: IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF/ Count'v of Kin,~ =' |of Lot 13L BIOCK 10, BAL- ~ Seattle, Washngton I Probate. No. 17463'6 Nat~; t;J The State of Washngfon for the~ I I i liP' eoeaeee# ~q -I Y g,MAJKEN CECILIA CHANDLER / . ' / of Washngton for the County of/ Notice is hereby ntv=n ~h,~ tholln the Matter of the Estate of ~1~I PERSONALS In the Matter af the Estate of ' TnereoT recoraea In Volume 5 of Kin ed In ~, J Deceased. la Probate. No. 175699 i pl,t= "a"= ')9 in Kr'" r-^ +, ~ g. lundersFgned has been appointed andl EINAR R. SOLEY, Decens . ~ He S, ~P.UL =. ~l/Lm~, ueceasea ,n/ Notice TO Creditors. / ~^~ ~-~.~ ~;.~.u.- ~t.=o~r,-~.- ~,-~ |In the Matter of the Estate of!has qualified as executnr nf th~,J Probate No. 170761. Notice of ~HEWISH to t and neighbor! ~er. s. ~.roba~. No. 175449. Notice To| Notice is hereby given that theJ e out. j EM.ILY G.USTAFSON, Deceased. Inlestate of William Russell,-Deceased~'J Hearing .FIn a.I Report and Petition "- - **i ~;,~:'"'-"' ~. *~, * ~h rundersigned has been oppo nted and That said action further i f^~ ~h,| ~'roaare. No. 172497. Nohce of Hear-I that a persons havinas c a met for DisTrlOUl"lOn. I I I Bk 11~ ~J~ ' "'~" butes, cardS ~ ; ~.lce is ,ere~y g.ven o~ e|has qualified as Executor of the]nurnnse of nuetn~' titl="t~"'.=~'l'~| lng Final Report and Petition for against said deceased a~e hereby Notice is hereby given that LOIS ill.| ~ irq&i, in our race, "ed, r,l~,ers.gne~.as uoen oppo.nleu an.~jestate of MAJKEN CECILIA CHAN-/,'~ro~ert, in "the .~loin:t'iff~" ~="~"-/ Distribution. !requred to serve the same dul~/S. JOHNSON, Executrix of the Es- ~ I~ II I~ ~, Margaret Ker~ eve ' ;Ithe- qua;i.le, aDs^i~,m/n.slorotT~XlO, jDLER, Deceased; that all personsJ~lE-~H "p GRONVO~L~D and' Notice is hereby given fhaf Carolrveritied, on said executor or his/tate of EINAR R. SOLEY, has II I~ k I1 1 :': Kemoe. oooeO#00 :n,n ~. el~easea;ga;nai~ a'a'idPedreeaenSse~laVamge|cOased are hereby, required foJdeclaring that the defendants and|.EM/.LY .GUSTAFSON, has fi,ed/be,ow stated, and file the sameiea:d.C u,rf her fina/ Repo~,and P~ee - '~! ~U " h~r~h~, " ,~ +h serve me same auly verltlea, on leach of them and all of them have In rne africa of the Clerk of said with the Clerk of said c~ -i ~ u .u, ,~.~ - =, . . - ' -~O~01 ~n= - trix' ,~r~,e,~, on sa,u ,-,~,m.n~ ~ ~ecord at the address below stated,[prom s'es~ for the forfeiture of the/for distribut on, ask ng the Court to lw thin six month- ~o~ the claiR'or[ ute the property to the persons Mar. 19,~ ~S~-~ schlPP bl~ . l!~e a~lrdreer i~erlo rnesYta~etd,reaC c~ fileT I a and f~eu~e ~aame~heWr,ththe :/erfR oO~/payments heretofore made ~.b-y .!he ~setot/erfsai.cl" Reporf,o distr.ibute. l.he!f~st publica!!en "of"'~th'ls notice or tshec~et =xenut~led an? thtOt d~icdna~gee ' II ~t Thursday, G~ 3-' ~' Toe same with the C ark of sa d,~ ,- ue~enuan.s, Tar an oraer alrecTing ~' ~' ~ /u /llt~ Vl;;|:~Uil~ /ll ~/~;~/u ;'11- /He SQmO Will be barred I t n will be heard on I Court t h/such service Within six months after/that a Writ of Restitution Issue re-|t,t,ed and to d~scharge said Execu-I Date at first publication March lS~ .port and pet, io [] : aoeeeoee ~-~i -]sorvJce w~t't~in'six"mo~lh's'af'ter~helthe,date of first publ!,cat Ion of this/storing the possession af said lands|trlx; and that said Report and peti. 11964. 'jme /aTn,aayh rcAn,P, ' W' B. "il uaie at tlrST pUbliCation at mis no- - -,AD, Probate Deportment of said Court, ~ '~' = ''~ F~h0 ~ tire ar the same w be barred Date of first publication March 25, jjudgmenf against the defendants and jot April, 1964, at 9:3g A.M. at the Executor of sa d Estate, tat which time and place any per- - "~: ~ J~, Y '/ WILLIAM RUTHERFORD leach month comm-n~, ~ment of sod P^"-~ ,~ wh.~h lean interested In said Estat Y ' I ,~o~. CHANDLER ~ ~ ~ ~ w ,vu u. =~ ~-=~ LITe ~uliaing. appear and file object one thereto H O U ~I ~ m $3 COSTS andd Esote may appear and f e THOR P ULVESTAD ~ rls, 6 Et / Seattle, Wash ~or- " |cost of title Insurance In the sumjsame. . 1207 Olympic National Life Bldg, Date of first publicaton March 18, h rurl /SCHNEIDER MULLAVEY /'-'7 y'~'-"'-: . lot $36.40. I Dated this 26fh day of March,/ Seattle 4, Washington h964 I I~' ~llV Ru 5 't~," /& HAGEMAN, llATff3~r~qeYwtO~woS~le~ S~rStee~,e,JONSON & JONSON; [1964 . . I BNT---3.18 to 4-1-64] " WALTER W. RENSCHLER, coil ~ ~norneys for Estate / . r.: / ATtorneys ror I.'mmTttts ~ Dare of frsT pub cation Apr 1, [ I Clerk of said Court for fl "0 le =lSeattle, Wash " " " / BNT--3.25 to 4-8-6411738 N. W. Market St " WALTER W. RENSCHLER, JUNSON &.JONSON, Attorneys J i'~=~Y,~" " )2 eL,Jr 'G ;I ~ BNT-- 3-25 fo 4-8-64 i WILLIAM O WEBE A"o-n-- ISeaftie 7, Wash~ngtTo n3 2S to 4 ~ "' [ - Clerk of .sa ld Cour t. |ll~'JaTl~lr:W's~l~:K~oRSea~e~R?aShF !SCHNEIDER; MULLAVEY & J I I I I ",A'-': HOUSE -i WILLIAM O. W~EB-B--I 5709 20th Avenue N "'I. / Y- ' ' HUP -UI/L' I the State of Washington for theIHAGEMAN' A ij "Ill E ~ "- i ~ r Attorney Seattle Washin tenv" ~ uepuw. County of King. Attorneys for Estate, "---i~; 57. 2.h N W N THE SUPER OR CDURT op1 HA OLD M, EASTVGLD ,n the Matter of the Estofo of. ' : ME( o Seattle Wash .Y ! Attorney / Attorneys tar ~:srare I ELLEN V d /~eaTTle, wasn. J I I mm "15 ~ -IIN THE SUPERIOR (~OURT OF ~eun~.aTe~ i~InVVasnlngTon tar Tne1220~ N.W. Market St Seattle, Wash. 1738 N.W. Market St j tn Prabate"l~o.'-i7.~"l';' No~=ce"t'ot BNT--3.1S to 4-1-64 ~E ~1the State of Washington for King t~ "" tterU'of th /INTHE SUPERIOR COURT OF Seattle, Washington. I Creditors " " " t~ "'%" In ne r~la e I.STate at B 1 " ~ "!* d -/ County, t ~no~ ~ mnr~=M~ n ~ J the State of Washington for theJ NT---4- to 4-15-64I Notice is hereby ivan ~'hnf I =,== n ~ ; SU /DWARDB RAY KING, Plaintiff, vs. " D~'~h"~'~ ~*10 17'~'~ ~"*"'= U. "'| County of King. ~ undersgned, has been appointed and Attorney t8:' 5 r - NARBARA M. KING, Defendant.Hear lg Fna Report and Petition|ln.-th-e-Mat.ter .f .the L~tate of AL-~ thas qualified as Executrix of the S709-20th N W. :~ !:: 14 I~r" i II THl n' Notice is hereby given that HER-| Probable No. 175520 Notice toI 1738 NW Merke, st Iceased; that all persons havingllN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF $~ ~ n= o,~ u" ' .~m,ce ,s .ere~y g.ven mar me IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF~hereb " : "> ~ B " Estate of GEORGE E. ROBINS, De- Y required to serve the same County of King fs / y /ceased has f.ed ,n the oft,ca af .helU / y ve.t,ed an sa,d Executr,x art'n the Matter of the Estate e ~tlr I~, u u AK~ H~.~-UY. bU~,M, UNEU/Clerk of said Court his final Reportlnas,quant/ea,-,-, .-s, ~xecu.t .r. r County of King. her attorneys of record at the ad-| LENA SIGURDSON, Deceased. In ~, I'S a'~ let /of -th~ ~,aa~ o;=.ne re: pu~,;,ca~mnithe Court to settle said Report, dis-I~,Z,~.~' '"~" "'.' ,J'~'~.~'~."'L"gl vluL~ .r~AE EDWARDS, De-lsame with the Dark of said Courf, j Creditors. . ":~; ~ ,/d,~,~ ~ ~ m=on~ O-Wl ~xty ,u~,/trJbute the property to the personst~' ~.' '".=. .~2~ '. ', '.= ' =,u'u .u ~=,~u u ' =l cea sea. ~.n P'robate. .No. 172683.1together with proof of such servicel Notice is hereby given that the ,4J ,~B -.:~ =v and defend 1he above entitled =,4 ~ ,~ +h ~ ~, o .Jduly verified, on sala Executor art and Pettion for Distributton first Dub c~fnn ~f +he: nn ,-,= ^ has aud fed as Executor of the as- i ~ ~ ~ " " aclion Jn ~,~, ~^ v.v u,w ~ ~u,u ~.=F,v th r ,~ ' the above ant t ed court, . his attorney of record at e address Notice 15 hereby ivan that Cllf- ,- -~ - ~ C~I . Iff, and serve a copy of your at the Caart R f the Probate he Clerk of said Court, together with Estate of Viola MaR Edwards, hasl l claims o ainst said deceased are W ,~nswer u on t 1964 g |ne" =- P 'he un.dersig, ned aH.or-iDeparfmen;r-of said Courf-atwh[ctllprOOf, of such service, within sixJflled in the office of the Clerk of] " ALICE WILHELMINA Ihereby required to serve the same: j~ ~. mr plaintiff at nls office aelowl.~ "~ " n, '~or="n' i"* ~imontns attar tne date or firST puDli-j said Court his final Report and pe- ^~,r~=r~ ,~, .[ dulv verified on "a d Executor or "' ~'.~."~"~ 2 )S~ '~ STared. and n ~' ~" O~r~a - ' " .~'~.~-.~ /,I case of your failure li ",~ i= + ~. P~U ,*1 ~ll=Ication of thls notice or the same wll|~titlon for distribution asking the! ~i ,I"= this attorney of record at the ad .2?. T ~|SO to do, judgment will be renderedl~hls~',~'S~hTe~r~'n~,~'"~',~n~'~;* ~.~tbe barred Court to settle said'Report dis-J ~'~ ~'~'~'~'~'=. ~ ]dress bRoW stated and file the ~',:~. ~tl~ ~,y according to the demand i Date of first publication March 18,/tribute the property to the personsl ":-~'~"~'.'.'.~. ','. "~.'~'. ~--' "-" same with the Clerk of sold Court, I~ |~ t.he Complaint, which has beenjSa~a~'ed this 18th day of March I1964 /thereto entitled and to dischargej ~/e~tl~.w;,~a[Ker :~Treer, Ifogether wth proof of such service ~,ea with the Clerk of said Court. [~o, ~ 'l BENNIE S. HALLE, tsald Executor; and that said Reportl,~, ~ a.s ng.on Iwithin six months after the date all 'i'",~ ~/W. a~ ] ~ne Oblect of the above entltledJ "'~',~.~ ^, ,~ ~. ~,l.~,*, ^^,~ Executor of said Estate, /and petit/on Will be heard on the/'~'~'~u'~ o= ~ul~u~, t first publication of this notice, orI L.3~, = |UCTiOn is tO secure an absolute de. llO~4"~ ~" 't 2208 N.W. Market St I29th day of Aprll, 1964, at 9:30 a.m. ,%,am eye .or =s~a,e, the same will be barred ~ i~- /cree of divorce. --'" Seatte, Wash the Court Room of the Probatel ~z~ r~,w, MarKer Street, ] 25,1 i~:-~ u W LL AM O WEBB beartle Washington - nt~," ' J ""C~e'r~'"^f "sa d"Cour~. /HAROLD M EASTVOLD, |Department of said Court, at wh ch ' J1964 I 199 t0.~ |~ Attorney for Plall,tlff I o, o" " u~==Drr~' ~ Attorney for Estate, ]time and pace any person infer, j BNT--3-18 to 4-1.64] THEODORE B BJORNSON I I I I ~ lib I i : ~ !99 #t ;" / uttlce and Postofflce~Address: I ' / 2208 N.W. Market Street, Jested in said Estate may appear~~l Executor of said Estate. i'r ~:~ ~'v( |~70~. 20th Avenue N" w" w"~'"'~=n~ /Seattle, Washington /and file objections thereto and con- / WARNER, PIERCE & PEDEN 5709 20th Avenue N.W rH [ LjJLD ;99 ~-- j~eaTtle, King County, Washington /"~;-,-',~,~'ev" f'or'F:s~a~'e / BNT--3.18 to 4-1-64|test the same. ~ Attorneys Seattle, Wash. .i' 99 I~F oN~I 5709 20th Avenue N'.W /--/19Da.ted this 20th day of March,/ 260:a~l~ethwT~wer W LL AM O WEBB, :~, ~ I / Seattle Washington / SAVAGE & LECNNER / /,sh. /Aftorney for Estate, I ::"~*':~] 99 b0~ Int~ I Attorney I BN3"--3-25 to 4-8-64/ ^, Date of first publication April 1,~ IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF15709 20th Avenue N.W. -" ~99 01 e,-: I 1732 N.W. t~arket St,/--~l '~".~'"=~.? 1964. 1he State of WashJn ton for the:Seattle Wash ' / , "~ Seatt " WILLIAM L. HUTCHIN', Atlorney ~au~ zum N.W. g " 99 an - e, Wash. / : I 1 WALTER W. RENSCHLER 1 County of K ng BNT--.3-25 ta 4-8-64 ' N TH S/US zuTn AVe. N.W. ~alrle, ~ ~,~.v~, . " 99 ~ of i-~ E.SUPERIOR COURT oP/ =--**, ~ --**.-- tINTH= tHp=RinR COHRT OF| Clerk of sold Court. tMARGARET E. NELL, Plainhff, vs.l~ ~ I i I I Ill I',"~ 0 /ne Stare of Washington forthe ~ ~ ~.v. By R. S. HOFEDITZ LESTER V NElL Defendant No - J 99 Of I Count IINTHE SUPERIOR COURT OF the State of Washington for theJ n,=n.*v " " ' L " "1 SCHNEIDER MULLAVEY & J ~JI r-LI T'n ~[fe 1 ~* j ---~-- oummons Dy WUDI IcaTion ,~9 thl In the Matter of the Estate of J the .State. of. Washington for the|lnCO~JhnetyN~offfeK~ng~f the Estate of|JONSON & JONSON JThe State of Washington to the eaJdl - H~EMAN I 11 " ~l I K 4/=111, 99 iQrr ERIC SMITH Deceased. In Pro-J LOUnty at ~/ng. LEONA A PETERS DeceasedinJAftorneys for Estate, Lester V. Nail, Defendant / u~ =,lT~[ r'~u~= ILl W I Iil ~ I I I II I ' oat .I IIl~ /V~U[ II~| UI /H~ I~ ~|UI~ Ul 1 7 ~a,~ i~ I,I --*'---- Ap e. No 175554 Notre To Cred-J 1753"""off--,o/1 38 NW Market St You are hereby summoned to ap-| w i, r tars KP-.U~I::N JA:)I~H~UN ueceasea rroaol~. OlD. o~oo.Pi -W .~ea,e, ,as 99 . . 1 '1 Creditors [Seattle, Wash. [pear with/n sixty (60) days after the| ~-u~ SUPERIOR COURT OFI :99 FF S Notice Is hereby given that theJ La Probate. No. 174858. Notice toI : b'" -Ivan that th-/ BNT--4-1 ?o 4-1S, '64/date of the first publication of ths]"~,h"'~.~,w hi,~ th / I Unders aned hn~ he~,n nnnnlnt~,~ nnH / LreaiTors. I I~IOIIC~ IS ere y g i~ I ~ summons to ~u #. t i+ht~ ,-;v ~* ,zA~ / .He .J.a.e O. was ng.on .or e j :49 Or /has ;'-- J" ~'" "~T'"'-'; "~C-/Notice is hereby alven that thelundersigned has been appointed andJ ] ~v~ nff~--~ +h~.~)~'~h~"~'==F ~'~,~, tau/| County of King I J J I HUUlllleM as =xeculrlX aT me ~" .-- a.O e ruary 799i All W bstate of ER C SMITH Deceased ~underslgnecl has been appointed and has qua! fled .as ,A.dmlnistrat~x oft SAVAGE & LECHNER, j1~64 and defend the above eotit~e;|ln==th.eov~ =tter~ =fothe Enstate.o= f/ I,I I I nd!l= 99 ' that a nerson~ hn~/'nn r~m~=/has qualified as Executrix of the rne estate at LI=UNA A. ~=ICK~,| Attorne-s laction In i C / Ill Ii ibIIH L against saldrdeceased"are"~e ~'~"r;'.Jestate of Reuben Jasperson DR./Deceased that all persons having] 5600 20th Av'e NW Jand answe'r'=th~ e;,ea courT,I In Probate. No. 175536. Notice To| IPIll. II "1. JIqK 99 q, redo a~ h~ntst a~a'dPe~Se nSas~aVa~nge/~e~ r e~q~J;~ THE ~,WaSh~ouRT f' uapnodn s~hveC ua~e /P~g !dY mif Cr~dci: r~s hereby given that the/,W' I~ I I ~IJ~F [] ~ , 99 :99 /nay Of record at" th= ,~,~,~ hol,~,~ hereby required to serve the same~dulY verified on said Admlnlstra-/ th" State of Washin-ton for theI "l undersigned has been appointed and j ' ~," 99 jmonths after the date of first hub ]some with the C ark of sa d Court,/Court together w th proof of such,Probate' No 175747 Not ce to in" to the demandgof theY cam a nt"Iclalms against said deceased are| " / cation of the not +~, o~ "Jtogether with proof of such serveR/service within six months after the/ Creditors " ' w~"h h"~ ~" " ~ -~ .+~, +h p ~ hereby:required to serve the same] ~ : 99 |Will be barred me/w th n six months after the date of Jdate of first publication of this no-/ Notice Is hereby given that the l of said "~cou~e e, wl e c,err, duly verlfied~ on said Executrix or] 99 [ Date of first nabliP~4i~n t,A~,-h lo lfirst publication of this notice or/tire, or the same will be barred Jundersinned has been annointed and J The ob'ed of the "bo ~'+'^'~ -" I her attorneys of record at the ad-|,"- :, 49i J1964 Jthe same will be barred ',Date of first publication March/has nu,llfled as ExecutrT~ of the es,H^. i ,'~ ~ .~=+~ .~.~" J dress below stated, and file the / / EDITH THERESIA SMITH, /19~ te of first publicotlon March 25,|18, 1964t~AARJORIE P FERGUSON|tofe~f Edwin H. Snyder, Decensed;Io'f~"crueii'y ~nd' living sepoergr Uonn c~ ~a~e~heWrithittheprCole~'ko~fsuSa/dsC r~Uicrte/ 99 / Executrix of sa d Estate / " / ^.4, ~ o =.+ |that all persons having claimsl aport for seven years wth n ~ ~ months after the date of| " ' / 1732 N. W, Market Street', 1 LILL/AN JASPERSON,Aam,n,s~ra~r,~ ~. ou,~,~ |against said deceased are herebyJ Date of first publication Feb. 26!~.=, ';~ ~= ^~ ~h=~ H [ ~'~ 99,Seattle, Wash. J ExecuTrix of said Estate, / ~o~u~ ,~::: ~,ve.ue /required to serve the some dutY11964, l i;e'- ar're'; no.c .r/ I I ': - /,~RIK FROBERG,5795 20th Avenue N.W / =oenn~e, was~ ~ lveritled, on said Executrix or her LEO J PEDEN D~ e ; first Dubllca*l"~' II i Ii " '": /~ftornev for Estate 1 SeattleWashington / '~v~= = =.~.n,~n /attorneYs of record at the ,~d,~r,=ss I ^++ ~. t. ~,' * z= i O. ~, v. ,wur~ ,~, I =1 i eI I iw ~ = : - '4 "~ ,~,v =y .ur rlaln,h/. 1 : -'- 1732 N W. Market St |WI.L.LIAM L H UTC.H,NS, JAff~ rneY~thf .~vEenStu :e~l W |below stated, and file the same w'thlWAR.ER P ERCE & PEDEN |964. HELENA M PORREST / ~ I '11 eame, Wash. ! Attorney rot sTare / e me Wash " ]the Oerk of sa d Court, together Attorneys ' L Exec-tr x said Esfot / BNT--3-18 to 4-1-64,5705 20th Avenue N.W |= ' ~.~lwlth proof of such servtce within[2602 Smith Tower I ~,~ ~ " / "-~." ERIK F~ / Seattle, Washington / '~'--~" '~" 'v"/stx months after the date of first/ Seattle, Wash. ' l - ~ oan.o.ra ~ve. N.w | Attorney I BNT~-25 to 4-8.64 |~/publication of th s not ce or the King County ,~nea~ttnie'u,w, s"', v r t732 N W Market St [ LEWIE WILLIAMS, Attorney,HAGEM: N, Attorneys Isame will be barred. ' " BNT--2-26 to uLLAvE" / Seattle, Wash. ",712 Jones Bldg Seattle, Wash. [ Seaffe Wash,Date of f rst pub cat on April 1, ~l Attorneys for ~state,-' / - IP IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF]IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF/IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF|1964. ! SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY & 15420 Baliard Ave m w / I . tn the State of Washington for the the State of Washington for the M DONALDA SNYDER AGEMAN ash e State of Washington for the " "x of H Seattle W Countyof Klna i County at King. /County of King. J Executr sad Estate. I / L p , the Matter of the EstateofrIn the Matter of the Estate oflln the Matter at the Estate of SI-| 5600 20th A enue NW ' r '~4~ Rnll~-~l' :~u~ lU '~t 1 "--~" I/ / " 1 -- " ' 7 Wash ~ ----'~-- ~ CHARLES A, GREER, Deceased i LULA M. DAVIS, Deceased. In] vert Carlson, Deceased. In Pro-] Seattle,ington. I Seattle Wash ] In Probate. No. 175698 Notice To] Probate. No. 175330. Notre to/bate. No. 175538. Notce to Cred-ISAVAGE & LECHNER ilN THE SUPERIOR COURT OFt -AP-ER A T,M -- M~V-= ] " - ," Creditors ' ] Creditors ] Itors Attorneys for ESTate J the ~.t~t, nf Wrlthin~fnn ~n~" ~h.I - -y w / .Notice Is hereby given that the| Notice Is .hereby given that the| Notice Is hereby given that theJ5600.20th Avenue NW I Count'~,-'of Kng" i 1010 ~otg rneBYSulldlng ~ U.aersigned has been appointed and Iundersigned nas Dean appointed and/undersigned has been appelnted andi~enme /, wasnmgmn ]Inthe Matter of 1he Estate of Seattle -Wash 98101 ~" nas qua ftied as Executrix of theJhas qualified as administrator of theJhas qua fled as Adminlstratrlx of| BNT--4-1 fo 4-1S, '64 ANNE MOON a/k/a ANNIE ~ ~'-'~'-'~" estat i~ /r~= our=~lU~ ~.vuK/ ur e of Charles A. Greer, De- Iestate at Lula M. Davis Deceased; Ithe estate of Slvert Carlson, De. I ~l MOON a/k/a ANNA MOON De- / ~h=, ~fnt, nf Wn~h nntnn in nn,4 ~-, ceas on ' =" I ed, that all persons having |that all pars. s having claimslceased; that all persons havlngl . ceased. In Probate. No 173142 the County of King I - ~, ~ ulms against said estate ore here. lagDIner s ala oeceas,ed are herebYlclaims against said deceased are| o~n,~=~=~=~=vtu=-~v=, on= J Notice of Hearng Fnal Report/JUAN V FERNANDEZ Plaintiff VS J ' vy required to serve the same duylrequlred TO serve me same, dulYlhereby required to serve the SameI n~= ~ .~ or=ne, y s I and Pettlon for Distrbutlon. FUSAK[3" FERNANDEZ Defendant'l erlfied, on sa d Executr x or her, i verified, on said administrator or l du y verified, on said Admlnlstratrixl S4zu oo oru **ve ~.w. I Notice is hereby ~aiven that Thai- I ~ a u,uu,v=~'~^ ,~ummonsC ',rUu -~ ~ 'I, ~s attorney of record at the address tits attorney of record at the ad-lor her attorney of record at the ad-1 Seattle, Washington /ma A Carlson Executrix of +h~ -: " Y I 2"~ i aelowstated andfll sameldress belowstated andf theJdress bROW stated andfiethellNTHE SUPEROR COURT OF]Est t " ~J ~- ^^nr~ ~ o ^,~ cation: ? ,the, a e of A N,- -.v ,~,o = n s In ran T T With / e Stare or wa n g o ne said the Clerk of saidCourt to-|some w th the Clerk of said Court,same with the Clerk of said Court,/ the State of Washington for theI In the office of the Clerk of said l FUSAKO FERNANDEZ Defendant-! uerher with proof of such service Itogether with proof of such service/together with proof of such service] County of King. |Court her final ReDort and ~etltlonl v =~.v "l Within six months after the date oftwIthIn six months after the date of~wlthin six months after the date ofjln the Matter of the Estate of Jfor distribution asl