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April 22, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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April 22, 1963

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6 The IIA, LLAnl) NEWS TmUfll Wed.esd.}, April 1964 e23 ,I CLUB NOTE .oo II Tomorrow night promises to be. II Nob Hill Circle of Seattle Milk soring~nother trump whist caral mer %t]uck! lFAl M 'l=,=---, ,'/I /rHIllS.~~~lljllor lmt I I II hU' I wnole~~ ramlly/ lie[Tbig one for atmemberss andl rv ' . ' ]11 Jerusalem,the new offlwlllerSt)eOf Re he lvlonoay,a etho Fund is the recipient of a French. [i~*party xnurstmy, ~pril 23, 1904 at ~p *.-- '.o ,t th at," ' at; eH, guests of Elks Lodge. 827 when Ballard I IA . ATrlCQn Violet :)now Impress st . o ll pamtmg 8 p m at the Ballard Eagles hess meetm$ ~. No C I Refreshing J filllPPIkl I ACROSS FROM THE IlNlght" under the directmn oflhold the last meeting of the eur-lwdl present its llth annual Af-/of its own members, Marie Mar-I .e.~~ will be served LWilma Sorrent '.Jklts. e, e . . Befhel" . 6 wlliNO.meet'6,ri" '1 Adams. P.TAl" c' . . Corinfhlan Cour 144 h' D serlct "[ "-,"--,---'L/ Ji, 1 11 - nOW tO suttees in Ouslness .B::"2.oN : r- :^ s~;e] What is the law? Mr. Will,am The Social Club of CorinthianlD LI: "l,k ] qlqJ tK~. ~-, ,~ or jJ.m.y) t ~ "~" lB. Stoebuck attorney at law, r ~ ~ 1~ will m,~t for - bm ll'%UldUOllt,all ~ ~uu I ~:.:.//iv~ . ~1~ lemple. Alter mmat o will e la" " h es nmbiht I thnut ranllv trvlna! .o~ e,~ p, w~Ik will be held t xp m. T e R pe Y cheon on Thursday April 23 at] The Anril 23rd meeting of ther "~~::'~:~ IIIIi w~nn / --/'"~" ?"'~ "2.''~ 7"L'-" . ;/of Parents for the Acts of Their the home of Gla~tvs Petersen I,- ,-,:iS : o ~.Fc n Club ~ PKI~'~I=KVAIIVI= ~ Ni April 2a aria 21~ members Will, . y ~l,ttrl ,t~l~tHtt ~t~|~uu ~ ~ r "" :":.: I llll a'/a I llllle.~ I~ visit Bethel No 14 in Vancouver, jC-~ldren' at the Duds Night Cohostesses are Emma Zinmo, lwill give its members and in-I !~|11 our wear a sm,le, an* a 11121 /1~1!111~-- ~ IN" British Columbia Bethel families[r'~A meeting Mary Pool and Mabel Vaara. I terested citizens an opportunity[ ~~ II ;: I! s,i~ ar,/. lea,ed t,y o-r II~e~ will attend annual camp trip tO[urneiace: Adams school aututor~- to find out iust where "Barry"I ~i,J II JllJllr j~ [] ~: ' " 3 Res ' and 'r~ocKy ao stuns on me Ra- m experts. Theres no slop- I/K-J. lW[[ ll Waskowitz on May 2 and . "[ Time" 7"30 pm April 23 AAJ.L r~ t -~- I ll/ 1 III I 11 ::: l . IIIJll~ 2gllVJl~l~ ervations are to be made with/ ." " " ." . "1"1'111 IJl~//l~T portent issues of the upcoming ~ll I / I ~iil~ I" l pmg man WhO lers us I/~ 117 ~L'--" U 2 5932~ riostesses: first graoe parents, election Ill l l l /ll~'. LI'nO~I. "c~ecnan saner aria ucKet may De se cam artnna ~ ." 1 heap p. h;s b " " ISpec!al feature: Adams school Democrafs Mee Head kg the program will be r Ill lll l na.r.ne. #~rw*rd 'K~1~-"~!~]~Pdt P II~ne~ ~orcnestra, oireeted oy mrs. ~sye. . outstanding speakers from the,~ ~~~ ~ " 1 r -:~.~l~/~/ ~ -,-. -a -- ~enator Henry. m. aaezson wm Washmgt" on Presidential Cam- ~ /~:. ~~7~ ~": --=- :.:-~.::. The monthly meeting at me unlverslT bnrlne oe tiae main spea~er at me 9th naign headauarters of S e n- ~~ [ BUDGET DRY CLFA~ING-~ per Lb, 4 Lb Mill IPerents, Brides Trans-Atlantie The Ball-rd ~(~;,*r~it, O, rine Annual Truman Day Dinner of ~ttorBarr" "Goldwater of Ari- ~~ ~,~,~ ant ~n,*lltUll -- " * .' .-- - ~ ~v~, o j ~, . J BIST U, I I Assn. (Green Pines Branch) merle .h ~i hnl.t ;, ~ the 44th Dtstrict Democratic and Governor Nelson STYRO-COTE,0,0,~ B I~jll~M ~pjll~ldl ~|l[AIdlllL~ on Apr~ 7th in the home of Mrs, image sale April 23 and 24 at Orgamzation on May Ist, Senator Rockefeller of New York. The Regular $6,49 Value $~99 Regular $2,1 ~VlI~ a IIr111 ~gl~gblqtll~mni~ Irene t~etor. ]mno ~ a~,~. ; *hA u~.m f -,4 JacKsOn Wilt speak on suojects snoakers will first outline the po-! e~.nu nmv l n.altt,' louI/ 1~1 "ZtSLII 111 LII~E~ ~I I~.lllll~lUl~,~ ~,*v ~A~tlltll~ll * * * * * I Vlll~/ I l~'lar' --- I Following a s h o r t business of pamcular interest to the Bal- " ' ir candidates on the l " "~ 8fk N.W. & N W 85fh SU 2-3880 1district. Clothmg and furmture sttions of the ,: ," " meeting me members enjoyea a[ mr(] Ulstrlct, ann me action on " " es Then the re ram RR~ #' - Camp ere Drive- n Serv ce --- Leundry & Cletnl,q ' will befeatured. All proceeds th' ' i i major issu . P g Reg. 7.711Val. 75 kl~ , raffle and pleasant coffee hour em which Is pendng,Con- be o ened to the floor so 3 VEtVAtEI ,~ E [wEll go to the Cn led Children s . . . will p . @ALLAN , .~ - - Green Pmes is a newly formed u.~ ;~,lo ;~ c~.PP~ ~.~ v~ gree. He ]s particularly well m- that the members of the audt- star GRADE SEMI.GLOSS--1963 COLOI ', branch end will .welc me new. land. formed, on these subjects, ecause ence may ask speeffm quesUons ~ ~ . . members, the reqmrements bemg Th, h^ e ,i. r,o o o ~,of his membershtp on the Sen- nf ~,;thsr nn both sneakers ~ I~ I~ mar iI ii Ill It NFWI 1964,onl that.a member be Enghsh 5 p.m ate Interior and Insular Affmrs "rh, ,a~,otino at 8 o oclock in the Pan & [ at=M ~,=[1~ ==i I~lilR $ andmarrmd to a o e PC. " Sunset Hill Commumty Club at ROt.LEt I , f rm r G I Committee Government 0 r ROLLIR i ~ll~.~ " Anyone desiring more informs-, B--II-- ~A salons, Armed Service and the 3003-6th NW vvc I 2409 N W Market ,tion please call Mrs. Ronnie Rei- am.mr v~m r~tmw~joint Committee on Atomic En- Following'the meeting coffee ~ " " ~ mann, EM 2-3253 or Mrs. Sue Look To The Future ergy. and cookies will be served down- ~ ~ ~" ~ ~ Label, SU 2-7567. r ~ t : ,i it is expected that Governor stairs by the refreshment cam- " ~, " -~ I II I "~,";"",~ ;~"~,~^"'~,'~.~'=~,"~7 Rosellini and many state and mittee headed by Ted Peterson. ," ~ ~ Befhel Mofhers Club na local public and party officials -- [~ . tit . nailers 1 O{:1~1~ INO l/U, lnoepe u- " ~':: ~'' la .~,~ wdl be present County Commas- " bllk Lad urrlllrl r ~ ~ Mother, Club, Bethel 6, 1.0. ent Order of Odd Fellows, thru si ~'" Munr will be Master Brelda cj ~~ . ," J.D will meet at home of Mrs. [their Trustees has purchased in- ~onef f~d o Breidablik Lodge Daughters of~~ ON I~ ":! ~ ~ Floyd Newton, 7041 16th Ave. come property on N.W. 56th Io-",~'~:~' . Norway meeting Tuesday April r~~ ," ~ ~ N.W. Co-hostesses will be the[cated directly across the alley - lne mn,n er wLu ~e. nela, at. me 21st will celebrate the members [[~~ rt #~ n Sadd and Wal 11 at 170fi uerpenter s l'lall, 21)12 2nCl Ave, arch F ~:~ 3raart dis J~' Mesdames Jorda,-!from the Odd Fellows Ha -. . z birthday for February, M :::~ g . ~ j linger. There will be a White !N.W. Market St. The Odd Fellows witn a soc!.al hour starting at b and April. ~:~:~/:~ treatment and ''" I p m and the (;Inner at 7 m o ~ ~tl i Elephant sale -- wear Grub and their Trustees felt that this ." . P'-" Friday April 24th the L dge ~::i~:::'!~:~ /.-. will ~ ~.~" clothes. Call Mrs. Ch]two0d (LA was a good location and put hel will visit Thelma Lodge " i:iiii~ . #, ~'~, ' t r Jonn ~oogers Is chairman otme ."" ' in Ev ::~ ' g '7 1. J .~ A~ 4-4414) for reservations faith in the future of Odd Fellow- -- .~ erett ::i:~ ] . d] curea mrougn Fat branaoe t~u ' red and :: : ' k~U ~] Jr ship in tMs area A bushas been charte,Y:~.~'::~ mmzmum o~ ar~ . ' 'Ne o' t' s were carried out n.~,zl) or ~aalatae r~eison ~u li ::: ::* x~,~'~ V O. of A. Sale g tle ion members who would ke to go ~, ~ a . ~ 3-5514) lrlose (leslrlng transpor- unvor x .: t " ~ ~z t.; - r-, n A ,ml ~by the Matt Henley Realtors are asked to call Mrs. G -~[[~ Wi b I 0 . f kl --,-,~,- ,~, ~ ,- ,- - r t. : not "%close"~ ~tlon snoula contact vincent U ~ +: - "~ - -- " It " ' k 1,1 I *'^1 *. 1~. A 'll-ruA~'41ma~AI~wutl ut u. at. eft o~, t~]erKesetn, a nset q-~uto. ~j/~?~ of yorx ' Ill -: sam a US=u artiste ~a,=, "Xl"uh]Th~, *tilt',-tu~e Mtw Housino Tnc aaet aL ou ,- .- - -~/~/:] ,) '~ ~, 23, 24 and 25 at 8407 Greenwood ,t. ~- "OOxlO0 ;~; :' " Ave. No. Thursday and $atur-I~"~ prup~rty m ~ . Maned'ha Shr|ne MAJOR BRAND i~i: :: ', dey hours are 9- 5:30 p.m. and , ~ Friday hours g-9 n m [ Sequin Rummage Sale The first stated meeting with USED " ~'-O~.a~ For" donations-' or pick-up The Seattle Segu'n S heal w' . ' Am'lml/IAM{ ' ~.~e{ra~.~,Lg'~ please call Margaret Grigg, SUihold tt rummage sale May 7, 8, ~nrme. r~o. 17 Wh!te ~nrme. o~ p.~rrl,~#"ts~ , ~1~ ''- 3-5993 or Mable Christy, SU 2-: 9. Phone EA 5-2980 for contri- unTHING ll~ Pri .s tiara9 I butions end nick un P, prii zT, at ~ p.m. in me L~reen- nu 111 ' frem 87g . '- " '-" wood Masonic Temple. The Jun- OVER - i" Turbeeene I~P Power 'lrefll~<:~ erm~ Propelled. 21 inch Cut. New Ouieter 3 H.P. Jaooblen eMlker OSml|1411111 3"21 Engine with New It m ~ Hen-D-Start 01n~l|R NEW MODIU TO CHOOSl ~OM rowers ~ply with the Amerleoe Sfondords Assoc;ofion Solely Code. 7723 4th N.W. MARINE SU. 2.5362 LOW DOWN PAYMENT--EAST TERMS ( ALL OVER AGAIN Hello, Ballard Good Guys! This is Lod from the Seattle Day Nurse~ and my friend Lewrence, a pupil at the Hear- ior Past Worthy High Priestess and Junior Past Watchman of Shepherds and April birthdays will be honored. Helen E. Allen, worthy high priestess and Harold Gledhlll, watchman of shepherds cordially invite all members to attend Refreshments will b e served. Then there was the fellow from way back in the hills who died upon seeing his first automobile --he didn't see it soon enough IN OUR j NEW LOCATION f Major Appliance Repalr ~i Washers, Ranges, Dryers FREE PICK-UP and DELIVERY Credit Terms Arranqed OAC on Repairs and/or P,r~:hasel GREENWOOD APPMANCli 6726 Greenwood Ave. N. SU. 4.7350 II EVERYTHING is Ilka it used to ba now tng and Speech Center. (Lawrence 0fM~8"20 (. ur aous .rvi - uflomer r n,ldera-IV Appliances y, repre .ent the thou~-, flon et all tlmes and-- anas ot cnilaren being helper I~y ELG * I = your United Good Neighbor con-] ~ ~ ,-urtilliT trtbutions. We are calling to tell] kJ~R~ ~ I,~l~ J i~.l t[ ~.& you about Thank-You WeekJ ~ elP~iW~, Vii ~1 r ii e " ~ ~ which the Good Neighbo g n. I ~is i:~