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April 22, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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April 22, 1963

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7 W I / ; sor O' '' ; t n . .esnmen s I . i i !iI Summer Jobs Avallablek1,toFOcomr lete his ,I - ''i Monaayrnrougn lnursaay,am pm II ~ -=~ .u ~.Nuuu~ ~KUM ew [ S.F. o, ,o No. ,5 I Wetlnesd~v'Aprn22,Z The,AllARDN[W$1"RIBUN 9 lliU OllllllllllA w---i, IlCKl~T I J The S. F. of A. No 65 will ---- il The "new look in Ballard was card party, April 23, at 8 p.m. iS U M M l R S l S S I O N I ii~AH~~-e~uu Ilaccentuated recently with the I COMB NNG THE BALLASD TRIJUNE &NO THE SALL&RD NI:W$--I:$TABL SHED 1891,]at the Ballard Eagles Hall 56001 "k:l I'J~'~m'/J~l,L.-~----'--'--~!purchase of the commercial ' w 24t" Avenue NW Refr" . dren & Adul s | |ul~n *' ~, ~a~h :printing plant of the former Bal- ,- - - I / "r R d ; LA. 2-24S4 for In{orma ton & Brochure l led~ ,or *~ '.'.'."~,~daf'~ lard News from the News Pub- Kosmers Lelenrate l u,a macner peags!will be served, i I RU'rH ee~K~"". i~llib ~ lishing Co. by James E. Spahr I Dr. Earl Radmacher, Profes- i . who will continue the job print- Golden Weddlna I sor of New Testament Language [ Deffvered Free of Char-e I I I ing end of the business under the o I ~ I I ~ ~,~,~ I ~r i~, ~:ilname Ballard Printing & Pub- A family dinner to honor John!ann Literature at Western Bap- I TUSSV COSMETmS I I ~! I II-- ~ow Lucky rou /& I ~~:~' ]~[i ]lishing and Lillian Kastner on the occa- trot Theological Seminar3; ofl HALLMARK CARDS I| "i"I'~"l""iHI-"-'t- .e / roll I ~~~ll'~~" ~i~1 The new owner is no stranger sion of. their Golden Wedding Portland, Oregon, ivill be the IPh~P~ II /I, I--II~ I yo= / 4BI I ,~ul[l-M l~!!to the plant He started his ap- was gweno~atumay evening, lchief speaker at the Descinleshi,i] DUD lil / % -4'~| |ll ! size is SI/2B / I F ~HER ~:ii[aPr~Int~Cer~heic~ as afoPrrmtaer l:f I~i~: JIM SPAHR ~. ~' i~o~ at the !wed,lh C:;ft~::nchu::h t~wSu8; I JOHNSON'S I!I|r M I UU. I or / B,E I I Ipla--nt,~ r tw yea rs':He:ls ~ncatslployee of the Ballard News GaJl hnn IKa:otn:~n ~8~ abn~rnamm Earl N.W, Sunday April 26 Ati I~V/~~ ~F[ ~; [of the rintin and -ublishingTribune who doubles as an as-to Seattle with his parents in the 11 00 am Service he will PRESCRIPTIONS u p g . i ; [li!lbusiness i s c~tet f her s n'llnrl~Wp;nntlhe 1904' After a brmf career in the' speak n the subject of, Today's PRESCRIPTIONSn c ~ " ,; ~h Bal ~ of the Bal a " " g postoffice, John joined his father Overpowering Dynamic and at I ldfl7 M W RR,I,k I l,I[/I l ~ :: x :: O]J~[llI 3 ~UIIII~LLIflII ~l~ltll - I ] . I ~l:i [,o~,4,~ ,~oo, ;~ ,h h his wife :& Pubhshmg. im the retad meat business. [7:00 p.m. on "Christ's Direc-,""'~'~,'~'~;a II |. I / HI !1 I I ~~ [~[~ ]LaUl~e~e 'who"was~'the -rand:[ With high-schooler Jimmie Jr [ It was at this time that he]tires for Crisis." [I ,-~o II l,i. ~,] I daughterof O. E. Ruffner,t~who[wh se identity with the new en-lmet' courted and married Lillianla- " .ll! Laclles t ./ lcal' - I with his brother, A. E ownedl!.erp.r'se so far has been largely[Lingren Kastner. They have three]l- lil / - 1 ~l~ll~ ~' I and operated the Ballard News emoted to the business enfl o~ a I sons, Edward, Wallace, and Rob-ll . " I I [ 4,', I,mc I : frnm th~ turn of the century un broom and dust cloth four gen- ert I ~I |A[I[~III(~ Arlfl ~ II / ~,~l~,~al~ l.ilrl~v v I til it was purchased by Mr. and,erat! ns,of the Ru!fner.co~atwe~tlI The arrival of Louis R. Kast-,I ~"'-~-"t~ II I fJ. $14.99 I IMrs Harold Kimball in 1935 iamny has oeen laentme Iner from Weehawken New r ll ImkD~-Al~l I lffff~lklf 7 il-,~4b--- I!1,~llF~" i Mrs" S'~ahr's father LandonJthe "'art preservative" in Bal-[se, w~ o s ;oo {e:;'ll v~ve,~il 1-1ge#~ll# '~-- 3 -" II I- =l, * -*,e-r I r. " ' ith hisilard : v m""I ! ~72u " ~ ~ OU~ I I : UTIONS [Ru.ffner was ass,crated w i ~" [versary couple and an added[ f~ II,~ I II I i father and uncle for many years! i ne omce and pLant ot me lreason for celebration The two I ~ i / I I' ' .~~~ ~ I and his widow, Mrs. Nellie Ruff-',Ballard Printing & Publishing re-lbrothers had not seen each other,/ ~ lil,~ / I ~ ~v ~ ~ | I ~:?~/~ ~Drll ?~1 leer is still a part-time em-tmainsat5410BallardAve N.W, in 39 years Louis Kastner wasl Now Given in Our $ udiosI1 I B,%Tv 1 - " r [ ~1 IVVV i I " "::ll " "" [born and raised in Seattle, grad-I] ~ b~ Mr Georae Foroe II ! IJ I uated from the University of] / " ; I : I Washington and served as First[I ~ ~ (See his sfory in +his issue) II .- !: I iql I-II ,h t elmntS ILieutenant during World War ].Jl "'- ll /hursdav I-venlna I I1[lit . = ,~, IHe moved to New York wherehe For Informahon ."phone SU 2 4655 ; SALE S " t~~l~ !~r~ in ] A novel opportumty, to solveiferred from actwe duty at least,studmdl " and recewed a law" ~i II TARTS AT6 P.M. AND ENDS AT9 P.M I :, :'~ tll lthe annual teen a e dilemma of untd after raduatmn For the l ree He w g g " g as employed by the IF YOU WEAR 5 B OR [ - : /2 6B THIS IS THE ONLY r ~~0~1s ! heret getasummer bhasIc ! egeb undstudent ad m na]U S RubberC mpanyinchargej -- HOU. [/ TIME ANDPLACETOBUY COME EARLY" I Jbeen offered by the Seattle r~avm/oeterments are generally.granted of the claims division until his~l I li ::d " 1 [~~."~ IilIIIUI~S iReserve Training Center on La e]to perm't h'm P " retirement a few years ago He I [ ~~Y ""'".1! a.m.-~ p.m. il I " ] rrloay ,u o.9.-y p.m. II |.I SHOE I Ic mrea ~Vl~0]]p !|~, ----IUnmn. /educatmn. will wmt w~th the family for 211 i ~. ' ~m-'~ :.':: : ume I, Call,e,d''Accelerated Recruit] Complete information on. accel-weeks li L /qll I Ill/l[ I IT fl i ~de~on~ ~,: !Training,the plan allowsquah:~erated recruit.tra!ning and other ms, at the ~,]nn,er were ~rs.]| I/ /H II 1/II/I II Ill ~k nnnr,~;n I ~ i)~nstrat-i nt'~ 0tl "~'npact Washe f~ fled high school students it, an. |programs. . or. the l'~ava[ rteserve, uA~zaoem nuauJeston anct mr ~/ vur variety ov organ ann piano musm" "is larcjer Teen ever II II P-I ill /--1 I I I"i'l II~ Ib' I "~~Washer,older to attend 80 days of bootrmcludmg ;ts Reserve Officer George Kastner, sister and broth-i| II IdllJ. II,LIIJ. 1~ I U k.~ll]l~JrJ | I'lll~l~ "~ ~e~ ;Y- u'r~[cam "~OUll -~s m tee - during summer vacation|Candidate, program may be ob- er to John; Mr. and Mrs. Ed-: CENTUR f h USIC --= I~llE~ ~tte~o~n~n~]at the full pay of a Seaman Re-tamed by v~smng the Naval Re-ward Kastner, daughters Irene[I !/ o~ I I ~ lr~d~ia'i~u~t*'-,~!cruit. Unon completion of the!serve Training Center at 860 and Barbara; Mr. and Mrs. Wil.i| ulbransen Center !/ I -- s " !: / l riraining s"ession, participants are[Terry Ave. N or telephoning MA liam Kastner and d~ughters!I 1416N W R ,h SU 2-46 I/I ' ' ': / I ~,~~s~,6-minu.t~]advanced, eS A 6m, one pay grade prior to]3-6970. Janet and Joan. il -. SS r/'2314 N W MARKET ST SO 3-3386 a -nay! See the ,/ ,] ~'o~,~Se~ ~th~ I return,ng home. !----- : 1 | ~'~,~OOVer. It's l" - : ;hield i~rtneonewoman/ lhe l,~avy pointed out that th]sl~r'~l-l~l~,T ~ ~ ~-~e-a, ~ ~ 1 "ll~nll~l~ i IX : ~,~ ~a~rvWhO could[plan allows the average recruit i1.~l[- J.~J~l ~l:~ollllo Ii~ J ~.~ I~ all(1 .l~.ll-~l.l~-~ l~ '~ l~for~'~ a washer Reservist to reduce the time nor- .B COUrt" ~nd, of/mally required for advancement d .~ alway.~ you can from recruit to apprentice and at! : : i i :~ t.a@ i n %Is.) [the same time get an early start l ~!}~;!~!~!'.':~:!~ on fulfilling his military obliga- "*~i::.iiiiiil tion. ~i In hue w~th the Navy s Stay ::i tin School" policy, all high school ~k ~1-~ Ireservists are automatically de- ~ ~i~ SU Nordlund To Speak Mr. Howard Nordlund, Safeco- Lifeco-General S~fety Engineer and Northwest Speakers Bureau Chairman of Western Insurance Information Service will speak at the Ballard Kiwanis Club at t h e Windjammer Restaurant, Thursday, April 23, 1964, at noon. Mr. Nordlund's topic will beI "What Service Clubs Can Doj About Traffic Safety." Shop Thursday, Friday so C,l' SU. 4.2640--BEFOR[ "OO" Your Choice of Fertilizers Big 46-oz. Hi.Country ROYAL All Flavors LIBBY'S Save $1.12 on 80-lb. bag of All-Pur-Reg. to Big 46.oz. pose Fertilizer (reg. $4.89).* Save $1.22 $4.99 on 80-lb. bag of Organic Lawn Food Choice ~77 (reg. $4.99)! Use now for long-lasting Your results.* Lawn Spreader with 16-in. Hopper 5.99 100-lb. Bag of Garden Lime, use now 77e Marigolds Petunias cars and Saturday for These Sale Prices.* Mower w/Catcher Craftsman rotary mower with 21/2- 18-Inch Cut HP, 4-cycle motor,rugged steel housing, 5 cutting heights, leaf mulcherI This price includes $10 grass catcher. Weed Puller, long handle, rngged 1.44 Pruner Head with 7J/z-Foot Pole 5.44 on Choose from 4-light colonial style fixture, 7-light modern fixture and 3.light white glass fixture! 3.way switches. Save $8.07 at Sears Bal- lard! Fixtures: Reg. $25.95 FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES All-metal flashlight, complete with 56~ two batteries! Hurry for this buy! Fleischmann's ~:" ~. ~ ~ ,~. . SWANSON'S SWANSON'S I~~~ I Minute Maid 6-oz. Frozen $1.59 Flowering Geraniums $6.49 Craftsman Screwdriver Vacuum Bags For 2-Light Bedroom Trees and Shrubs In 4=ineh Pots Deluxe Lawn Edger Attachments Most Makes, Models Ceiling Fixtnre HALF PRICE Sears Days SAVE ;gl.05 Sears Dayl Package Sears Days Use with any 1/~. or ~/a.in. 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Galvanized welded wire fence 16-inch high woven wire gal- with .ton-climbable 2x4-in. vanized fencing that makes mesh. R i g i d, long - lasting attractive border around flow- strength, er beds, walks! Shop at Sears and Save Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back $19.99 Outdoor Clothes Dryers SAVE ~g4.11 Gallon Sears Days Opens and doses with one hand! Strong, steady a n d weather- resistant. 30 91 - in. long lines! SAVE 1.65 per gallon on this easy to use flat paint that dries in 30 minutes.* Many colorsl Big 18x14xlbin. size, yet amazingly lightweight.* One- pmce construction, can't leak! Terrific! BALLARD STORE 2056 N.W. Market Street SU Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mon Thurs. and Fri.; 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 Other Days. pl.ts, 13 reg. 24c . ea. 15 reg. 33c ea. CHARGE IT: on Sears Revolving Charge