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April 22, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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April 22, 1963

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LEGAL NOTICES Ii LEGAL NOTICES I I Wednesdoy, Apri! 22, 1964 The BALLARD NEWS TRIBUNE 11 GARDENING 17 55 1 LEGAL N OTICES LEGAL NOTICES }("~ A/~(~T I~ATI~ I SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY AND I SAVAOE & LECHNBR ~" AN ERIK FROBERG I SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY and / G HAGEM,Attorneys Attorneys Washers, ordener, experienced. Prune shrubs, 1 5420 Ballard Ave. NW $600-20th N,W. Attorney I HAOEMAN, Attorneys l il~lll~lAm leA== dllll~A~.~m, llIBm~ I~llll~ d Kenmore, hedges trees. Clean flower beds. Seattle Wash Seattle, Wash. 1732 NW Market St. $420 Ballerd Ave. N.W. ~ ,l~w t, ur 1.om== uu =ui,ara Westlngh(~ Also lawns, rackeries. ME 3-1815. N THE SUPER OR COURT OF I iN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF Seattle, Wash. I Seattle, Washington,~ =~,= IN THE. SUPERIOR COURT OF J IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF JFord s New ~ustang', which was unveiled by Wilson Motor EM 2-6008 C-OMPLETE maintenance, pruning, the State o. Washington for the 1 The State at Washington for the the State of Washington tar the ] the State of Washington for the,Co Ballard Frida, A-tie 17 TvTV ~I,tlxRADI0[~IIuu, :r b~'50~'~1 (~R~ B SeattleH E M-~ N E Sa I te ro~d-IL3 5 ~--o-t he r --, ~r-~aofmowing,range-Wash~nnt~nPres~T~L~gs~yardw~thjntreecleanup.ber~ce~UplandFred'sLA ~-IOBB.Gor" J County Otto King.the OrdemandN " 618309,of SUM-the j. personsAttorneysCOUnty of tKingfor M .~, ReT~U jl~u.r C ~ C 'uhnty " f" KJ n g-' j~/I Countn~ ~t~;Y R~D;f~ler M~King, //J I #' "=Y IW n]1;e donfng Call EM 4-1739 eves. and ~ MONS BY PUBLICATION I In the MoJer of the Estate o1 In fRLt;e EDSetcOetesecOf I t N;;~q ~)setcate(~ese~f in Probote.'No. i69646'. Notice oi J In Probote.'No. 1709621 Notice oi,- -, Hearing Final Report and Petl. J Hearing Final Report and Petition J - I lion for Distribution for Distribution. / - |- Notice is hereby given that Herb,Notice s hereby given that George J - = I S. Olson, executor of the Estate of,Benson, Executor of the Estate of |, . - Myrtle E. Curlee has filed In the,GItford J. Munsoa, has filed in the J ~~: - office of the Clerk of said Court,office of the Cork of sold Court | his final Report and petition for,his final Report and Petition for dis- [ distribution, asking the Court to set-,fr~butlon, asking the Court t~ settle | fie said Report, distribute the prop-,said Report, distribute the property J arty to the persons thereto entitled,to the persons thereto entitled and J and to discharge said executor; and,to discharge said Executor; and,--~ ~ =-" . - that said Report and petition wll,that so d Report and Petition w,--~ - -~~ - -~ be heard on the 6th day of May J be heard on the 8th day af May [ -- - " " . ~ ~ -- 1964, at 9:30 A.M at the Court,1964, at 9:30 a.m. at the Caurt ~ - ~ I . : -:--~ Room of the Probate Department,Room of the Probate Deportment of,~ ~" -- '.: - =:- : -:.~ = = of sold Court, at which time and,said Court, at which time and place,- - - - -j - = ~~1 place any person Interested In said t any person interested In sold Estate,- : Estate may appear and file objec-,may appear and file objections there- J tlons thereta and contest the same. J to and contest the same. | Dated this 6th day of April,Dated this 6th day of April 1964. f I 1964 WALTER W. RENSCHLER, l ~ 1 Dote of first publication, April S, J Clerk of said Court. J J J 1964 By R. S. HOFEDITZ,J ~ ::~ / 1 WALTER W. RENSCHLER, / Deputy |l ~, ' l Clerk of said Court. J SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY and,J ~ ~ J Ey R. S. Hofeditz, Deputy.| HAGEMAN, Attorneys for Estate, J J . ' J ERIK FROBERG,5420 Ballord Ave. N.W J I .~~ J Attorney for Estate,Seattle, Washington J / ' ~ ~ / ~ K ~,~" / 1732 N. W. Market St J BNT--4-8 to 422-64,~ ;~ ' 1 . Seattle, Wash. 98107 / "~'~ " I ~ "~ "!). ~'='~ ~ - BNT 4-8 to 4-=-64,HAROLD M EASTVOLD / I ~~';~glb,~m~m~,~ I Attorney E Attorney,Seame, Wash. / I ~f~-~--: : ;~-~lP" ~m~m~p~ ~j I 1732 N. W. Market St |IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OI5 l I -- f~ : : -L-~ :-~f ~~~-- I iN THE :L~.~ffI~'IoWRaIh(~oURT OP / tchoeunStatoef ~ngWashlngt n for the ( i The State of Washington for the J In the Matter of the Estate of,~L J | McDOWELL ako HALLIE M. / Notice is'hereby given that the un-,':*:~ I " McDOWELL, Deceased. in Pro- / derslgned has been appointed and has / bate No. 175967. Notice To Cred-,qualified as Executrix of the estate J ~ord's ]ively new eport~ type ear--the MuBtang---combinea Itors of TERESA H V NYE, Deceased; / .~ o " i Notice Is hereby given that the J that o persons having claims| 1me s ynng ana zeatureg o~ expensive zorelgn care with a low cost undersigned has been. appo!nted and J against said deceased are hereby re.- J made possible by American mass-production. NIqstang hardtopa ~B~AL~LATR~D.sRA nas qualmeo as AamlnlsTrator of i qulred to serve the same duly verl :~.t the estate of HALLIE MARCEL-,fled, on said Executrix ar her at- ^ LENE McDOWELL aka HALLIE M. J torney of record at the address be- J equlpmenl; With a ZUll-WlOtn Bear m Ine tear. uprlons zor the McDOWELL, Deceased; that oil per. / ow stated, and file the same with,performance-minded include ~ selection o~ three Y-8 engines wit~ sons having clairns aao!nst said de-,the Clerk of said Court, tog.ether,ap tO 271 horsepower along with 4-Epeed or automatic transmis- ceaseo are nereay requlrea ]o serve / with proof at sacn serv ce with n six l e={nttl T.l~T1ll*lr nnflntti ;n/*l~=a== I e,=nf=~. =~n*=nl~ ~=^~. =d-.~A.= .11 the some duly verified, on sold Ad. / months after the dote of first pub- r -'"-, a %=--=- -~---- ~ ~= ~ ~ Mu. = n~r.~=~ ram. minlstrator or his attorney Of rec- / Ilcation at this notice, or the same,brakes, and air conditioning, The standard hardtop mode] ord at the address below stated,will be barred. ] equipped with an economical slx-cylinder engine--will be priced ' P' I YO4 ~ ~,~ ,~,~ n~.~, after the date of first nubllcatlon of,Executrix of said Estate. I-- Date of first publication Apr 15, / HAROLD M EASTVOLD I' Reqmem By Mozart IgnllnvJ g,nk AI WILLIAM W. McDOWELL, J 2208 N W Market Street,/O ne rresentea :)un.~ " Adm;nlstrator of said Estate. i Seattle" ~/ash ' I ,~ /D I /' 1 : 1732 N. W. Market St / ' " BNT--4-$ to 4.22-64 i zne University CongregationaltDU~y 111 %,UUUIIIlU Seattle Wash v , ~allar(1 nlgn bcnool alumni ' COURT KING COUNTY STATE "e r e UP" WA~HINf~IUN " '~ " " -"- - I vs. . . . 11964 at the University Congre-]eoaehing ranks of nearly every SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY J TOPAUL F. KERCHER: IS~-ttle ~ 7.an ,',m "T'~,~ ~;~o~, /~, -. - ~ & HAGEMAN i INTHE NAME OF THE STATE IT"- ,' .': ,P-;; . ~::~'~'tueavers meet on field, track or ; Attorneys [ OF WASHINGTON, you ore herebyItor at the proauetlon, William . . o ~1, lnsifle tne mnaslum, and for $420 Ballard Ave. N.W.[ notified that C. R. SHANEYFELT JKlein will ~ a==i=t*a ~, 1%b I 8Y Seattle, Wash has filed a Complaint against you i" . ~','~" ~ "" =" " |c,~d~,~o~,-~ 1~,~,~ I ~u ,~,~ a. ex ua~ The State of Washington for the / In my office In Seaffle, Washington,Solni~t~ will h~ Pnfri~;n KPhlnc=.|]ardite who ~nn~h~=~ in ~ qr.=~d=~ Lou- nty of King -- King County, on the 7th day of May, . ~'" MELVIN T. MOEN Deceased. l and there answer the same will be Icontralto" Tohn Pressle, ,e ~r/ . " o- ~i In Probate. No. 173371. Notice of taken as confessed and the demand |",~,a, = "~/almamater In checki,- ~,o- ~- Hearing Final Report and Petition J of the Plaintiff granted. The oh- land John Hay, bass. r ", =" for Distribution. J ject and demand of said Complaint," jalumnl llS[ me names of 19 for- Notice Is hereby given that NINA,Is for recovery on open account for / ~ -- -- liner Beavers now coacnln'" were ,-~ :i; T MOEN has esenesn and Stead /March 1964 I~ / e t rnea uD a Iew more in ~-:~ etltlon for distribution askln theEVANS D MANOLIDES, II be speaklng at Ballard OpenJun~in~ r,hnnl= as on the " pe Indian Res- li .- ~- ii~t Dated this 13th day of April, 1964. i County of King lanu men ne ploneerea ana pas-/t ,~ t, ~ i ~i Date of first publication April 15, / In theMatterof theEstate of Itored the O-en Bible Church of|uu~ "=Y aeem to ,ave zorgot~=, BO Weekends J PATRICK V. NARDONE and PEARL J SAMUEL d. KENNEDY and aecree U~, urs In me st lew ear ~GARD~ENT~ J L. NARDONE, his wife, Plaintiffs, NETTLE M. KENNEDY, Deceased. oll(~r,J ~ I vs. I n Probate NO 175868. Notice To " BE G STARK n ' " RO RT . o d MARY Creditors. ~ePRAYeelNG & lawn fertlllzlng~,free / ANN STARK, his wife, PRUDEN-J Notice Is hereby given that the un- 811" ~Y~ J TfAL MUTU.t.L SAVINGS BANK,I derslgned has been appolnted and has Rep"n For the Best I - ROTOTILLING, yard cleanup, odd J a Wash ngton corporat on; EDJ qualltied as Administrator of the !i Find Us Fost ll ~ lobs. Reasonable. SU 2-1521 BISHOP & ASSOCIATES, INC aI estates of SAMUEL J. KENNEDY BOB M:F ~,~N--E~;~L%o~~,Washington corporation; WASH- / and NETTLE M. KENNEDY, De- Serving Belef~ Free estimates. SU 2-6586. J INGTON CREDIT MEN, INC a / ceased; that all persons having 5816-2-4th ~l.~ r." eeooooeooooooooooooe / Washington corporation; COMMER- / claims against said deceased ore GADneM IIDDIIee 177 / CIAL SERVICE CO INC a Wash- i hereby required to serve the same, Ollie's C~h' "~'L' u,~ ~ ~ "## J Ington corporation; CREDIT RE- I dilly verified, on said Administrator SerVia ~lI,|J ROTTED cow manure. 4 sacks, $5. ~ SEARCH B U R E A U, INC a I or his attorneys at record at the od- Delivered. HU 6-5906. J Washington corporation; WILLIAM J dress below stated, and file the 0969, SU 3- .t,=| eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i DWYER and JANE DOE DWYER,some with the Clerk at sold Court, ~eeeeeeee~ FIII:I IR4 / his wife, d/b/a LYNNWOOD,together with proof of such service MUSIC INSTRIJ~ "'" ,',| CREDIT SERVICE; HAYWARD / within six months after the date of J MANUFACTURING CO INC a,first publication of this notice, or KILN DRIED PLANER ENDS J corporation; KAREN OLSON and/ the some will be barred. Cool all kinds; stoker, furnace, JOHN DOE OLSON, her husband;/ Dote of first publication April 22, ForPBeglnnerlz.l~ mill,B & F ENTERPRISES, INC J 1964. Member WaSmw": Wood. SU 4-0621. Beaver Fuel| d/b/a FEDERAL COLLECTORS; J RONALD H. KENNEDY, i ~,~c;ers. ~.~,J ~ Ca L E S T E R E. MATTESON and,Administrator ef said Estates. LOUISE0~ Eeeleoleeeeeoeeeeeel J JANE DOE MATTESON, his,5600.20th Avenue, N. W TEACHEIII~ hDI: MAVlM~ TalIIIID,P.S O/./ wife; and all other persons or par-,Seattle 7, Washington. -~.~,~ ~n,~--".~,~.vn ~ ~uu j ties unknown claiming any right,SAVAGE & LECHNER, Woshln~on'~ ~lt~ title, estate, lien interest In the Estate, =/~ minor alterations, modest charge J real estate described in the amend- J 5600-20th Avenue, N.W , Pickup and deliver. AT. 4-8537 J ed complaint herein, Defendants J Seattle 7, Washington MARY Z0E I'~ "-~EO~~ND~S=~-~ ~,~--,The State of Washington to the said,BNT--4-22 to S-6-64 SpeclollzlOg I Ir" 4426 B r ROBERT G. STARK and MARY 7552 13th NW s urke Ave North ME 2-1932| ANN STARK his wife ~=HnEN J SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY & oeoeeeloe F~'~ lions, my home, reasonable. SU 3-6847. r a Washington corporation; ED| 5420 Ballora Ave. N ~"'~ EXPERT dressmaking and altera- J TIAL MUTUAL SAV NGS BANK, J HAGEM AN! Attorlle.yvlf ~S~g~,BISHOP & ASSOCIATES, INC at IN~-THE-,-SUPE, RLOR COURT- OF prices. SU 2-64'59' / Washington corporation; WASH- / L.e ,mine. or. vvuamnu~o. ~ur mu ------ --VT--'B INGTON CREDIT MEN INC a Lounry at r ing. LTERATIONS restyllng prates-| ~^~ hin ton r H ~'~^^~'~=D I n the Matter of the Estate of DID you kn#i.~ sane ' ' ,as g CO pora on; - I. 7742-25th N.W. SU 4-$893 ClAL SERVICE CO INC a / CATHERINE DeROCHE, a/k/a arand neW V (~" Soooooooooeooooooooo J W ,=hin~t~n ,'~n~ t" "' rD~nl~ / CATHERINE ROCHE Deceased dan with leotl~ a ~ ~,vra.ton; ' . " UPHOLSTERING 188,RESEARCH BUREAU INC a| In Probate. No . 173 ~7 NOtlC.e of may appear anu,e oulec,ons oO~deafi~e Ct:uert sa~o;et~Vei~h Jh~ C~rk / pate of first publication, April 8,with many economy cars. The new ~hmtang wm be introduced of such service within six months [ JENNY SOMMERSETH,by Ford dealers FridaYs April 17, this notice, or the same wlll be / 2208 N W. Market Street,H I barred. Seattle, Wash. II 1964. / Attorney for'Estate ' / =Ill R m= . . ~, IIWeJllglg IIIIklll RII~III~ ER,K FROBE'RG " / ~ IChoir and Orchestra will present[ Attorney for Estate ' ' ]' Requl m bv Wolfgan~ Ama-I 1732 N. W. Ma k t St, seem to have infiltrated the Seattle, Wash. 98107. [ C. R. SHANEYFELT, Plaintiff, [deus Mozart on Sunday, April 26 =r~,---~-,=ta~-z~-~4 I PAU.L~i3.KEoRCcHeEoR; PD%?~Ca~OTn, Jgational Church, 1514"NE 45th, jSeattle area high school the Lourt aecree as tallOWS IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF [ In said Court which will be heard lert H, anK, organist, j~ "-o--'- - - In the Matter of the Estate of / 1964. Unless yau appear and then Isteln, soprano; Margaret Larson,]colleze and five coachin~ at their H. MOEN, Administrotrtx of the,services rendered by Drs. Burkey, |lRev. Whitlow To Talk i g . Estate of MELVIN t - ~spotteo, anct a closer check might fl ed In the office of the C erk Of i L,omplalnt fi,ea me 19th day at" lhe ~everEna ~oDer~ wniuow,hav ~u 1 " " said Court her final Report and " wi " -- p,g . . surro o Court fo settle said Report, dlstrlb- Justice. of the Peace, Seattle Ible Church Sunday,April 26,- -. ute the property to the persons J . D!STrlCt: - . I(. th~ 11 am ~"rvic*" t Leaalng oH me liSt are, oz thereto entitled and to discharge,JUSTICe Lourt, King counw, J"~ ~ . a~ ~. /cours~ fiv~ ,hn ,-,~o,h ~ ~^I said NINA T. MOEN; and that said J Washington. / For several years Reverend/, -- ~'. ~"~, ;'"% "~"" =~ ~'='" Report and petition will be heard on / 322 King County Courthouse. IWhitlow ministered in a h-me/lara mgn ~cnoo]: J Jan Burnett, the 18th day of May, 1964, at 9:30 ~ BNT--4-15 ta 4-29-64 Iv U |Don Hiol,-, Trim "[n.=a D A. M. of the Court Room of the J ERIK FRO~ Imissionary and pioneer pastor/.-,u - ? -, -,-: ~,~o Probate Deportment of sold Court, / Attorney .: o, acKenDusn ann 1