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May 6, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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May 6, 1963

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,' i l 10 The IIALLARD NEWS TRIIIUNE Wednesday, May 6, 1964 Mnu, D e /'l.k F Doric Chapter O.E.S. iere will be honored and thereI Austria has ~ I '- r, ,; n~lm vvv~l~a ~.iuu I Doric Chanter No. 69 O.E.S lwill be balloting. Refreshments[phones, about g llTI IS The ~0n s I,I Flower Club Officers Elected ~,lJ meet May 12th at 8 00 pm will be served following thelVmnna e ~ h.uffleboar I RUDY S PROFESSIONAL I Mrs Elwood A Ellis will lec Mrs Archle Wilcox retmn a't Doric Masonic Temple Moth:lmeeting ~'"" "'"""-' -'"lpl~o~-for-nine 30? the Coppe ARMACY ' " N.W.B.P.W. ElecCs I VFW Auxiliary ',' g " ;-- 24th Nw [ PH [iture on "Clematis and Astilbes,"],|nzA ,e ~u: Ballard VFW Au,-ipo,~, u,;, ; Pres,dent of the Booster Club, -.uuuuuuuuuluuuuuuuuuuuu i~=emlt=lmlqqlmm~ll~mm~llUUlUUUUU lll efeated',h Drlve-in rr~scr~ur,on ~er.~) * ~ their culture and landscape value, i 1 70~=O~ ~,rrTiiger~. " ""': woman's, auxiliary of the Ballardl.~ ~[~---~ ~~<. ~L~/~ I *I ~[ ~L ~.~~, - ' " ~rrt. I'v,L -ame-" [ [tat the morning Study Hour wheni Mrs. Glenn E. Grant was r~ ~ all new officers tomorrow ~ve- Boys Club, announces that a mm ~"~ ~ e " ~ -~-~ .atternoo:Apr IJut $. If Ik~sd|s'Fu'm. )Uo q'~lUqU |:the City-Wide Flower Club meets ]cently elected president of th j ng, May 7, at the Post ho:ne, new slate of of!leers have be.e,nlmml~-~ ~~ hi hngton Hall t I ~~ ==1 in the San Juan Room of the i Northwest Business and Profe ] 12 NW Market. New officers e[ectea mr me I~scal year, wn]cnlmlE~ j, I " ' |!Roosevelt Hotel on Friday, May[sional Women's Club for thI "e President Lillian Baum' Sr. began .May 1st. She also an-] l!~ ~lll, et UI'~TUI~D t^ IMIII D ^. Uau 11 J i 8 at 10 45 am i "'' " " '~ :~:::~*!:7:~:!* iw ' ' nounced that the group's current il~ lll~l~ IIIVIII~|I 1,1,1 lalll IIl.|i UII Sial v lil[4S"E/=! ,~ - !:: ~:: t* ~-rresment ~t s le r'eterson; -rime -re:act sets]n- u- a cata i lm ~ Officers and seven new ooard! ":iii:!i:::i}~i:/{'::i I ' V P J ' ~ P - =,I I MART g imembers will be elected for the ~iii::ii!iiiiiii::::iiiii Jr. Vme President, Mrs. Clyde lingua system for the growing m~l (~)./'~ ~ :~ and receive a MOTHERS DAY OI! I Icoming year Mrs George Miha, l~~~iiii::::i~!:i!:!:: ]Darling; Chaplain Mrs HermanlBoys' Club library got a biginl~ll ~{ ~ '~li~",'~ ~ : i~l~q ,~. -- ie J!los will be hostess t~~!: ]Bohart" Conductress Shirley]be st last Friday when Margaret .I ~ ~A~.~ ill~ i i For your,~ i IV Appliances It ~ t ~~i,i~ Jones Secreta-" Mrs '*a^k ~'- ]Anderson Librarian at the local E-~ ~X~ [~:~%q~ II--n I!-- II- -- t ---- r ~-men I ~~~~ ] ' ,s ~v*'=']public Library, came to the Clubl-mt~JJ ~' ~ V~9~. I~m 1L~ ll~ lil MOTHER i Ii ~s~u= ~v I~:~~' ]~nlght; Treasurer, Mrs. Jack]and helped the women set up a ml~l] ~~~'ME'~lk'~.~ fN r r lP| Oil I Laraes II The. B.aallaro :~eventn-aay A a-~~ Hulslander; 3-year Trustee and simple but effective check-out : ~ //~~~ =>-7~t"~ ll~bb ~'R.IIP.~ 7~i,l~ i I ~ o l~ventist )Jorcas .women wm eel ~ ~;~ ]Musician Ethyle Thompson Pa-lsystem for all books and pub ]ca- m]~-~ '~i'~~'~ i~ o la,~u" : ~1~1~' I me hostesses at me lall meet- ~.~;~::: . ' * ,~m~ 3elecTion el I:::' triotic Instructor Mrs Geor e tuns owned by the Boys Club +it SeJ~ I Iling of the Central Federahon of ~~,g ~ En oy d n ncj n e p easanf mar ne atmosphere, de onus exo Portable and !Dorcas Health and Welfare So-! 'Morhan; Guard Annie cantrell; no/~ary . = -. dad. auo I i - . ,~ ~~" !Historian ~^t r~ ] ew President of the Boosters ~-~ ~nd s+eaks with appe+lzmg entrees All dinners reasonably P ] ~ . ~tmt 1 clerics oi me WaShington L.on- ~~:i~ :-,movie rei~txup, is Mrs Allan Doolittle of 6540 I~,~ " ' t onsole /V;~ Iference of Seventh-day Advent-! ~j~ ~ 126th N~V Mrs Merle Desmond -ml~ a ,~)]1,J I In Seattle,ists. I ~ Rosea Jr. Women lot 1406 ~ 75t11 was elected Sac- !l~ /J /TIJ'A RDI:AKWATI:D qnn|nnd gactnurll ;~,L~L J ,~ ~d~>~,~~ ine Rosea Junior Women's rat=,'- nut Mr~ C.~or~,e Benson .~51 ,-~ ~ ~mt--r~mtwwr~m-.tt .vvmvvm at~,su-- ~;, I |lOlymp,c C,rcle IClub held ,ts meeting Tuesday, 7003 17th NW was named Treas- m [~ PHONE: SU 3-4906 FOR RESERVATIONS ] I M~'I Market St. . ~ : JvJay a, at 8 00 p.m. in the home urer,~ I mz N.W. It The Socml Club o! Olymp,ci ~ ]ofMrs GladeFlannagan 308NW " 1~ 6409 SEAVIEW N.W. (Past Govt. Locks},Lt kl J 666 Circle No. 87, N e i g n o o r s ot ~~ ' " ' ~ ~ SU. 2-0 . MRS GRANT 189th. Mrs. Wdham Porter pre- r [~-~ ID I [Woodcraft wdl meet at the homel ~ tsided MUSIC and A 'I' PRESENT THIS COUPON--RECEIVE AN oRGH l u lsh 6736 4th N W --Photo ny Jononean rlnlSllmmmmm i III Bill lot Ada Wa J I Wallmgford Unit of Muse and l I umcers ana cnmrmen tor me ~ -~---- ----- /[nursoay, may Jam, mr Jz:oe[1964.1965 club year Mrs Grant[ ~,t : ~ ^ t. Art Will nolo its may meeting ~ I( ---- --" ----'---'OA~p~Tc}~ /zunc.CVnandsocial hour All members a e" . r i~'nas oeen employeu as an ~x-William Porter, 92~9 Interlake at uie nonle el IvxIS, ,t%. avJt, .peas- WEEI 'u~,lRE ,l VACATION invited. ]ministration for many years. NO:rthn, P~ld~Dt;NoMrSvicMprT~n day, May llth at. 12:30 o'clock. .OMING NEXT M ERam]herwith the Veterans' Ad N . . or, 11527 6th Ave. N.W. on Mon- N ~ i Other incoming officers are tdent; Mrs. AI Weaver, 16236 14th R ~: 1. J ~'rs N" A" " Ch' ,Co-hostesses wall be Mrs F ] ' ASB Tea !Mrs. Larry L. Smith (Evelyn]NE, secretary; Mrs. Denny Fox, '.r.'.e"~" ,u ,~ . . . AOUIP~IIlI~IC ddren ~ rlanmlw,"l'h~ A,~soeiated Students of Bal-[Smith) as First Vice President, 17729 18th NW treasurer; Mrs. iacnnemer" . . ~,~l~|tlVl,~l~ ~,~ ~%4 {or In~ 'h~s cl T~ !n~d~iTcMe /;r~s ii!a{ ~ar~! ~ r~al ~l~uay~i~Fn~7~0~sgid mrs R E Hedges(ill g]iltr i eV n a OBOT C|RCU ,-"- ::7--- Pro-Manager at the Ba 1 1 a Jack Rutledge 2014 NW 57th, ' , ) LAKI~ :lunchroom. I :{~:::~::::~: ],y 8th NW purl]a- ~ u~ N A ~ J ~E~nb.ow t.rou* flshjng:', All neighbors w ith,!n a t)voI Imemarian;o~flnd" Mr.s. Them.as The extended rieht arm of the 24th & 58th N.W,--BALLARD A&P 1411-1 ]We smoke end mail them. Beet, block radius of ~auara ugh] :; i n, aJorooK, .~eaa mtermze ave. r~ ,o ~ ~ re ;~^~ t~, . ''me rentals end launch,us. Sw,m-, School are mwted. }~ c.napmm, historian, and publioty An Amazmg lmoort Fr e Gerraa Y ( "~-firo Hoo+enanny".' ~ chairman. ~8. ~ --.', ,"" - - """ ---'~O'J -- A ~B'rlng ~our muslcel intrumentl' p ~l L ~ ~--- uyer o(] ~trcus l-lnlmat$ ana undrew, I~l~b~ { Saddle horses and hey' evergreen ~IUO ~ .3 ;1 1 HeR A LOVE M|SSAG| V~I~RI=~ ~ cutlve ~ ~ruunwgog FUlL ~'lmmatea /l ~~g me+el, Seay+~':' Mrs. R. J. Aronson, Exe " . . In FRAORANCE y . i rest beds, showers, furnished Secretary of the Council on Ag-I rondmothen I~nvln's Arpege end My Sin -- qr'/~/ i ~llLs I~Yn ~d:h ekd': ing will talk to the Fremont i: Greenwood Club 3 of the Asso- Sp I C'oSn L . vo. tff / o,".ES Wee ' - I wv Olfl'S :me.mar " /~(G ~' ~Hiway 97, take Loomh road,i[uPs f r --~rnile'rs n'nd c'nmpincj;'uPS for tra ors end cam plncj,Ever,~ :.~ .green~ Club,:a.at +the '~'emeetlng'Fre" elated Grandm thers of Washing. Spray Cologne, $5 ACtiOn YaC .tJL: '. h.-- "v t * ~.l, ~ i rHuny, avzay aura, ct~ tat ." I ton Will meet Friday, May 8 at Prlnes ~erdner Leather Goods xI~.e 01~[kl. -- ~~aSkel'. Mn~e reserve-, mont Baptist Church, 717 N. 36the 10:30 a.m. at the home of Myrtle Hollmark Cards ,~r,=;~ $ T ,~llll ~I~ )tmnsnow: St. The musical program willi Marshall, 537 N. 77th I, aea DELIVERY ourp il "mawr I { Phone 476-2223 feature pupils from the B.F.[ -'--" "" "'-'" BOB " ) amacodeS09 Day School. Dominican Mothers ---,J - eli This Week's MRS. SMITH V. Mueller as Recording Secre- tary; Mrs. Emil E. Balut as Treasurer and Mrs. Agda Smith ning (May 6th) at the Arctic Club in honor of all incoming officers. Bethel 28 Miss Marjorie Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Scott, will be installed as h o n o r e d of Bethel No. 28, Interns- Order of Job's Daughters, I~. ;aturday, May ~tb, 8 p.m. at Green Lake Masonic Temple, 307 N.E. 73rd. Other elected officers are Shar- 1-DAY SERVICE on Waterman, senior princess; Stephanie Buell, junior princess; Kinder, marshall. Appointive officers include Car- ! !1~~ ol Schermerhorn, Connie Wah- lin, Nancy Hartz, Norma Herrick, [ f~I~. ~ Debi Corhan. Michelle Bain- bridge, Betty Frakes, Linda Boll, --3 LOCATIONS- Nancy Youatt, Betty Jean Wat- son, Linda Mathews, M a r t h a 5,142 Russell Avenue N.W. Boil, Connie Kaine, Barbara (I Block South 20th Ave. N.W. & N.W. Market St.) Schermer, Chris Ziemer, Linda Ol~n 7 o.m. to 6 p.m. Hunstad, Betty Clapp, Pam Tern- 8541 - 15th NW pleton, Linda Weston and Diane 8S3g Greenwood Ave. N. Christensen. ~ A reception and dance will fol- low the ceremony. -------------- Mrs. Arthur R. Hill is guardian FHA, GI and Mrs. Paul Schermerhorn is " CONVENTIONAL associate guardian. I" LOANS Order-- aranth Washington Court Order of to 6 p.m. at 8407 Greenwood No. There will be many useful articles for the entire family, including formals and large sizes in men's excellent condition. A WHALE OF A DIFFERENCE! You can note a whale of a difference ;n your in+eros+ earnings four times yearly when we en+er in your account record book ~o interest your money has earned! We will continue to pay through 1964 5% on Regular Accounts, 6% on One Year Certificate Accounts. Your funds will be transferred from any state at no cost t'o you, and you can keep your account ac- tive by mail. WE PAY ALL POSTAGEI ASSETS IN EXCESS OF $8,032,S41.96 ii i ii i I I IN ORPOUATID ~ eooe~e e 9e ~oeoeee e4 ee ee lto ee eee oe e4oeo eeee4 eo ADDRESS H " "''''*'*" "''" "*''*'" ''''''''*'*''''* CITY ZONE WASH, Reskienls Only O I Widows of WWI 12th Anniversary May 9th with a luncheon at the Stewart Hotel. Short business meeting and party afterwards. Stanford Mothers Among the mothers of gradu- ating seniors who will be hon- ored at the meeting of the Stan- ford Mothers' Club Thursday noon, May 7, will be one from Ballard, Mrs. B. W. Molohon of 6412 34th NW. Her daughter Kathryn, Ballard High School '60, will graduate with honors from Stanford University June 14. The meeting will be at the home of Mrs. A. G. Rockwell, 6539 N.E. Windemere Road. Bethel #6 Bethel No. 6 will meet Wed- nesday, May 13 at 7:30 in the Doric Masonic Temple. From 5 to 7:30 p.m. there will be a smor- gasbord held at the Temple. The mothers of Bethel members will be honored. An addenda for Honored Queen Janet Chitwood will be held. Due to unforseen cir- cumstances the awarding of the Hill~mJh~ l~laa~ 131~.stponed and Mental Recovery Mental Recovery Inc. will meet May 7 at 8 p.m. in Gethsemane Lutheran Church, 9th and Ste- wart. Mrs. Alice Franklin Bry- ant will show slides on Africa. We imitate onl we be- lieve and admire. This Is The Year! The year of Washington State's 75th Anniver- sary Diamond Jubilee, and the big tourist hunt is on. Study these pie- tures. See if you recognize any of these people. Memorize the things they don't know about our Great State. Read the glowing passage at the bottom which explains why Washington needs tourists any- that old Washington State has more ar- dent ~ unassisted torture to lovs than any other state in the Fi/ty. SceneryF We've got everything from towering ski mountains and deep notched lakes to rolling wheatlands and milae of crushing coastline. Wildlife ? In our"variety va~a- ttonland," bavk-t~.d~aLure /ans can live wiLh vurious dear as neighbors, if they ~nt to, ~ spy up~ ~h beast~es a~ rcw~oone, marmot~ bear, elk, and moun- ta~ goats. Trees and s~bs~ In tl~. Arbere~um of tk~ University of Woah,- ingtwn, they earn atwad in one place and ]east th~kr eyes on $500 kinds of trees wag shrubs. Nature, we've gotl alleged mind in Washington's wlde-open epaves. We've got more athletics than all the Olympis Games eembined. There's room on (and under) our 7,000 lakes for averything from water skiing to aouba giving. Or you can ship out in one of ~eattle'a 50,000 pleasure craft and ezplore the $,000 square miles of Puget l~ound. But water sports are just the beginning. They're still schussing the snowy slopes o/ our Swiss-sized moun- tains in July, if you can spare the tima ]rom tennis, golf, salmon derbies, hik- ~tg, stc. And if that's not enough, join the High Riggers and top a spar tree or enter one of our bone-bagging rodeos. | way-and how you can help. Oh yes, send in now for your very own Tourist Trapping Set. The sets are free but the supply is limited and you'll probably want each of your BON VIVANT: Ne~ York propa- ganda to the contrary, our "worldly" gourmet is not leaving the trappings of civilization when he vanLures into Lhe "primitive" Pacif~ Northwest. Wash- ington offers some of the most sophisti- ~ztcd dining this side of Binghamton, New York. We've got 95 different kinds o/ aea food and as many different plaves to eat--everythlng from steaming your own clams on Whldbey Island to being served ateaming sukiyaki in one of America's largest Japanese restaurants. And what about our Chukkar partridge, our succulent applss, our tiny Olympia oysters, our taaLy Dungen~s erabf If ~bon vivant" means "a lover of good living," Washington is evaryans's dish. , ; lUSTeR plan their vacation' ' |t's Best Why is Washington's try. Last year, tourist types K|nd. Urtune of 253State' keepiallmilh' l outnumbered They paid the 25,000 more than ington--it's good How can yoU: out and mail below We'll equip yoU one-pieco giant the of ]n)u~l'e one, good for all the letters yott do is eign the peeked with picVares m you can l are friends). With no telling extra lure or how mt Y lars of extra supply. And as a give you two your other ear or neighbor. They're( ly and bags) and an easy and Pinee BEEF. I:) CHICKE STEAK. I)INNERs * Salad Wffh a6ov out the phone-readY, The PACIFIC NC TYCOON: This poor little rivh kid PATRON OF THE ARTS:Whatour JEST PLAIN FOLKS: Washington hasn't heard Lh~t busy, booming Wash- Miss Otis forgets (when she regrets abe ~tate abounds in family-type activities. ington State has everything it takes to is unable to visit Washington this year) Kids are intrigued by our dozens of warm the keart of even the steeliest- is that she'd be up to her opera glasses i Indian tribes. The whole family is wel- eyed industrialist. We've got a big in culturel She could spend years just come to potlatch in our 65=plus parks ckunk of the nation's hydropower; vidting our 5 nifty art galleries and and forests. They can dig 5-pound deep-water ports that are $50 miles ~useum~. Washington is tho center of Gweduc Clams ("Goosy-Duck~" to us) or closer to tho Orient tha4* any ports in the internationally respected "North- ezplora Mr. Spokane's $~,000 awesome ~d fo~ia (on~ day's Lime saved); and w~4 ~ckool" of painting, Loo. (~hew us acres. They can prowl the skelot~ts of em mt~ilable labor fares that's p~ma- another state with a native who won the wreoked ships a2ong tho eeast, or cruise .~ lkill,~ ha1~lf (*tatlon's laweet VsniseBiennalaasmwMarkTobeydida ~p the "fiords" of Lake Chela~ T~ labor disp~t~ rvear~), ~nd 15% ~ro few yearaago.)Weeupport ballet, opera, can eat lunch in the ~w Eye of the prodavtive than the national a/aeraga, klgh fashion, low comedy, the theater, Epace Needle or marvel at a eolleetlo*t From the ~gth parallel south, we've go~ and symphony orchestras ( Walla of Chinese jade wiLh ~ces dating back a mere 66,70g square miles of Gr~atWaUa'eistheoid~stwestoftkeMissiso Lo tha lSth Century, B.C. In ahorL Sta~e--~azily enough room to nq~eesa ~n $ippl). And we have the world's Lallest there's something for everyone {n Wash- mtother million-dollar #ndusLry or two. totem fm/e. How's that for culture? ington State--and plenty left-over. ROOM 1429, I |