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May 6, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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May 6, 1963

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12--The BALLARD NEWS TRIBUNE Wednesday, May 6, 1964 'REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ITREAL ESTATE FOR SALE,REAL ESTATE FOR SALE I LOTS & ACREAGE 19 FURN. APTS. FOR RENT 52 ROOM & BOARD 60 I ~ ~ "-'7 p ~ ' CI IDED +,"~r~ [31 IV G enn J Realtor n [] ~ ULTRA MODERN 1 bdrm. end CLEAN room, home cooking, len;e; J I II,| / Lir 1L ~, ,3UrEl~l% /l~ D~J| "-J'-J. ~ [] |~vlliL~J~| Ibach. apt. NEW BLDG elevator, also baby sifting. ME 2-4967 I BALLARD NEWS-TRIBUNE J Y. /~~ '1GREEN LAKE SUNSET HILL I wooostW/W carpets, drapes; 2 bike Market Doee.ee.e eeeeeeoe. MODERATEAPTS 1819RENTNw C'entralCREST'pI. CONVALESCENT CARE~64 I I / 1 ~ l ~ |= I I SU 4-7625. FAMILY v ng w th RN PreTer eE- l kll-~AICl'3Ar'Jl"l~ I LOYAL HTS. 2 BORMS. I N~W BIRCH KITCHEN +~ I~Er~l~t~("~kA(~ ~L JLLLJL I---~~-Tirx-F~ET--~ derly diabetic lady with private I I%I~VV *'~r/~rlll~ i 0 Down F.H.A. or contract, sno-~ -- nr~r~ r- ~. ~) L) I--L#I %'J%'#IVI~J ~ l~ ~t Vlr-VV DF~L.L,%JINi means ME 3-3443 ,~,-- ~ --L ~ I 4 tJUKMb-- IbbUU - " " J Jwhlt.e, vacant. Move right in, full ' - FHA APPRA SED O ~1,1IIII 1 bedrm disposal, dishwasher, soeooeoeeoooooeooeee I I~ aSTOr. UeT, ~ar. Lall I YOU, TOO, WUl say rnls is a superior ll L' =l~:-| II I washer & dryer. 3800 Linden, SU 4- I:I~1~ (:All: MI~('I:IIAMfnII~ 7fl buy in a most appealing 4 bdrm 4 2 4202 ME 3-2834 I F'I J A/-.-J. ZkJ I SU 3-1300 ON AD 6 IE. iish Colonial st le home that $ 15 5 II I 1 -'" I k ICIbbI/IULJ yVall/ i a/t:: b I: h ,he, Completely remodelled Interior, rP t'IALIZING IN IBALLARO --me. Clean 1.bed- PKI-IL I-I/ UAMAL t I.) --, . S r bus I rrr " C J L AJ L I / L / A / jeasiest FHA terms. A well arranged C omob" ~'V~engror~m~ndf'rl~Pl~C~ohn rd2 COMMERCIAL AND INVESTMENT Ir~o,Fr;.e o~Vs oShetrud;oYe~,tneT~5 me' J OAZ~- Ik/tt'~A~l I r-TTeCTIVe oebTemoer "PTrl I m ~| ~,r tfloor plan with o guest size dining o, - :l<+h REAL ESTATE i=~x~'~7,{n ~+. - I " E; L ,J|l ~k|L~ lrs l~en~ i& eSxPaCni l~s IwlVJl~gtor ~l fin- ~le~r~dmSreUProotr~i g~ rS;men~to."o;il~ ~n.lrr~ I~'~"~~ S NGER I M N MUM CHARGE OF $1.25 FOR 10 WORDS I~ LOYAL HTS 6 RMS 1 FLR. !pet. Posltiv~ly o~e of the ni'ces~"& he~.t, m . I ~'-"L-)~']~l-'i'~. n~ur=e--redec"Proiv',both,~&~ck:Gdg~'l 71~7A~ ,"~* most glamorous birch kitchens plus I I -~ ~, ~- = v-~, ~,-, ADDITIONALWORDS 8c EACH l; SLl so F HA 0 DN la ,argo fom,y eat,no area Every Loval I-le ghts i 15th & 64 h IUke.new--,ko ,he o.es on TV-- I l, C eon, Dallte Belt. Vacant. Coil t th ng about th s home s n top ~,n i ,-, t~ P-P I NEW 4-plex. One bearm. View sun- the Dig streamlined 2-tone moael, J A~C DIIKIMIKI~ I I1%1("[-.I t~D iGDt~ r'D kA~V I:lr- |1 ~U 3 1300 ON AD 5 lshape so why not see for yourself. AlL I:;KI K, ! J[) (,)(~U ~(.) I-I !deck, tiled kitchen and both. Drapes:lbut only .3.avail?b!e. Sl!g.hf. paint / ~.L~'t.# IXUIXI~H'eV ! ,~vl I ' J~ L/~] ~JLI~ ~vlr ~/ ~"I, ~" - ~We are sure yuowill beglad you " ~" t v "T" ' j w/w carpeting. Furn. or unTurn. 4zio cnippmg, our must Be sola ay ena I F,GUREDI AT 3Sc PER LINE WITH I2 LINES TO L I'~ I~ I/-" I/ ]did' PARTIALLY FURNISHED IOwner ,~refers Ion~ term groundI Greenwood ~T ~N SU 3-3926 of month, l lll i halF'r" 1 11 Ii I i I / I/ Irl I^ Anr~rt it, i i t-t/-~l% ~" Ilease bu~ is certai~y interested in $60--1~bdrm. apt grouna floor, parK-I fULL FI~,I~E I THE NCH II f~ I~ I t I% t1-1"1/'~ /-~rrl~ ~1,UUU /i/~u I ling /~ blk stores Private ent J # .r all offers, ana rign/ly so, Tms cor-i ' " W" "to /:3 II let O~ t LJ J~ I ~ l I 3 BRMS BSMT ner is ideal for many many uses ' Shown 1 to 5 Thurs, Fri. 416 N I . "I) " J o .eaus ad w I to ass y Jl FHA APPRAISED - " - I~ - heal on165th' SU 2-1328 or SU 4-0264. ,Everyth,ng built-In, needs no at- / with the wording of your ad, Jl LOYAL HE GHTS ! q~-;~,c ~'~,1,~;~1 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms plus 3rd In ~/ se T ua'l~oram ,t'ngoide~Cof 'well~T-O~~ltachments. Does all deluxe auto- I JUst CALL - It MENCH-BUILT 5-ON-1 BSMT.I"~" full basement, luxurious gold wall "~v uu"lUth v~ ~rknn strin claus new 2Jodrm. apt. Lovely vlew, lmatic" stitching; guaranteed. Phone "~ AAN(~ %11 4.E~R(~ I1 ~ q~,~ 1Goodlooking Colonial family home to wall carpets, drapes, range and l~r~oe+~=~ +,5 A ~vj~l~Um ~rkinn~.lswimming pool. SU 4-8550. J:=nlpplng ~< Kecelvmg, MA 4-8930 tar II SU. ~,- I1 Z': ':7 jwith attractive kitchen offering a refrgerator, hardwood, firepace,~";.'.:'"~.-.~7 ,~'.~'.~;"'~, tur'es~- 'IH-~E~ further Information. #MMACULATI= bP, .LlUU~ ~UallTy lar eatOn ar s t nd ~,u~ u,=, ,uvu,u, = ~ u == ~. , Jl{-,~,=~ =L n~'n= incl "1 x 19J ge g ea. Ha a forma light, open a spacious, cab. oll ' N.W. Market. SI~I" 4-7192 after 6 and MOVING~a~y~ I I~I-^ULIINI~" II ~'" .w "' " ~size liv ng and dining room and a furnace garage. Neat trim and most All innuirles annreciated and niven weekends I prices" 100-In rose damask daven- / . " nude in ~lon IIliving & formal d~. rm e?tlnginewly nstalled A.C. cab gas fur- pleasant thruout. All furnlshlngs~'~romD~ court~o~u~ attention by=coil j~]port 'Eastern maple dinette set /U~gy O~' II g.rll, fur w=u ~'~ ~, * Space in Kitchen 3u x i(~1level Jo t " ~, p-, -. ~ " ~ o~,r~w v=ew, c ~.- ~ - ~. " ' I = ~v= b II ' . tnace C se o bus, shopp ng and available Owner transferred, quick j Inn ] h +h h ; v h=a + + ~ ,~ ~L~ chairs freezer' 4-pce bdrm set ~ar =rv.-.~-v ~ .~ ,-. lot Sprinkling system all over " =, -o ~r Cn =, g U 1~o ,- - ' ' " " ' / It " . 'la park. Lots of value & comfortable possession. I o^nr~v ~ = ~^~,/i I-v lie MA 25225 SU 46028 Jcomp.; plus many mlscel. Items. shrubs lawn flowers pavea alley 1%,/.~lN~,r.LL/~.i/'~x*l,-,rl,*'t-i~jiN, ~ n/'~lNoro.r'~u^kl/" EC [ERR~"RC~ o ill Just sred" first oa" con''" Jlivlngterms at a low price on 0 do. FHA ~U j~j ~ j jPi i k I t" r'"r J~lJ LL i Iii I I D/-~F,I%I IVI. r-I/'~vY Lr-I ]--~" " ' " " 11414 NW Norcross Way. EM 3-1546 J made after ad Is placed. II I f /ir-i%J~ .r-1II1%1 L D ~'^,4` IIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIAL 5-4806, SU 4-2734. 1 T PIANO -- Privately ownea No cancellations of ads placed to run once con be . SU 3-1300 ON AD II .f 'rk, F',r l 'T SU 2-6300 AT +-82J81cCoRmOp?Ne HILL;g+ ;dI~m:,ADULT~:after 6 p.m. SPINET PIANO -- Privofelv owned ~ ~v,~.-,~-- u moore ~ ~ em afar b rt in this vicinlt m vin out J Ads placed to run morethan once can be eancell.ed It k I r~ A / f " " PLUS t~ Y MORTGAGES & CONTRACTS 25 ~~~-I^~o~,^Y,jL, ~is y. o: g I after one Insertion. ueaa.ne tar cancenatmn is I I%. I I-l.~l~l ! FHA ApPR ~, ~ 71~ I~lsoner coupe care of small Ballardl%' ='~'T u ? ~ ~um u~ u =u.~- I h y --~--~.v M~Y WI- bI-KVlLk rlTICe tar cash. Write or pnone OOOK- Monday at noon. The same ru es apply to c anges, m Jrjr e ~ apt. Eves. WE 7-1784. 3-1x~OO (~.~O a YOUR CONTRACT. -- keeper, Tallman Pianos-Organs, 4759 I ERRORS IN ADS SHOULD BE REPORTED PROMPTLY# It IN L VV NEW BIRCH K TCHEN g I'''= new e95 6519 " " ""~" """--" '"'*'*'ER I ~'~,~ ~r-~ I Per many years we nave servlcea o~,n=~.u~, ~p~ vu~, ~" I unlv. way. N.t :>eame. LA Z-Ot~3Y. I h V~'~"p~D"'"" I ') RDRkA~ R~kAT ,y~z,vou Ithe receipt of contract and mortgage Phinney, SU 3-8813. F~~I-~-2 I ad ++r0. are due and payable within II - & MASTE, R B, UILT n lAb-spaCkling ::o-white C:p~ I;oIdl Io- ~e~OS/s aoftl~l ,ct~; ~t~lnly h omoe nlYerG-lb~oooY;~n~ymenWte recPe~tV~dendl~nYe~ee: 3.R?O~hS" bxth'.l~to lrrSp,#SJO5 B Sc~eiV~l ilb~keSe nrOCk%~,ocLeO;e mC~do~r. I 7 Oars If not o~Id within 7 days add 50c for extra IJ b Kl'vlb. II-LU~JK 1cared on a street of fine homes he-:looking native setting oversized IIv-Jcomputot one Our usua charge Isle; ~nn^^ nnt m=~r Rnllnrd Hn~lcorner fable bookcase bed table . r--,t ~ V. ' , J bllllnn I~ FULL DALITE BSMT I ween N,W. 80th and N.W. 85th. Ing room with huge fireplace me-IS1 per month Mortgages or con-Ill aO=;'~i~ I'~11 AJ~'/11 nff=r '7 n~'~ lam'~s cons"le r"dio ml on- I II 2 CADILLAC GARAGI~ lone of the ncesf alt-eectric blrchJhogany kitchen, 2 bedrooms~ fullltracts arranged, bought or sold. "~u """~" "v "'~'" "'=' " ~"'"" Jable~. 'AT 2~4~38 afle;" 6"30~pm~' I -~ r~*'~-~ ,~" ikitchens in the area Just $600 dn Ibasement and norane PLUS aftrac-= n n ~,AI I1 I~ h LMOTEL--3 rooms, attractive, elec. i "~'"''~'~'"~'~"-~""" i 5 D/'~/l-lb " m v Int ' h "I ~ ~ ' j I~ay O vvalKer I~ealTOrS i Iheat $55 mo SU 2-4478 BOY'S 26-n Coumba 3-speed bke REAL ESTATE FOR SALE i REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 1~ INCL. VANITiES&ALL ,Whole OAlle weY Ucan Osavf Sis devoughtfuwill i attveex5003-roOmmonthcOttageAll located ann rear rentedstreet i 7Sl415 Ave. NW ' SU 2-3737 [~~[$' " ' 20; 17- .n I~offmanT,V mahog, co-n' . ~ ~ . ~o~--, ,v=,=-,~ ~vv,oJ THE LATEST IN FIXTURES thave to hurry to take advantage ofllevel 75x200 lot close to NW 85th. tO~eOOeOeeeeoeooooooeI0146 or WE 7-8358. !s e, .$30, RCA.radlo-phono mahog. t II nt bu i . ' ' . -- console, $z3; lYbl VW very gooa r~ ~-I m h 1 DREAM KITCHEN I hisexce~r . y. . I Glenn J. Twlqg Realtor !REAL ESTATE WANTED 27/3 RMS. Priv. bath and entrance nr. lshope $1090 SU 3-2338 lne Name t-maers A It 42 N W 62nd BU t- n Range, d shwasher & D s- " ' r t -- -' bus stores du s, 1 2 ~, ~, . v, ~.-~. blue K clqe I ealTV Mnt~h~d hitch rnbinet, cer- AI I VKI OIl I IKI("~C Dt TDC !SU 4-1269 2325 N.W. Ma ke !3 TO 5 BEDRM. home wanted in 20- ~' "'-'-~" "'" ~ IATTENTIONbuilders, deluxe mag- -" .I /~.~" ;;[~ ~""' ~,~+~ *~=" "="~=, -e~finnlr~LLI='~ UILLIIN~'J~ll I L-II ~, Eve. call Mr. Grant, AT 2-7106 $40000 price range. Must have good $55; 1-bdrm. apt both, neaTea. Z~Zl nesJum 32 ft. ladder $70. Daveno BKL~AUVI~W ~KUWrq MILL t~:3.ce i7747 24th N.W. SU 2-1628I !Sound and mountain view. PrJncipalslN.W. 58th St. LA 2-0840. $25;, chest drawers, $10; twin plastic ' I Eves LA 3-5297 SU 2-2443 SU 2-1628 = only AT 2-3202 eves - headboard w/frame $7' doors $1 Lovely 3 bedroom rambler in All brick 2 bedroom home, full/ ("L4ADk4 PJl/E~ -.w. - ~ ~ ~ ~ I r3 A I I A 1"3 I'~ i " 1549; 2 ROOMS, bath, includ, all util-r, ~--, ~x,'.r, "~LLL~I POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOe ea Hospital bed SU 48033 fine condit on. Large ving room basement and space for 2 arge/ "Better Homes Our Saeclaltv i r~/-~///-~l~ I ~,~ ~n,)~ kl ~/ =;n~h mA 9.~R~n - " wffh frepoce, separate dining bedrooms upstairs. Level lot with|l,~iving &.d. tnlng r.m.s Ca.scade stonei i~r~ '%^r',%llr:",^l- I [WANTED TO RENT 291~'~. MOV NG -- qua ty odut and chll-~-~ area, good kitchen with eatingfruit trees. Builders own home,|TIrepI- w lln P~ ~el ea. DO.CKAWalI" I Dr<,~J/-kL~VII-VV ! r~ L L ~ J .~'==l t~~ . ~INF'/~], Clean apts ~U ana $~U. :~UJdren.s clothing, maternity clothes, space, dshwasher and dispasal, only 10 years old. Most convenl-| I-yI- PLI-AblN~ ~l,-rcT^~,r~l~,~- I/ LJUTCrl k ,OlOrl CII ;N~u poard a.na room. tar acTtve13.6142. /baby furniture house plants, G.E. Separate utility and furnace ent location. Asking $19,80(]. IMIco slate entry alum. sash cer LjU/OI,~INUIIN%-~ V^LUI-~. ietaerty laay, ~allara. bu 4-44/Z. ;OO00000000000000000elwrnger washer, msc. furnture, room. FHA appraised $15,750. W~-~T WOOD ND lamic tiled sills ' ' '* I')")~ A+h ~ W "~ R~J~J~kA eooooooooooooooooooe IINFilRN APT~ I:(IR RfNT 54 J rummage. LA 2-4366. BROADVlEW s b~l~oom home~n fine condl- 3 PLUS BDRMS. i ;e~ut;'f;,-~'uo t'y"~;+'.'"s" bdrm,' --7' ,~L~I+.'-- GARAGES FOR RENT 33 ~~~I~~ Most charmng 2 bedroom Cape tlon W-W carpeting and drapeslAii are twin sized bath with Hi-, 3 baths, brick & cedar doctor*el I-ULL ~bM/ DOUBLE garage with floor Ilgllts,! LU~K. VIb/A I % Po Cod nested among notve fr ncudea Pate gass picturelfiled stall shower'off the master= home Beaut maintained & deco-~ " iwork bench SU 39334 ' 'J I"~."'J. ".~.~ '.'~';'.%. "-"',".:'%'= "":'."' trees In rk-Ilke surroundin s windows and remodeed ktchen J~4.~,= ~=,- Pm w~*h ~,~ ~l~,=^l Tni rn~l" vi,=, ~,f =n,~ ~ it,= H~f W~t==~ I.-14- i - -,ic.es~, m~sce~. ~ames; io u. ex~en- pa g" "~= ~" I ] "' SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 3037 N.W. MARKET ST. Ision ladder. SU 3-0605. Located in an excellent district full basement with cob. oil fur- I get the best cal I # ,~ ,= r-- ~-~ ~-~ I ~,= ,-~ I i of fine homes and it is immocu- nace and new roof. RM zoned. (~11 ~ "~ ~'~kl AI~ ~'Jis 7(~O kl W '~R+h ~ ~J J I~[~[~ U)IPII:3'L KI:III/RL3 11 e=c czech I=^PUI=L~D APTS ' '; " late in condition. Has been FHA Ownerwi consider lease. Now ,~v ,~- ~vv v,~ ,~, ~.~ .v. J / }llll I--~-~ ,~i ~'~,:,~='~'-'~'~.~'~" l enport, chair, $20; Spark oil heat- ooora se~ at $14250 askina $15,000. I . t Owner transl. Price reduced toI,/ /V V V I UU YUU I~II~ ::;U /~ *~ ~I/Y.~U-~Y.3U U OU~W. ~O. er $25; Bendix auto washer $20; ~ sell making this a terrific buy. -~L "--' "el * -~ FULLY EQUIPPED OFFICE: $105-$115 2 BDRM APTo. misc. Items SU 3-7105 I 1 * an ~ I I I%. I / !,A / I 3 bdrms 2 baths on main 11 .'."~ vu~,v ~ ~u u? uv,I Former Ba ard Trbune office Is lPreferred brick bldg ELEVATOR ~--:------~--. ~ aonn /~gner ~erm Leanaer I%, i L / t bdrm V2' beth In fin bsmt " i rne week eno. Lomp]eTely re- i for rent. Front off ce, two desks and I Heat hot water Some corner apts. !'s't~'. Ttreptace se.T analrons, scrod, i i ~1 / Illl ~ " ' " decorated Inside & out Brand i counter S"ac ous second Off ce over I '' - -" "~ n -==i ona T rewooa OaSKeT, orass; moaern ~, - w-views. ~ee Kay /nomp~o - ter off wh te upho stered chairEM 3 9925 15+h N W SU 3-4+141,~J L V V L kl A/ new hot .wa heating system, size douole desk. Private offce two dent mar SU 4-4133. 10~ ' " - I //[I I I,IL I~.VV. Horawa. tloors. All large rooms, desks Large empty back room W r, ". a . . ~" I~" - r~r'/llVr- C CI~IIDIr'V Delightful -- clean 4 bdrm 11/21 Owners lowered price for sacri- rant as whole or consider singleI L.OaST investment ~,O. ISIEGLER oll heater with fan, $35; lOYAl I-IFl~T ; MAgNOlIA t tJLL.UAL JAO LJUrLLJ~ ! bath brick & cedar Sprinkler fced sae Don't ross the one Idesk spaces Call M. B. Mitchell, 2133 5th Ave .mirror, 19"x25", $2.50; linen chest I ' ' " - k r'~=~ r~ n rv i d~")~ r't~ i system Most outstand ng buy on Cal LA 4-1130 now on Ad No. eve~ n~ls SUnset 3-3090 See dayt rues!Mr. Fo ey MU 2-8444 Mr. Walsh $15; all excel cond AT 2-8017 after 6 bedroom modern fern y home. INI-VV LJurLr-A ! ~)~)~I~)~jU I market" at reduced prce - i 3012. ithrough Ballord News'Tribune staff, i-----'-~D~ R~Dk~-- 7 p.m. 3 sets plumbing, professionally Spacious floor plan. Two 2 bed- ~ T PICTURE FLOOR PLANS, INC. ::SUnset 45800- . ~ "J'~ = ~'*~"' ,;~, ,~ ~=~ . finished thru-out. Full basement, room units, side by side in this 2 BDRMS EACH UN T * "~ ~'h ~ W 7314 Aurora isooooooooooooooooooo 7607 B~h N W fttings $16; toilet close-coupled v v I Large leve at paved o ey re(: close m area W W carpets slid 1 $12 both oo onditlon S 3 7892 room space Be sure and see Ing glass doors open onto ~.'onals'l =,B~OuTH LGE. ONE 1,2V~5 ,et Handsome Contemporary w l t h LA ~-I 130 HALLS FOR RENT 39!Spacious modern apt hdwd. floors, after 4 g d c . U - ' ~r~+n ~ r~r~,v ~ r~u~n~l~ I Lolorea appliances sounaproot Dlag " this beauty. $27,000. Eves. SU Full basement with space for lco ored Ranges, Refs, D shwashers, VdlymWs" ~r~lls~",~ati~o.~Ct~ uf~'or~l -- --"~CCREN~-- ------IOn busline. Mgr.' Apt. 101, SU 3-I~~ 2 7092 mother on law unit Off sTree Das osa s H tnled van baths " " " ~, parkng ;or 5 cars. ThJs Is the ma~ foor ut;tes washletY~ & dry' entry. Beaut. landscaped. APPROVED BROKER ~ BALLARD V.F.W. HALL 2964 or ME 2-4643. Dining set, Dun c~hn Phyfe =oval ' " I 812 N W ark t Str . IllUlIOu, lU[~le, v I~ALLAKU best on the Bluff. Only $31950.1ers Synteco fnshed oak frs Bsmf F('~I~ 2 . . M e eat DE LUXE UNIT ~su 4-4740 t F ' "~ tJ241 6th NW "-"- DANCES--WEDDINGS ,T Garages & S orage or best buy n / I & 2 bedrms w/w carpets, drapes, S~C~,F,CE --.Aint onna ee+ . DUPLEX LO ltawn co I Charming "New" tTaditional ram-i GOVERNMENT disposals dishwashers. Balconles. r$~0A.StP~dlewa:eerlnto nk'o ~nerly new' This hOUse no longer Pine L.olon- z alOCKS rrom Dallarrz snapping. ~ bier w/belt 3 bdrms 2 baths ' ~.vv.~, ,~ ~ ,~=.v,~ ,=-~ o = ~ 1430 N W' 64th SU 4-4202 & SU 4 ' ~ '" " "~' " lal 3 bdrm. double plumbed ex- 50x100 each, back to back, level. SU 3-1300 ON AD 21 Lovely family rm one;inn to coy"! Dr-C~ I-C" Call SU 4-6200, SU 2-3991 " n~n " toque commode $10; 4 metal folding cellent h/w h e a tin g system. S7,000 each. Eves. SU 2-7092. n~tio" Beaut" "o~ =ot~ino '' I [-'~r'~'Ll~O ' or AT 3-6823 ~. chairs, beige $0. Miscel. SU 4-5676. Fenced beck yard Home newy kIF'~OTI.J Dr-A~'L-J I I t"~VZ~l DEZ~I TV,RAY B WALKER REALTOR s an:eOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOe~ IRHODODENDRONS -- Name vorie- Inted inside and out FHA ~J~ ii~ UL/~.~I I LV// L I L/ ~.L// I ~ (~1 f Fir po . mmocuot" '~ ar"e bedrms 19x 1" 534 Paafne approved broker ;or the resae of FURN. HOUSES FOR RENT 42 BONUs. /!es; English.la.urel. 5/$.!; Alpine^ oppr. 1~lZ,OU~. Will sell tar 3/I,M3U, c. ,~ . ~ I upen uohy y TO v. bun. v TO O I !homes owned by the U. S Govern-I 110% reduction after 6 too. Large/sKImmlas, winter neoTner. ~:x~-z',qn nothin down c/c onl I 24 v ng room w th f rep ace 12x Snd & Mtn View= Excellent HOMES NEEDED ,g, pay y. Col 1 ant ";-h-n 7725 24th N W SU 3-1 300 1 . ~ ~ .' lent You buy d rect from the newly dcc 1-bdrm n modern 4-pex IAve. N.W. after noon. :>u z-,~u~/, eves. u. u~,m~ ~.!=U .f'. ~',= I " " i value. J oarms z oam.s, .as.mr. i Government on very little down LUSTomers waltlngj picture rentoli Rugs drapes appliances, $85 AT 3-I~1~~ WfTn DTeaKTaSr nOOK, spacIOUS TUII I -- -- -- I With aen or COUla De 4TO Darm. ~n~l In mnnthh, nn~,m~nf~= nn~ [ servlre. Lease ana rental conTracTsl qnno ' ' I h,~= "~m"l ~nn CH q o~n~ -fter North Beach Vacant Lot belt. with rec. room or extraI A real buy! " ~" ~ +~idrawn. Free apprmsals. MacPher-i ~ ~p ~,~ ioo bdrm, covered cement patio in /'~ ~ /-~ ' Dr'TTED I-I('~kAEC i,n.eres ere, ure, ,o .u- ~vo,~rson,s Rental Service. EM 4-7820. I ATTRACTIVE modern 3 room brick. !~ ~'.'" . "~-~ ~' '-~. ; I ULI/L-I II~J~V~L,~ or unnecessarr re .ape r e^ Nice viewI Ideal for daylight fully fenced back yard 1 blk toI . u v "l=~.~--~.s--~--: ~. Priv. entrance, f e bath shower, WALNUT dining table, 5 leaves, o hrmt In "rlr~ n~F n~uu h~m== ~" fv nnrl Ifn v~r~ tv ;,'.~ 2 t I. II ' EkA A I I ~'~ L penses. There are a few ava ab e I I~'~'LL'~KU--L'Ieon ~.oarm. name; ! aDollances laundry faci itles bus chairs $25" small buffet $12.50; . . '~=--' I Lnv, -r-, ~ j.~ m are In ood condition bsmt garage $110 SU 4-6163 SU ~- ' ' ' ' " I ' eaw--so e g ' One convenient Greenwood shop- rocker, $5. SU 4-6462. 50)(100. Only $6,250. Eves SU FHA appraised af $19,325. ts at WICIOW S r-lome no ro eves. . ' I ~~ 3-7396. beauty EvesSU 2-5081 I -- ' ~ 1 --~.~'" " 'I :. ~'~': ~-, :'~'- - -- pig, s/,% P'A .~-O/ly, ~u z-Jazz. 16510 24TH N.W. Upholstery recover- ; q~/',~'7 J~("~ KA~'~ J goTe Tn S oppOrTUmTy nOW. JUS~ CUU . ( =lr~(l~n~A/~(~l ~ ~./ It r', I. [4 RMS aduts any 1516 NW 80th I SUNSET HILL SWEEPING VIEW ing; opplcs TV and radio service, I ,; .ome,ke 10drm apt dr+s auto round oak tob,o asst gordon too. ~ + ~Jil~ + I ~ ~ - -- -- per I~ealT ~ m ;-- ]heat, handy to bus, shopping. New-! OU f g y o pany 9~ is ALL for the cleanest 2 $5 TO Y or any sewing machine ly decor adu ts $70 321S N W I cannot rt f IBr. home with basement--oil fur-; 3 Bedrooms 751+ 15+h Ave. N.W. +I-BDRM fenced, couple pref pet165th St .50 In vouepa~lrm e tsh~ ~ ~83]c, Setve~ 7330 15th N.W. - SU 4-2266 noce.and garage in the North .End. r-. m=~,~m~t ' SU 2-3737 laccepted, $70. SU 2-6989. B:AL~L~ARD~ Dau-~ ='-~*-~'-'~-~'-'~T--~~-~-~ IL~ ft. laY. Hanay to all snaps, .u, ~ua~ ~ + 11~ ~.+ ~~ ~ ~-- ~.~",J WAN/kUmb~RAI~ IKUN ANU M~/- stores & schools Owner will accept I LEVEL ENTRY--NEW KITCHEN ' =- ~.o,~.+ .-.uom ue/uxe name, ,m- 2-bdrm. Drapes, ~ COlorea app/cs. I ALS. JOE PAYS CASH AND PICKS "0" dn FHA f~rms Payments Ike PARTIAL (NOT SWEEPING) VIEW, rmacumtew clean.:~u4"4/~. Drive-in parking: V~.b/.k. ?us3~P, UP. SU3-2143. m m / e--~, =.~ I rent Call now SU 2-3030 ~ n ,L r,~. d,~l-t'~ I~ I OWNER forced to se before May shopping. 6530-2ATn N.W. ~u - I~~~ ~,^/ /% I VL U U --~, I~A=~,-. I ~: :~1 "+.ouu ~'+ou L~n ~15th Darling late style Green Lakel / /.~ & ,-~ 15125. z. ~KM cnalrs, CUCKOO CLOCK, ntopue rAcn i f'~v^lU~IF" UTC i ~ E u ^ ~CALL NOW TO SEE THIS i Green Lake and Cascade Mts. walk-r " Modern gas heat. Suitable woman' ESTINGHOUSE range, Lrosley ~=t~U LLj//I~L ~]t-I~/O /~ssume F I I r~ fr ood condton AT . / CHOICE NEW LISTING. HereIs ing distance to both Green Lake! mmed ate P~sq~% on and child or two adults. MA 2-6529.1 g, g,$50 each. $74 PER MONTH $13 500 T9OAY-- YOU CAN .MOVE--Near true value with 3 bedrooms all ~beach a.nd Woodland P.k.; 2 b.lkS, iTWO BEDROOM H(::)~ME"CLOSE TO;eves" J3:-5579. 2-bedr~m home In naIp~,~ "="~"A ~"~o"~ont ku* thi h"m- h~IUlymplc ~anor we nave a CUTe,I on one floor, a largeliving TO scnool ana ous; nas large plcTurelF:Vl=PyTl.llM~ IT IC~ lINl~C'~l=r~ I~~ISTEEL utility van trailer, $300, or clean 2 Br basement home Golden windows Hdwd firs thruout All / w ment ]cku SU 4 to 24th N.W. busline. Full price the laundry facilities on main;oak floor~s ~Blrch ~lt~h~j-~lor j room, formal dining, room & a ! ~ ~--~ "~n~ ~urtains /DRIVE BY AND INSPECT AT 4106 on 15 NW, busllne. W/w carpet ng l Use as do n pay p p. - ~ ~ =w new kltcnen Wlth gleamlng tor- = ,v~=, u.u~.~ " " " ' n room EMn n~J. Just $9,250 Det garage, fenced f oar ust o step from the kit- - 3rd N.W. SU 3-6153. and f repace n v g both with high tile--Air condltloned mica counters uallt birch Range & refrig, go. Has view patio . lot FHA terms Coil SU 2-3737 chen [penty of cupboards & & q Y - 4-0196 ]FRIG. elec. range, French Provln- " ' fireplace-- Detached garage. What fin shed'bedroom & boasts a new fer. refused. The right type of buy- P ~n ' " ' " " furnace--Double pJumblng~Franklin bin t Th basement has o 24x20 overlookmg lake. No teas. of- . . or eves SU 45567 Formco) 2 bedrooms wo to co es e CORNER 2 bdrms fr ce w/w clal dovenpart mlsc artcles SU 2 ~, . -, ,-^A woa carpeting, too. ASK to see more for only $12 950 Consider car --=- ---= - = h,~t ~h=n~ Ier can nearly make the r own Reall LOYAL Heights 2-bedrm. Needs re-I carpet drapes, c o I o r e d applcs. ~"~' ~I/,~UU this one today--Call SU 2"3737!or lot or what have'you for downl +~'Tu~u~'='=,-h~lJU'~u ~='~-'~h'Onn'lno"~ tEstate Contract terms No fnancngtdecorating--will make pointing al-]Adults. No pets. Refer. 6210 22nd BIRCH provincial 8-piece dining Crown H;ll--Whi~m~n or evee EM,~!069:, !payment? R ght now co SU 2- C'a"l'l' SU"~;~0"OOw"to"s~eY'~cl Inor closing costs. It's vacant, im- Iowance on $75 too. rent, See Don N.W. SU 3-3751 ' room set in good condition. Reason- "= { I-'JU~I ( I'-~UHI i3030 ~.^ ~, Jmedate possesson Phone Mss Haines, Agent, SU 3-7227; eves Li.I~V~-G~~ able, AT 3-oa27. I ~,1~ ~ - - "' - L, ose to Tnese two papular 7 e,-h o~= ~ "~ *,=.= ('~KI TI--I[~ I~l r';~'L/ ! r" r'~ I I ~" "r~/ ~ I~ I Martinson, SU 3-5443, !6-26 5 n w carpet, drapes, apples free heat, KITCHEN table, choll"s; elec. range, ro~m +'brick ~=" frame "ram~e~" This ham- absolutel" must bel rind L)u~Iex Macr'nerson s I~lTrS }{LJN~~om~h~l$~-$105. See apts at. 4259 & 4269 r efrlg rugs, lazy boy chair, miscel. Surl~rlsin~ room sizes "~=parale = |,f=ln=sn ,inrl~, nnd i~t,=~n|n~e i wooaea setting, rUSTIC KnOTTy pine ~llman Ave. A1 3-6/12, AT Z-O.~Zl. JTems. bU ,~-UOOI. " , laundry plenty storage~space sa~. Estate sale ,prope~y (It+, ~Lf'V'~ ~ i ~'~.~ree"nXwoo'~.~ve"~"~" ~]decor view. An unusual Interesting N-E-~-SeattTe---P~ffic~u~ ~E~RMAD-0-R~'Tb~n~~ ~U~Z /,To ~K~ve i~ w UTTerl~K~ I CALL ~IOW for appt SU 2-373"1 " U. I ,pOL J LJ 3Wrl ;4 DrlCK DrlCK prope~y: $125, Call Walker, Real- 'n spice and everything nice, I range; din. table, 6 chairs. EM 3- prl ,l~ I-~ ~/,y ~u. OUr P.IXU ~nl- Tors. bU Z'~/~I. . or eves SU 3-5643. VEST NOW. For oppt. call SUIBEAUTIFUL CONDITION, 2 eepa-, bU J-4 /UU ~ 13rl'~Dt~"~kAC 3-B- E--DRO-O~h~~ bd~rlm." can partially turn. AT2 ?~5-. ~ . . ~. . 7 ve ' E 1069 r n turn "T ~LLJI%VVIVI~ " ~.-,~.vv,v, ~, .v,~,~,~ ~ nun. HUUVI-R f~onsTellarlon uo vacuum 2-373or s M 3- . ate ew A/C aces. 5 rooms & ' hie ara e 9 t n d g g $ 0 a 6516 Jo es Ave w fta h 1 offer $+50 r" t6rooms Close to Woodland Park-- ~ FUR~ IrHED ' * " LARGE very nice bachelor, no /a c,31/2 yrs, od;,best '7 . DrD k,~F'~klTL.J %~I~I-EINWLJL)U I Basements--Garage--FHA Js s19 %/I L%A/I '" "~ N.W. ~,au walKer, Kealtors. 5u Z-steps on busline. Close oll ma or over $25 SU 3-5469, after S p m ~O'IU rLl% IVI~.JtNtl I ~1 -~ !o r A I " ~1 I r ~/t/ J WPII//II=K Brick Beauty l # Inside 3737. sho-"n" $6S Inc heat SU 28647 ,~ :~-'-~-:~-. -----~~ Just I'/~ blocks to bus and stores. IN. 8.~ro ~ I-relent ^ve. 0~0 ,and w here can you get o,home V I L all redecorated--shines llke new! F-ORNI-/SHE~he-d~d~- SU ~2'-41~ ~,~L. ,~amtn,TKeas; on~saln'. =:x- me r ~. The home S ust off GreenwoodThe homehas three bedrooms " ."~'. v ~ :~ All the "PLUS" features of your house Flrep fu bsmt Nr schoo" ---'~.-:::'.~-,-~~-:;.'-~-- . ~v ~-~ - Ave Pr~ 1~*~~) Ph nn~ A == M ~ nn mPI n ~n, I)lal,~, sucn terms--LOOKS liKe new--we I.--If ~l "DREAM HaP'A= " ~A~ Nook +~t~ - " " ': :. .' zw.~ ~.w. a~n -- =~u,uu ,um~ u~- 30-30 SAVAGE bolt action cllpl0od, FU~" Dl~fc~'~ n'"i't~'=~ ~'~,~1~,~',~ ~.~ ~'~n~''()'W~.V'ln "N~w"r~l ~,'~ have the keys, I I%. J/ Dlnin- room r'"C'-~ 4 'b~'drooms" (D; ous. NIce nelgnDornooa; All apP,- luxe 2-bdrm apt F rep,w/w car- shells strop E=' kit SU 3-7364. & modern Inside--lust right for -- Must have Immediate sale /llqT /I TPI I Garage & full dry basement. (E) ~qb~h-uE ~ I/~ -~ Peflng'$f2~ape~eSsudi~-~gw7%sher' UIs- O+-~'h~r-$10;- ~cel~~ /'~ /'~ /~ i<,ealT IrICvv '-" ~" Fir a -a p ,-ge,rooo newlyweds. Big flat level yard. Offered price $12,950. Investlgofe . . . y . ' --'-"'" epl ce. (F) Park-like yard, etc " " ' ' ' SU 3-5244. 3215 N.W. 65th. orBestevesFHAsuterms.4-$567. Call SU 2-3737 suNOW--colI3.5(~I3. SU 2-3737 or eves SU 2-3030 7733V -24th N W North Beach !~h:~;p~n ''c~dow;~'~:S~: :or ndrSUo2::[dTrHn~LLr~e:R hRne~dA:E~f~r~ ~etA,~pNeUrtT. cdoinl~gs~bl'%3~6chaIrs'bloT" Deluxe Birch Kitchen, IV~ bedrms Member North End Brokers Association SALESMEN WANTED Residential- Commercial MAGNOLIA OFFICE LAURELHURST DOWNTOWN UNLIMITED ADVERTISING PHONE MA. 2-6550 FOR APPOINTMENT NICHOLAS SCHMITT, JR. (SEE AD BELOW) "+x+mtitJe +itHtt " MAGNOLIA CARLETON PARK CLOSE TO VILLAGE South of Village white brick Cape 6 on I red brick. Beautiful gar- Cod 3 Bdrms. fl on main) triple den with covered patio & BBQ. small lot. Contract terms. $15,250--F.H.A. 4 BEDROOMS 802-N.W. 70th--Afi large rooms, fire- place, separate dining room, full bsmf on bus line. 4 top quality appliances, cheap! $11'500 2 BEDROOMS--FULL BSMT. 8715--18th N.W.--Thousands of dol- lars spent In remodelling. Stunning, birch kitchen, all new both. $82.24 per month F.H.A. $t5,100 2-YR.-OLD BEAUTY 9027-1st N.W.--Real sharp, 2 bed- rooms, off. garage, B. I, Range & oven. Fine garden soil. !Joe Fowler, Realjror 8026 15th N.W. SU 2-5800 After 5: SU. 2-5350 or SU. 4-6676 Dear Dad New on the Marker! Offered at the fabulOus figure of only $16,500! Wow--see this first, and you'll look no further! Unusual, artistic home with 2 bdrms, plus den. This home features beautiful paneling, 11/2 baths, cozy fireplace, carefree kitchen w/B-nook, sop. din- ing room. No steps, lovely land- scaped VIEW lot! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry (and we're not lust "bork- Ing")--this won't lost! DON HAINES, Realfors 801S-15th N.W. SU 3-7227 SU 2-1230, LI 6-2675, SU 3-4025 You can relax when you're covered by possible cos+. GEORGE W. JOHNSON 7026 15th Ave. N.W. SU 2-5900 OWNER -- 2 bdrm solid roman brick. Plastered, hdwd. floors, cera- mic tile kitchen and bath. Large kitchen w/eating space. Full bsmt. with finished rec. rm. 1509 NW 96th. SU 4-5456. BALLARD--By owner. 8 rooms for large family or up and down duplex. Double plumbing. Income $165 monthly. Garage, full belt. $14,500. SU 3-0430. SUNSET HILL, $12,750 -- 5 rooms, clean, w/w carpet, drapes, range, auto. oil heat, V~ belt. Webster i dist. 6715-32nd N.W. SU 4-2808 for appt. OWNER, rambler on fenced, dble. l ~es,~e?:;e?dfo'/r++~dr~On th rond theirtea'- parents. $16,950. LI 6-2848~ 1 & 2NEWbedrooms.6 UNBo~comes.ITS : N.W. 64th. SU 4-4202. BYm e? W,~?ROf ~s' bEsXmC~l. I e ~;r e41. bdNrsamr WEST WOODLAND -- 3obedroom home; full basement $130. Blue Ridge Realty. SU 3-4414. 2-BEDRM. house -- $60. 4 bdrms Sunset Hill, $125. 2-8230. OLDER 3-bedroom home Ballard area. Close bus. SU 4-5258. BALLARD---Older, 2 upstairs bdrms. $65 to responsible parties. VA 2-8571. SMALL 1-bdrm. 514 N. 84th. $65. SU 4-5348. BALLARD. Small 2 bdrm redec range, water. $70. SU 2-5043 eves. *oooooooooooooooeooo CL EANUNFURN'bochelorHOUSESsxs.FORclosaRENTbus, 4455o. SU 2-8610. oooooooooeoooeoooooe UNFUR. DUPLEXES FOR RENT 48 DELUXE 3-BEDRM. 3003. 3038 NW Market. VIEW deck, 1 bdrm 6200-14th N.W. ~;, b~s,2.q2u/;+t, $9S, adults. SU 3- BALLARD deluxe corner 1-bdrm. single lady. Nr. bus, shopplng. 2216 N.W. 60th eves. SPACIOUS 1-bdrm applcs carport. Many closets; close bus, shops, $85. SU 3-0141. dudesNEWLYheatredeC'and 2"bdrm'garage, $89.50.vIew' I~1i furnish. 3839 Evanston N. TU S-2890. in newer brick semi-plex 67th & 15th NW. LA 2-8676, LA 4-4971 after 4:30 ~cleaRn?O~MoS.p'm' andAduits.bath'EA range'5.6824" ref"4019 3rd N.W. BALLARD'S finest. 1-bdrm, carpets, drapes, closets galore. June 1. 1419 N.W. 61st. SU 3-8076. DELUXE 2-bdrm. apt. Drapes, car- BLoDpeGs. l' ecb?th ,eaw(w cCoOl P;e t- sst e2. 73oppreclote. 2411 ;r,e J.cha L E2. .:; ?erafor. rose CHRYSANTHEMUMS, exhibition va- rieties, 3/1.00 after 4 p.m. SU 3-2958. ELECTRIC range $70, deluxe dish- washer $]30. SU 2-3802. ~oSn PL[uMOU~H;Ofp;p% p.m.belge sec- w~?rLOVE,LY2Pr~r~.2!~,4r~.oh slze 10, TAPPAN Gas Range, excel, cont $100. SU 3-9799. DUNLAP table saw with V~ h.p. mo- tor $$0. SU 2-9282. ESTATE sale of furniture and mlsc. 1419 N.W. 65th. SU 2-5407. KENMORE elec. range, 4 burner d'~ luxe model, $95. SU 2-7194. ' GAS rotarY Sears mower, 11/2 years old, $25. SU 3-0297. HOTPOINT range, apt. size, sllg~- ly used. SU 2-6573 Sunday only. 21-INCH Admiral table model :1"~, $39. SU 4-6512. BIRCH dining table and chairs, sac- ,%:79,",;s plmbg. Step out from Din. Rm. Nicely decorated, carpeted & Every Day t~arP~ft~.fen~tl~ardve~'w.L t~, sf ~r~c/~ed'redMucaeh~gofnoYr ~?cCl~ R~e Can Be Mofher's Day r Datum ler AT 2 3684 in this lovely NEW 3 10drm 2 bath Botchelder AT 2 3656 M s e ' " ' ' " full belt. home, near 'GOLDEN GARDENS MOM wlll be so proud " ZtrugJUe~jbjn~ II~Xt' lltib8 ][Jbjtl~" of the beautiful w/wall carpets and ,draperies, and the 2 finished levels lot SPACIOUS-- DE LUXE -- living. HUMP UI- /i-tP WI-I::K JShe will be In full command of the ,built-in G.E. kitchen. Level Iond- .B.RIARCLIFF SWEEPING, VIEW--Cascades; Mt. Bo.ker Mt. .Ra!nler & scoped yard--nothing to do--lust HarDer. L.ozy v earl rsa OrlCK rambler--leVel, small lOT. Uayllgnt Kec, move in and watch the ships go by Rm. opens to batio. Bath down. Mrs. Zachary AT. 3-0239 Just $24 950 " "exst.tme [mir " ' O R ~niCteV%Yotofter ct~s~13gb123m,00~ r~ ~i~;gneg' rb~SchP/U~s" g o7~o.ge. Close A!~r?:CTplV~.' 3!~&3p?+ s2"b~d~r~' 6f~Ptp~: W No+ % 3-0502. )OOOOOOO~)OOOOOOOOOee WANTED--MISCELLANEOUS 90 ture, old dolls, Haviland, old dishes, oriental rugs, music boxes. LA 5- 6932. Small uprights, spinets. LA 3-0502, oooooooooooooooooeoql APPLIANCES--REPAIR 9S JENSEN'S APPLIANCE SERVI-~- Prompt Efficient Service Washers, dryers, refHgs ranges. Kenmore, Whldpaol, Norge 'CONTEMPORARY CARLETON PARK IfmentY UondandyouMOMwouldareenloynsarLUXURyreflre" EM2.6008westlnghOuse' flfi~2H 2fP(~lntw Slate entry hall, 4 bdrms. Dbl. Sweeping Sound, Mountain & Har- LIVING on a budget, see this )ooooeeooooooooooooO plmbg. Paneled family rm kltch- bar view. Gracious family home, NEWER RAMBLER, situated on TV & RADIO REPAIR 99 en BBQ. New carpeting, Sliding 4 bdrms. Large kitchen-separate 180 INSPIRING, EXPANSIVE, UN- gloss door fo enclosed private breakfast room, den. Leve ap- OBSTRUCTED S O U N D &MT ~bL-~.V.~ yard. Well landscaped level COro proach to professional y and- VIEW lot--Only $15,950, Call " Work Guaranteed, rsas. SU 2-8259 scaped garden. 2 car garage. CEATT E IIF%kAECklF" ner, close to Brlorcfiff. Owner Will carry contract. Miss Botch- ~E/-~/1L[- I I%,JIVIL~.) I1~(% transferred. Tremendous buy at COMPLETE elder AT 2-3656 q $27,5~. Mrs. Davies EM. 2-621t ' 7309 AURORA N. su 3- 3 or su 3-3 4 eves II TV & APPLIANCE SPECTACULAR VIEW NEW HOMES $ yr old Rambler. Beautiful mad- let 3 In new area, Quality con- Oversize L REPAIRS I ern kitchen with built-ins, dlsh- LA, RGE--room, cooking facfilties, re- SERVICE ALL MAKES washer and disposal. 2 harms, strucflon. 4 bdrm$ 3 baths. De- JUST LISTED ]mentory and r. high schools. SU153,950 LEVEL wooded lot near C?sZYA?u~S, nCloea:e~s2sbuedr.~4p)~4: close 25th N.W. moln floor, Nicely finished bdrm. Iuxe kitchens wfth built-ins. Full 4 BEDROOMS, formal stze dining J2.2021 MU 2-5070 SH 7-1347 Woodld. Park, only $+00 dn. or con- ' ~' " . and rec. rm. daylight lower level, basement with rec. rm. VIEW. room, large living room with flre.l~=.~.=-/~v~'~'. ~ :---~.T -.-T-Jslder some trade SU 4-6600 CROWN i--OV -ER--T-bdr-~-./-0p~)]ian~'~-frpc, trig everything furnished. Employ- r Un er 30M Mrs UWNI=K movlng--~acrlrlce sana ola- ' furnace ard SIJ 2 5968 U R. P CTURE TUBES $18.95 Area com~'rable homes.Mrs, 2 car ga age. d place, full belt. Close to bus, shop-I~ = e~onP~ ~ b~bm= u, RLTY Y . ed man SU 2-3911 G A I 1 m HUm= ~ .eoooooooooooooooooo Davies EM. 2-62 1 p ng & schools. All this In the ever- ' "~ ~--~n ~ ~-~-r 2 3 RM Du~" ex $40 each Farrar INSTALLED FOR $7.50 Dommeier, AT 2-3684. popular Vlewlands Dlstrlct. Call Id!n/rig rn~"s~oK~r~iZerl~r~ir.r.ec.- 2 ,ml V~L./%r',II LUI Realty" SU '2-.9242' ~,LI:I'PI.U KUUIIrI~ 3a IV K=I~/AL:) ~O MU. i W/UU/ U I# r fuuiii iii 19111 i~l W now Just $16 225 P H A appraised I Good Iocctlon 7732 SU RAMBLER CARLETON PARK bsmt. Large beaufiful landscaped! " " ' ~-~RM~ PRINCESS HOTEL Level approach, 2bdrm 11 yr. t mil t Colonial r~ I " !yard w/lanai In back. Close tol~ ~-z ---=~-.-~.--~-n-T~- bus & shopping, $65, SU 4-7703, Clean worm sleeping rooms. Day,I~JJ 4-417R Execulve. Fa .Y Y.I~, .~, =" .-(v,~-, --~ -.~/,~,t,m iUniverslty and Orthopedic. Call own-ILEVEL LUl--/>XlUU,~, .~,~, ~:w. $7,~-~lT~om~e" week or month. Reasonable rates./ old, Dahl built, Stone & Cedar Large. emronce nau. L!V urn. ~ I.)/Ua tJV ~::;W l er LA 5-6065 or drive by 5S59 30th191st, partial view, $79uu. ou ~-3~15, cleon ant applcs SU 2"0866 ' - ' Available In annex, bachelor apt. withI Rambler, Grocto~ entrance ha|l, nreaKTOSr rooms orlenTeo TO ' =A=,AaJA========OOOOOOOOt ~'' ' " " bath. 5443V~ Ballard N.W. SU4-2914.t CHR ST THE K NG NE ~ ooooooooooooooooooo separate dining room, breakfast sweuplng view of+Sound & Otym- : 1,!- . pies 4 bdrms rlple plumbing ~ i ~WILL BUY YOUR EQUITY areo overlooking nicely land- :,I+,950 i READ AND USE IFURN, APTS FOR RENT 52 ~E-Z~T~L,-7-~I k/fADR(%KI TV 2, Ave. Deluxe rooms by the day. .v,~u,jvl-~ /v u~ Western exposure, large level lot 40scopedff. rec.encloSedrm. &g~rdenplumblng& perle.down, adoptable swimming pool, 2 car { ~ ~.edra.?l~s k~U~enl u Ne~ShyurnC~cejnfinl er AND HANDLErUI~ ~+nALLDETAILS l RAIl ARh I B.EAUTIFUL ha~he,or opt. upper d.u- Wenk y, mo ~hly rates $10. week up .! ELECTRONIC REPAIR New hand-split shake roof. Choice garage Price reduced. Mrs l Ulr~ fo all r~ooms 'Attached garage Fast, Efficient Service i ~i,~,e~.w ~ plex, Ige. IIV. & aln. rms. KITCn. NEWLY furnished room. Prefer Years of experience In advanced Zachar, AT 3-0239 ~ Level p ~,=u lot, 60x130 " Fenced yard We Buy Contracts and Mortgages ~ L~==U~' 'F~nlikll= i W th eating space lots at storage. ~adY3.6 Nr. bus. References. Eves. SU electronic fields. 24 - hour service area. Mrs. Reed AT. 2-0463 . I SECURITY SAVESCO INST NC. i NJ=W~ Ifil0Urtl: [Heat & Hot water incl, .Sullable 2 ~ : Sunday thru Friday. 4 ~' j I 1700 N.W Marke, SU 3-6153 adults; garage available, lecse on'y- INCLUDES cooking facilities, dose Ballard $30 ME 3-4264 after 4 p m 414e +ulymp,c Properf,es, Inc. I--$-~-0--D-~.--~-~-~-F--! IMAIMI'r !$80. 1318 N.W. 80. Service Call $3.50 ~. IDJll- ,i I ~.~3U ,-- %Jr~lN o i 1 I1 : BALLARD BR CK "U Z 00~4 ~f v~ [ L~,~ ") ~ ".~['~['~ OWNER will sacrifice SPACIOUS 3 Lovely--Newly turn. & redec. 1- I l A; ee l " //V~ L-'{},}~,]~J BDRM. family home with 2 baths & :bdrm. In 7-plex, hdwd. floors, drap- ROOM & B0.~D 60 " Downtown Mann~lia full belt. Owner In hasp must :erles, Ional; only $87.50. 6714-15fh L-'~-G--E--~ '~-~'+E,^, OPEN EVENINGS sell this week, $14,950. 5U 4-6600, ]N,W. SU 3-9521; LA 4-4971 after 4:30 lunches packed, laundry facilities, Retired USAF Service Man. 2-~)$50 ^/. ,3-,1OU~' RLTY 7525 Aurora Ave. 1 $75 too gentleman. SU 3-2591. SU 2-7705 PR 6-2648 anytime. |g8 m, I