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May 27, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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May 27, 1963

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6 The BALLARD NEWS TRIBUgt Wednesdmt, Mint 27, 1963 I ] - ' ' r rl a ' 1 Commencement fChurch School Donana Ole's Cash And Carry [,I, e ,UI 151U $ /411131I Speaker IDA--'--. /. --- O FORT TV Shop ls Now Open I !"O I . - o NC) Spec Ole Olson born and raised in ' /0 Address klUB ~ W e ] ~er the Lake City, area and recently i " * s ut t . I vacation Lnurcn ~cnool Will. he' ~,~a,u .~,~h,~r h - Mr. Anton l~usaK, ot r~u aK t. . ~ hem at Northwest Christian,7 ,owner eta wnmesam s~opnear] i l~~ Gass Works will present the ~ Churcl lathmW andmW 75th er, llveat , J iI- tJreenw a'Martha/ l,naSWashingtons pene ule S,ll lGladys"" g r t s " K wnl" cover' "n g,' ' " Loraine T Bratvolo," ; ." " ' 'i recently. . .co] ~oo. o, 9,I m I i special feature at the Seattle ~ from June 8-19 inclusive 9:30, ' e .~o, :::? .~ ~ C:L".P! ~~~ ll~. q] Christian Women's C ub on Tues- ~ ' o 11'30 a m C asses are offered ima]menan~. Ibm P~W tie announces mar nls ~:~ ~;:: : ,~ ' k at ' " " " Aviation ot ' [: :~,~ 1.~ :. day June 2 at 12:15 ocloc i 1::~ ~ [to chidren of kindergarten age[ . seep flours Will oe irom ~ a.m. : " ~: :~;~;;~ " ~ ' . - [Ala ,o ,~ h ~, ho,t[ :"~'~~ l~ i the Hotel Edmond Meany. i:{~=- ,i~ through the sixth grade. Reg,s-L . - ~ v '.'~ "'Y u~~l ;: ::: : Kusak Ct~t Glass Works was l~~ tratiol fee is I00 her child or Specialist there by coming in or phoning : i~ ' I $' ~ ' l" ma ~,r ~o0~ His 2ahour nhone[ ~'~~i [ founded fifty years ago by the,~~!i l$2.00 per family. The session wfll,ln the o numk"--r~']'PR 8 7512- e I i~~ 1 1 late Anton Kusak who receivedI ~~:ii~ luse as its theme, "Jesus, the lengine oDs, ~;-- J,~ :. ~ . ] :!! llllllll/Ti~ / his training in this delicate artl ~: :~iW ITeacher" The offering project airplanes. ole anct his wile, Deanna, nave . :, . ,1 four boys One is 3 one is 2 ilN1 1 iunder.F rank Zahradmk ~n Czech-i ~~:~ : I Operation Peep-Peep, wlll helpj~ and tha t~'inx are I ~;oar nld lnl llI~/~.~--~[~ 1 ioslovaKla, men Austria-tlungary./ ~j.:~ Isend day-old chicks to Mexico. I 1/A :"few'-weeks-the-dlsons-;re'ex:i ll i Mr. Kusak feels his father was '~ ~r. ~: S aft for the School includes: I h/t pectinganother Ole has ordered [[[~~l l !h~kfInestartlStmr~he~lw~rlldwiHS ~ Mrs. Barbara Murray, Sppt:,I o:allt, o r so he can start trainin- a! ~~~ / ita y /~ [Mrs. Asst. ;I "~".%L2 iill I~asl~etballteam earl, butDeannaI r~l ~:: ~ I [design and mechanics. He.will ~ ::~ ~ [Supt. Junior Dept. leaders areiI L--:- ~' ~ ~ I tlll~l~ l Ishow samples of stone wheel en-i~ / IMrs Marv Colfelt Mrs Louise!l mar~u, I/linKS l[ S aoou[ time sne flas a} Ill . ~ a,; girl to help with the household] ~ ~ [graving and eopper wheel en-[~ [Cobb and Mrs .Marjorle flarvle, i l ~ Dale . I ~ ,~. r gravmg. I " l In the ~'rimary Erupt, the miners ,I . -~ th Jennm s tynden sranu chores. -- I ~ " "---- / The speaker of the afternoon CARRIE IRELAND will be Mrs. Ca ' , II irlidPnl'llll ~avm~ h YM Outm lub ma be cam al n should call U 2 2600, ganld Dlnln~l r Y -' ---. . '[ ~ ~ i will be Miss Mary E; C~rk, ,Na- IMrs. Karen Myers and Marilynl [ TYU-I:~E~r 11"1121"['1"O ~TTI'Ilff Tll~'rffll ~ ~ ~: [tional unairman ot LnristianI n, ,na,u na,~ /Sham; in the Kindergarten, Mrs, il ROA~I I ld4& &&ldk Id 1& II ~ ~ }[ [Women's Clubs of America and[ -.v /Lois'Simms and Mrs~ Ruth Dur-[I I ~,~~;~ I1 ~.: ~.~.~ ~ IVice-Chairman of Christian Bnsi-In Carrie Ireland, daughter of Mr.[bin will have charge. II ~rtSE !~ ~,~ K 3[$1t ~$ ~i~ ~ ~ I~s~ and professional Wom,e?ig and Mrs. Millard Ireland of 87091 Children may he pre-registeredi] TURK[Yf~I ' i~ iid~'~--~tbA ~A~ II ~| ~ /Lluo.s or .america. lv tustc wu[ oeiForest Hill P1 NW has received/ r may register upon attending. I -"- I 'lf I II /provlded by Mr. Bill Harness, ' ' I For further information call Mrs I PORK | :: '~:~i~<~ :~:: :: tenor theBausch & Lomo ~cience,* ~ ~.~ ~.6~X-"" :. :ri::/,:;-~;!!!~i~::: : :::::!: : :::,: : : :: - . Murray at SU 3-2549, Mrs. Brat- 5Tii&K I~~" I ~:~ Ii .:i:iiii *;~;/ Nursery service ,S provided at Award and Nat,onal Council Oflvold, SU 2-6884, or the church IsT'dE '"'~ I I-r~n u, ,iow I[ - [the University Presbyterian/eacners ot ~ngllsn ~ward. Ioffice, SU 4-4690 ]l ~ll I Floral Arranqementt I MIx eaual parts of imagination, enthusiasm, zest, Interest ana me Dellel mat nap- [Church Make reservatiOn~ by! Carrie will be one ot the Com-I I BALLAIIDI~,~ - " ' " " '~ k r Bal ~ / --.--------- /r .wer no t ~n r,nn I nlness and beauty are worth working for; remove rubbmh that made the area calling Mrs R S Messlngale mencement sped e s. at the -I ~,o~;d,nt~ of France ndil It I "Z2 It took as if it were a small-caliber city dump; add sweat required to dig 2ut stump !EM 4-1014. [ rd commencfment exerncises;[ mo're~'t~an- $40" mi-lii ,n--angualiy II" su. i, --'""-- " eed' IOlO in snruos ilowers anti ~ one patt,L,gtat~'u t.~ .*a . " : and blackberry bushes; sprinkle lightly with rass s [ olbr fishin equHxment. I~: [ MEmORIAl DAYRtMt,eRANCt [ trees; decorate with tasty dressing of benches, chairs, bird baths, flower pots It.EL u J. dad, ] ri dge'c ub%'t B"H'S 'ha b n"inI -' -- ,and urns. Garnish with rose arbor and flowers to suit, Result. One of Seattle s I cH 'un . .tuin Le iSlature; participarea'" " ' nil Or' ~t I: we our Own 11 shownlace ---the "urban renewal" project of Gladys Marttnson, Greenwood Ave- I}a al||.i f'^ i#t.a Ski Schogol and bowling She isll Gillie THEATRE SCHOOI- r her'llV l illlll l lilllllill l q " ' ' II I : NURSERY STOCK I[ nue Realtor, who believes that customers liketotalk business tn something ot [ ~ lalso the music hbrarmn at herll g !1 IUI IUI O [ g $ I I Rhododendrons -- A= *s II than a four-walled room. French doors open out onto this unusual "patio," and [church. /I " " '" Iv" " a " " "-- , :~ ~:G ~;. ~xi~'~. ' " M- a W-shin-t ; when weather permits buyers and sellers sit m these gorgeous surroundings to Carr,e plans to major in bio-]l Ch,ldren & Adulft . I I[ "talk shoo" Otherwise, they may look out over the grounds as they sit snugly l i]}iiil I chemistry at the University of/1 LA 2-2454 {or nformafion ,ti ': It-* :::::::::::::::::::::::::: " ~ I Geraniums I Inside. From now until fall, with an ever-changing scene of flowers and shrubs, Oregon. tll iit visitors are Invited to come wew this lovely miniature park--whether interested ::::i [ lHHlmlllll li'llll#lllilll ll 7rllH- ] t, I w. Can Fill l[ r-s- i- "72"- " reenwood Ave Insert-icture is ,::i+: / llllllililllillllllllllllllilillllllllllllllllllA ~IIIIIIIlllID , I I ''' -' ' ' ' '" " " YOUR EVERY ,tlDEN NEED Y g " " hi " " rban renewal" ro'ect YOUR EYE2GARDEN NEED Of Martmeon, Chief Arc tect of this u p j . ] -- u Id | --Vhoto by Ken Johnson ' I1 I !11 m m iltr ilrana I " 'Seabee Reservts s do n n wr r A, o o, F O.ES. No 209 | I I si.o. 88s II Queen Anne Chapter ^. I I :i O.E.S. will meet June 2nd s p.m. : ~ Queen Anne MasoniclMarines - - Tem orarnlv m [ $1 / I Berkii t I ~iw' .~e'r/t'~V'lVCa~ e/rJ IlTemnle Those with birthdays in[ II /llmm: / / 1 [] III [] i" g~i " " " Rockerl keun '111 I~-=-- ~ O,LOW~-- IlJuneandJulywfllb~rec gmzed"I 'Watch your step, buddy !loess, these Reservists are tra,n-t~~b~~ I r m ~ [] H 5 o 's ,r~, I ~ I ~ -,~ L ~ t in- side by side with their Ma-i ~ .:li~ IW 1 1 ~ I I I 1 ;L aP- I 9701 15th Av. NW SU 2-2544 I .trial s me watcnworu zur ISUIII~ e~ J - . / ! ~ " ren kind of criticism rme Corps hosts learning de~en- PE~ [ It ~s a bar . 50 Seattle area Naval Reservists I '* [,hich tells you what a thing asl sive tactics such as living ,n the/ ii : --AT-- . I FOR YOUR CON |NI|NCE |! " ~ tgomg mrougn their annual aCnvelfield ni h~ ~o,e,~e,t~ q'qd for i ~ ~, u~-,--- F I |not.--Rufus W. Griswold s '" ~ . " r0 duty for training. The men, all tlfications Hemolition of mmes/~ D;n;n~ Room B d,d ,- 'members of Seattle Naval Re ' " KON ERIKSSON II'E Ir.'~, ---~- I "land booby traps and weapons[ Ill ll ll IF ,9 C /se II/IPIPI IIIIPIPII llll~trlll ~!ii,:.~ iserve Construction Battalion DI- training and familiarization / 1 r r l1 m' It" ] VVI )! VVllg)l! VVlt$3111 Ivisions 13,-1 and, [3-]1, form ,the Ballard area men who are tak-/ Ken Erl~?son, pa!lara ~n~ur- [ [] [] / i qPL ---, dllri ff;i~. -~i?j Inucleus ot r~aval ~eserve lvtooiielin. ""r* ;" a 1. e e : l/ance executwe and cwm reader, l ! 1 . 11 1 l/ .~ 1 lnflml . Showma Frldav--10 a.m. o,~I~'~~ IConstrudion Battalion 18 which[ n~ p ; r~, KrW[has been appointed chairman of / i i 1 Ill i ,00,~ " " ,~ " ~111~~~-'3~7 !is made up of ReservistslbOtl~""~:.~'V ," i~o'g(e'r-~'71~" 3.~(lalthe Rosellini for Governor co.m B dr m'Dinln :id!| [ z p.m. ~'~!~' throughout the Thirteenth Naval NW and M J Kazerman 1537!mittee in the 44th LegMatlve af O/sens ~ i - no h Ed ' " I t T re un District b Stun Dog Repealed by Pop.Mr Demand iDistnc. "hey a dergol.ng NW 65th Heeler and Kazerman Y- - - '- sometahtn'- brand NEW - "-~ . meir ruggeu training as "guests' [are members of Naval Reserve weston and JOa LUX, co-cnalr- ~, ~ I-- Fl~l~l Our Special ~$0 k ~ ~ ~0f the Marine Corps Second In-[Construction Battalion Division]men of the Governor's re-election /ample ',; ermQnel~' f~r ~ ~N.Wj/~ i fantr Trainin Re iment at[13 1 while Sweeney is attached!c mmittee' o . . ,m-i P g Cam~ Pendleto~, California. to Division 13-11 Both un ts meet Other officers are: Ted Shew, in not Just achair P ~ I They won't be guests very lon$. at the Naval /~e~erve Training land .Bill Schiessl, Vice.chairmen; ~/ ~ "- | I Martin L neh, Manager Glen ~ , llll UIDI~AqI'/%D CPA/D u& SAGE iIn pursuit of their overall aim of~Center on Lake Union They willi Y ; ~~ ~ ~llil| VlDSA/V5 d'~o,lP'tamn Fish treasurer, and ,Tune Lusk i / I[ml~ll~l~ Icomplete mobilization readi-[return home Sunday, May 31. [ ' '" ' ~lmlmllP~e~ Lee S t. r O SET Secretary :~i;~ !: IllLL WITH EACH SHAMPO I, m -- ] ~,qlt ^. It~! l~n,Mltnt', re - ~~ : : :~1~ In Woo and N ,a~] tJune q uig nay :rammer ir|ps . ord'"of~'i'e,ad'ers~aip'"as'""'impres. : = .[ at O/se.'s 'r -- -- ~E--,-- O--il----J La -- ~ The Sound-Vmw YMCA ~Slsive" declarin': that "it reflects ~ a,~ Marl(It1' r~r Ogllgrg iI~llglrll,$ [ ~m~ t, ,~,q "/317 NW } /plannin~t a new program of trl~ ] ; iloso " nn 401 'iq O~ /~,O~~J~ 24-Haur Fheno Ser~l,o I June4isa significant da3~ for[hiking, and social activities ~oria~, er~o~'gnmt~:ran,e~e::~]'l; Prespon: . .: ~- -Irlr---- ~11 #I.=~R~) iMr. Talmage F. Elweil Char- / junior high boys and girls thisie:L ,- -: , N ~[~O 1 "l[V$1 - I " . SIDI f~ gUV~IIlIIlt~Ilt I-1 1 ~'.IL la IAlllqlAU :~ D|AUTY SALe Itered Life Underwriter 5023 2nd summer The program will be: IdaploDlnl t r#l i '," in me mstory ox me ,ati:tte ut ~ af OIse/I s ," Ave. N,W for that day marks known as the YMCA Outing Clubi ; ,~;vh, f;,~ ,~r~,f continuous i u,;th mame~hs~P.h;r~ e~us. ta I ~,e 1 WaSh]HI'tun' ~ , [ ~'"" '~""'~" tl f r h ";" v v . "Y "During the past eight years, ~i~, i ~ !representation in Seat e o t e and girls who are now m juniOr n - it Aii'aL'dlilld ~ iTravelers Insurance Companies. high schools in the Ballard, ~ :~;ge~ln(~(~mn': ~t~?a~: . w ~II~M~J~ ~IPT~,In addition to completing thirty- Queen Anne, and Magnolia areas ,- . ~ ~'~mo?~l~I ll[:~ I V I ~ 1 V ,~- [ five years in the insurance busi- The nroeram will include dav [ no~q-tne-une operauon mL O ,~ l[~ll~~~'~:.-~'~ -,~ ~1,'| Ir~ i ~ . ~. .o "lleaoin member oI me nation s :: u, v, I ness, Mr. Elwell also completes,trxps, picnics, dances, and socmlsl g " ' "-"'-s-n ~:U [ thirty years as organtst and choir i as well as three to five day Ic mmumty oz atat~ ~rm~ u ~~~L* :, - ' declare~ FOR THE GRAD director .in leading. Seattle i camping trip~ scattered through- " ~ i.a e : !churches, having missed only one out the summer, r Any permon wno wtsnes to neap mm~ ~: .~~ II~'~/ I~=,--i &LA ~'~pA Sunday of the regular church Information on membership in[in the Governor's re electmn I~lll~~~~ c.dsr ch.~ '~I ear during all that time. He as the CA " " C y P 'g " " Y . I :: 's I# served man ears on the music obtained from C~et Bartlett at Eriksson ttated. ~,~t He Knows faculties ofYsYeattle Pacific Col-th:artSeOUnd-V~ B~n~ oH:ad- "~e~v~h:oet,se ~w~ilslingoha~d'r ~ w- //i lege and Seattle University as "n- q S t . by y ~ I~ m ~u I~ "'="l~i ~ structor in organ [phoning AT 3-9622 tone morel he pointed out. ~~ ~n~ '" In open Tn s wee cena * " - SWEATERS ili LY.nc. : i ,ll~l~ ~ ~:.+iiiii~i:iii~ ~}~: ;~:+i~::::: ~i : : : i l i!ii::!iiiiiiii! ,o oomfortablo Sum[ ~. ' ~ e Studlo Con ' so nuinelv stylish ,f OUo. you'd never believe it,/ Sly Roto Rock n In JL~ ~ q . SO -- and Funeral Home will open for tuary under pleasant condi- art work and wood paneling pro-, "g, ty,y w ~ "~~J} I j~ im public inspection this Saturday tions," Adams said, "and we vide accent, idea of the surpris cradle rocker by Paolll .~ ~.mou. " and Sunday (Memorial Day week- urge local residents to attend The spacious chapel accom- Polv~oom cushion and back wlde selectlon of ot O/s= ~ end); The new building is situ- because such an opportunity modates 150 persons and is colors and fabric Finest -ualit- -ou demand i- ated directl on the remises of ma never asain present it. suitable for beth funerals and q y y n Uau~t/I Y . P * il5 wlq JACKETS SPORT Acacia Memortal Park locatedsel~.' weddings, Mr Adams sam your hem 1 Pocific Trail ond on Bothell Wayjust north of Acacia Memorial Chapel ad- Spacious off-street courtesy Solld Msp M~Gre~lor SHIRTS iLake City. The public is cordial- joins Acacia Memorial Park's of- parking is provided on the af Olsen ' flee building and contains ap-grounds adjacent to the mortu- Choose from McGregor, Shaploy, lancer, Kenningmn FASHION- CRAFT TIES 1.50 o~1 2.S0 Choose Toiletries from English, Russian, Italian er Scotch Grain Leather. BOYS' & MEN'S SHOP 4536 University Way N.E. Open Thursdl~y Night 451 Ilallard Ave. N.W. Open Fridary Night ly invited to attend the opening. Stuart N. Adams, president of Adams Forkner Funeral Home, 4214 University Way NE, the firm managing the new mortuary, said staff members will be on hand to conduct visitors through the building. They will point out its various features and a n s w e r questions about modern funeral service. "This will be an ideal op portunity for everyone in the proximately 12,000 square feet of floor space. The outside walls are of Wilkeson sandstone in random latterns and panels of clear and colored glass in aluminum sash. The roof is low pitched and cov- ered with crushed red stone. Chapel Holds 150 The chapel in the new mor- tuary is entered through a foyer and through a narthex walled with clear and tinted glass. Stone aW.ry" A. Millington, president of Acacia Memorial Park, stated that the new facility has been leased to the Adams Forkner Fu- neral Company and will be under the management of Ian Morri- SOIl. The present Adams Forkner Chapel on University Way will continue to serve the community from that location. Save Now! Mobil Outboard Oil, 35c quart wffh your can (mln. one gallon). Brake Adiusfman,96a with lube or oll change. Tune-up, $5.95, plus Delco pa . Brake Reline, $2.50 per wheel for labor, plus lining. Competitive year-'round gas p rlces. Reg. This Week 7 OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT --USE EITHER ENTRANCE- Ballard Ave. N.W. Davenports at Dineffe Sets TO at Olsen't Full L~ne ot af BE B.droom & at Olsen Fashion LEARY AVE. N.W. Lh ot 3rd N.W. and 6Sth MOBILGAS, Of Course!