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May 27, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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May 27, 1963

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Wash ) ceased robo,e .o the Estoto af LXW.NCE AL MULLAVEY ICourt III I "" '--.'-- "W /'[11 ~ ~-B I I Nohce to Creditors. |FRED WR GHT ~tas t ed n the of-L -- ,-- I servl;"e wi+hI, -, ,~ ~ I ILl[ III OF QUALITY ~ ] THE SUPEROR COURT OF Note. is hereby g,ven that She'.co 0, the o,e;k of so,d court he) ":.:': I- III :Ill ~'~ ~i~'1 W0R( / the State of Washington for the lun'derslgned has been appointed and i Final Report and Petition for Dis-/ ~%=.a ~,ra=Avenue N:W /:%" ~.~ :Llsr ~.~UO CaiI=O~ O~ in(% riO-| "ill Ill )lP~, ~ Vi ./ County of King /has qualified as Executrix of fheitrlbution, asking tho court to settle) o ~'~=t~,',';'"~,::;" ~;;,L.;',^j"~; -,jl'- ---- WE HANDLE OUR OWN CONTRA~tt -~lll "" ,',f.-- THE; SUPER OR COU .T O ,art ,n $eattl'e wasrl,' ; ners= VVfeae Sn,o n'f g,tOhne y. rmU.ert de. lair hi r= e )re f r ict I" N :: :::,: ~ :::: Y 4t ~ [ll~ G~e;, /In the Matter of the Estate af estate of Ingvold K. Andersen, De-lsald report disfrbute the proporty| ~ D . . ~lOXJ ~ .-------- -- - ==:===,; I,r,~ ~lll~.! $1~ ~tJIDA O. STEVENS DeceasedIniceased; that all persons having!to the persons thereto entitled and| $CNNE/DER! MULL~VEY AND ~ "'" JOHN S LEAVITT IPOOOOOOOeooeooooeoelp eooooeoooooooooooooe IH)oooeooooooeooeolOB ~ ~T~,e~Afll~ I:IProbate. No. 176342. Notice topcla!!'ns against said deceased areJto discharge sold HAROLD M./ .~pl M.A~ ~.ttorneysI Execut";"-, ~a~ ~"-'- I LEGAL NOTICES ) LEGAL NOTICES t |~;AI NI1Tl, ~, J/ C~d~ r~s hereby given that the/;e[;bYerr?fqe~e~ont o~lrV~x~huetr~arn~rlEo~STVOLo~ Aadndlnll~te~ttl o~ awndlthl~;I . s.-t= ~;a -~!~er'awA::l~. NW / ~Te3oSttN!~VW~l?~rket St" I~1 1 SA;AGE LliCNNIIR ~1(:~ R.w i~= ")Undersigned has been appointed and; her attorney of record at the ad-J heard on the 10th day of June, JIN IHE. SUPERIOR COURT OFi N n~J ~J" J ANDREW t ULVIEbTAU, [ - ,~ j mu~.~.~v=~r 6 I Attorneys ~1~, ~;,~f~.'~"~.ml, =Jhas a o fled as executor of the as- dress below stated, and file the same 1964, at 10:00 A.M at thl court rnl Store Of Washington for the JO SON & J Attorney MA~,EMAN, Attorneys S~0 20th Ave. N. W. ~t~i) :~!~'~==.t~ ~/tale qoUt Ida O Stevens Deceased" J wlth the Clerk of said Court, togeth-Iroom of the probate department of J County of King, Na. 618309, SUM-If~r~e~/~ f raESteate I 303 Lyon Bldg 5420 Ballord Ave, N.W, . Seattle, Wash. .~ ,' a g c o ms Seattle Wash. /IN TH P ;:~: ~ (~ ;; thatI aersonshavln I ' er w th proof af such service within said court at wh ch t me and place MaN5 BY PUBLICATION Seattle, Waeb. Seatt e, Wash. In THE SUPER OR COURT OF ~ !a al six months after the date of f rst any person nterested In Bald estate PATR!CK V NARDONE and PEARL N THE SUPER OR COURT OF E SU ERIOR COURT OFj the 5tote of Washington top fnl ~ g net said deceased are hereby re- L N RL)ON BNT--520 to 6-3-64 the State of W I ) quired to serve the some duly verl- pub Icohon of this not ce, ar the, may appear and file abjections . A E his wife, P a nhffs, ~ the State of Washington for the . ash ngton for thai County af K no . " fled, " n I . same w I be barred, thereto and contest the same. vs. County at K ng County of King i In the Matter of the Estate- ef -~. I, ecuto norSahdisMa(~t Urel~o e.E'oSftevernnsdeXtr r . Date of fret pub cat on May 20 Dated the 11th day of May 1964 ROBERTAN G. STARK and MARY SCHNEIDER,HAGEMAN MULLAVEYAIterneys & n the Matter of the Estate of InADELHEthe MatterD of the Estate of ANNA G B JOHNSON, Deee~lleL (~ " "' ;: the 11964 WALTER W. RENSCHLER N STARK, his wife, PRUDEN- JAMES J. MOLTHAN, Deceased. M. BJORNOAL De- n Probate. No. 17 191. N t h : ]the aaddreSSwiib~lO~heSl~tierdl~ ao~d sfal]c~l " aLGA E. ANDERSEN Clerk of said Court. TIAL MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK, 5420 :e~ll~lrd, A:e;. N.W In Probate. No. 176312. Notice to ceased. In Probate. No'. 176276. Creditors. BiOl TO " ' ou Executrix of said Estate. By H, W, POTTER a Washington corporation; ED, IN THE SUPERI =. . r,Creditors Notice to Creditors Notice Is hereby g yen th~ tl~ ~ I Ce(r~et g~tpnersiWlthoP;'l~ fa~tfrS~h) 0741 18th Ave. N.W. ] Deputy. / BISHOP ASSOCIATES, iNC a) the State of W/OsRn~CoOnUfT O;J Not ca IS hereby given that the l N. t~e-Is hereby given that the undersigned has been appofnted:a~d :~ . . ~ Seattle Wash HAROLD M EASTVOLD wasn nglon corporation WASH " under I ned ha been a o nted and u.uc.=,~.cu .u~ uee. uppo nted and has uallfled " " 1~ ~ J ' Dat'-' ^~ ~;~=, h - ], ^ ~n'/Attorney for Estate /2208 N.W. Market Street,Washington rorporaflon; COMMER.I of the Person and Estate of DON |tote of James J. Malthon, Deceased; estate of Adelhe[d M. Blorndal, De- ceased; that all Persons having ''~ b~d,?- .' ~" '"I ""'1712 Jones Bu Iding /Seatt e Wash / LIAL SERVICE CO. INC. a Wash-I ~.om~ m~v [, * -, that all ersans havln claims ceased; that all persons having claims against said dIH: "~ ~ ;/ " /s/ Manue E Stevens I Seattle, Wash. ~ Dote' at first publlcatiea May 13,| /n g!o n corpo.r.ofion; CREDIT RE./~;;';'~o~.'~7d;~ "~o;7;;' to Cred:tagainst said deceased ore hereby tC~Lm~, og.a.!n.s!.~ s.old decea.sed are hereby required to serve the lame, [ vel 1964 . in Pro P g I eased ore '. ~1964, ,~I::ARCH =s U K E A U, INC a )tors'' ' requlred to serve the some du y -=,=-x lu.eu ~o serve me ~umeinuly verlfled, on so d l=xecufor Of' I Executor of sald Estate Washln tonar O i duly verified on sald Administrator BNT 5`2O to 1. g C proton; Not, . is hereby -lye. that th.'ver"led, o. so,d lixecutor or a"ar ys of ord at the od- ~,) ~ / ~72alttCie~Nl~tsrha" Place N.W. J~ J BNT--5`13 ta S-27-6,1| hO(WYwEIfRe a%dJ/AaNEyD~ENDw%YE~/undersigned has been=apponted andlattorney at record at the address/ crldrh;sss ab~oweySta~;d reaCn ~a fl~; ;~ee dw~?~s below stated ondflletheeame /s/ HA ' AS ' " has qua if ed as Guardian of The below stated and file the some with,rne ~,~erK at said Cour'~, t~. HOLD M. E TVOLD ~ CREDIT SERVICE" HAYWARD ' same with the Clerk of said Court gather with roof of s A SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY ' Person and Estate of Don Grlmsle the Clerk of so d Court, together 'l P uch service HAGEMAN, Attorneys,ULL V |Incompetent" that all ersons hay wth proof af such IlrVCl wlthn . e date nf ~ ,12208 N.W, Mark,t Str t / & HAGEMAN ~ corporatian; KAREN OLSON and '.-P . ;i /w,th'n s x months after the date of first publication of th, nail ftorney for Estate, SCHNEIDER M A EY MANUFACTURING CO INC a Y together with proof of such servIcelwithin six months after th ~ ~i ;ISeottle, Wash / =v ~'=';~'m" t~u,~ I Attorneys / JOHN DOE OLSON, her husband' Lng c.~a/ m~s agaLnsT sal~. IncompeTe, nt|~,~ ~-u~= u=.=~=. =.= ~u,=. % %'~first pub cation of th s not ce, or same w be bar - ~,*,~,~=, ~h. " B uf~: Ht:/t:uy r~:~uIr~ ~O serve rne vuu,~u,u,= u. = -,~ -,~ = th 1" red. ~ "/ BNT 5-20 to 6-3 '64[ J $420 Boll ard Ave. N. W. |d/ /&~ ; ENTERPR/PES~' ~/NC"Isame duty verified on said Guardian!same will be barred. / ~)some will bennarred. ! D~te of first publication M~/ ~r/, I- ' ' ' ",L'E S T E R " E "M/~TTESON and; s otto ncy of' record at the ad- Dote o tl st publ" a ion May 20th 1964 G L "" ~L~ :/~1 the State af Woshingto41. for I~eIIN :THE SUPERIOR COURT -OF :JAN'E D O~ xaG-rf= dress below stated, andfilethe same 1964. " .! : '1 ' ER.l,r- . = t - BERT M. BJORN$O,;~: ~"~ ~,JONSON & JONSON r county of KIn~l J the State of Washington-for ,the'I wife" and all othe'r'~erso'ns";~ n~'~=-Iwith the Clerk of said Court, to-j 'ANDREW"L, 'ULVIISTAD, '1 ,Gr~min;3rn~t"nr'~.~"~ nm~e~'~;,-I TxN,eaUt,-t- . r ttale.~,l= ,I,~1=111= ~=':e ;| Attorneys Su, rnmonl by P,ubllcl]t!On, N,~ 621040; County of King I ties 'unknown claiming any-'rg~l:t" gether with proof of such servlcel Executor of Bald Estate. I ~t'~lliT'24"th'~J'E'~ I ~'~'ffl~%U~,e, ~L m~: ~'~ ~E.~, ~ / 1738 NW Market St ~.n.~.=~ n~.n'~u~-~.~v=~ anuf n theMailer oftheEstate afl rite, estate lien or I e +h' '/withln SIx months after the date oil 30~ LYOn Bu dnI I Seeffle W s' " Je~w~m ;="T' ~:~".'."'.'u~t'~ ~': if,nter st In a h. - = = ~.=,- r~e=~ "~::~ ~g]),~"+tl'* uJ"=h IMARILYN MULLAVEY, his w e,I RUBY GILL NELSON Deceased rea estate dmlcPh~,l n +h~, ,~ Ifirst publication of this notice or the Seattle Wash. . . . ' ' SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY Attorneys for Estate ~/~ ~ '[IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE[ P~intiffs, vs; MRS:.D.~ A. DUN;I Ln P robate. No. 17.75. Notice To~ ed complaint herein, Defendants /sam e. wi 1/ be barred: IANDREW. L. ULV.ESTAD, / HAGEMAN /5600 20th Ave N ~' ~ State of Washi~aton for the County ' - o-'u,- -"''-, ana all crealrors. The State of Washington to ~h. =~.l~;u i [~ ]11 ol llr:tT puallca[lon May I;],/ATtorney tot i=state, /lu~ ---W" .i'" 14 61 -- m" ~ ~l ~.~,e~ wosnlngton"* ~'" " ' "* ;~: ~ / of Kind I other persons or parties unknowrlI Notice is hereby given that the ROBERT G S'rAR~ )1964. t303 Lyon Edg, Seattle, Wash. |A~ternevs for Es~at*. J III;~ ~t,i Jln the ~V~atter of the Estate of J claiming any right, title, ostate, Junderslgned has been appointed andJ ANN STARI( hl's wI'fe"'I;RU"[:)'~E'N'j THOMAS M. TREECE i EN.~ = ,m 6 Le '='|,~120 Ba" arcl Avenue"N W j =-~---.-,-,=, m =-.u-ee T~ ~ I~fflce of the C,erl( of said Court her/titl:, e~aa~ee,/~enr~r in:neretShteinothe[a~orfdea~hthea~:re~h behloWcfStrakted~/ Washington corporation; CREDITJseattle' Wash. BNT 5/1327 rmN THE SUPERIO,R, COURT OFllN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THEJlnC tUhnety Mailer of the =state of ~tJ,' ltmal Repot! and petition for dlsh'i, jrea es t . a s c. .a . . ~- "1 . ;/ RESEARCH BUREAU : INC a/ ' " ' j tho 5tote of Wasnlngton tar Ine| State of Washington for:the County/ ~ - ~ lia / :eRepoSr ,ngdithr butCe Utrhte tl ro e:rtlyjple alitu hiie ;r b e 0 mSo toof ePrri hf re2 :b !2t i::slxf r l i!/ W~vSyhEngt onnd 'jrAP~qr~!I~)~E~wLLIARM,t HARO:AffM~r:e~MA~kVe:LD' -' JlncotUh ty t~fftKe~ng0f the Es:ate ~ln ftK;ngMattec of :the Estate oil ~lc~Ze~;~sn/:ro~iatl~eF'e~k~ '~ ~ ~ e persons thereto entitled and|P Y Y 1 J his wlte, d/b/a L;Y, NNWOOD) ; ) SENATE BACKUS, Oe eaed. J TORVALD ANDERSON" Deceased./ ~, ~ "'~.~P ~ IPerson Interested in said Estate may/plaint of the plaintiffs, and serve al Ex~cu tor. of sold Estate, [LESTER E. MATTESON and/ D,eeased. In Probate. No. 1762 2:/of SENATE BAC US Deceased. l,ec that OII ,~ rsons hov ;;J L t- 0 BLa k 27' Lake For- a ear and f n w a42u bailers Ave N W Notice to Creditors fi I r ~u=wu ~" =' esr Park Ira Aaaltlon TO me I~ ~ J~ pp e obectians thereta|ceby of your a s er upon the under- - ~^~ h~ J JANE DOE MATTIISON his wife'/ Jhas filed in the of c of the C e k J clams a'ganst sod deceased are J torne s for la~ntlffs at e, as ng.on. and a other persons or parties Notice is hereby given that the of said Court her f nal Report and hereby r~qulred o serve the same ira t~erYl ~les~teartle ted this 13th day of MaY, 1964. office below stated; and in case, unknown claiming any right, title / g b pp d and |Petition for distribution, asking the/duly verified on said Admlnlstratrix Im t " ~;;~ ) ate of first publication May 20,rot your failure so to do ludgmentm . ' ) estate, lien or interest In the real/ q " |court to seine said Report, dlstrib-Jor her attorney, of record at theJ ' i 964, will be rendered against you ac- tar v ' estate described In the amended g g, p op rty the pe " s address below stated and file the o ~i~l I WALTER W. RENSCHLER,/cordlng to the demand of the comot " ' " ~ complaint herein, DEFENDANTSi ~Deceased; that a l persons havng/thereto entitled and to dlsahargeJ '^= "a r+ t , ~t~ .~," / Clerk of said Court. |plaint which has been fi/ed withi:~eanle' wasnmgt, on / You ore hereby summoned to ap. Jctalms against said deceased areJsaid Administrotrlx do baals non|~^=~'";=~,C"3q'~'=,~'o,=;%~"such"se~,~lc'~la~'e'~wa.s m~T ~' .Bids w~ll be re, ~ ) By H. W. POTTER, /the clerk of said court. ~ "-" " |pear within sixty (60) days after theJ eby eq o s ve same|and that said Report and Petitlon)wl~;n~'slx"mon~hs"after the date ofj .v - . V r I ~ t /he sale Will OO made on Or afteP ~ll f Deputy J The ob ect of the above entltled[ /date of the first publication Of thlsJdulY e If ed, on said Executrix or|will be heard on the 30th day of|first -.ublicat on of th s not ce or, JONSON JONSON action is to establish plaintiffs title ' ~ summons, to-wit: within sixty (60) her attorney of record at the od- June, 1964, at 10 A. M at the the sa~n~e wilt be barred ' ~nYnl;;nof~OYdO~sJ~,~:;.vl?~4h.eT~e Ad ~1i:~ i,/ I~ttorneys for Estole /TO the lands and rarem see des rL ~" SCHNE DEn, MULLAVEY Jdays after the 22nd day of April |dress beow stated, and fie the)Court Room of the Probate Deport-J Date of first oubilcation MaY t "n~ " n ghtt~ -~ IH~ ~1738 N W Market St. )below nnd to ~u et fee slmnJ- ~ltl*) HAGEMAN ]1964 and defend the above entitled Jsame with the C erk of sa d Court /ment of said Court at which time ho~ ~ ~- )retecr a y ana all ares. ~;'~ tSeatte, Wash. /In t'llem anolns"t all clnlrn'~",~#'~'-'.| Attorneys |actlor~ In the above entitled court, Jtogether wth proof of such servlceJond plbce any pets'on Interested In| -. . X~,',=D ~M I ERLING L. BJORNDAI ,V [~ ~ ~ BNT--520 to 6-3.641fendants or'any of the~ J 5420 Ballard Ave. N.W. ~ band answer the amended camp a nt Jwlthln six months ofte'r the date of Jsa d Estate mdy ~ppear and f e) '~.d'n~lnTs'~a~;r~xc~"'sald Estohhj- :-:' Administrate). iII!1~ JlN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF I defendants and each'of them be dl-| n the Matter af the Estate oflcose af your toIIure so to do, ludg-/ SOPHIA LOUISE KOBBERVIG) Clerk of said Court. /Seattle, Wasl~. "' ~ ' .r~/""- ~-z~ -= ~a" e-3.44" II~L~ ~| i the State of Washln,ton for the)~,--,-.~ .----~ -~- -,v-,~ --, -, -,- EVA BACKUS Deceased In Pro )meat wll be rendered against you/ Executrix of raid Estate,By H W. POTTER Deputy / BNT 5-97 to ~.lt~l~ -- =, v==,=u u,u u~ =u u, u. U-l, ' ' " h " ' ' -- - ~'~ ~:~' 1 COunty of Kin(] t;Itl=, ,n,~ ~"ter"=~ In an,~ + *~, ,l bate, No. 170380. Notice of Hear. Jaccordlng to I e demand of the) 4530 Stanford Avenue N.E. JSCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY /~v~-;-'----~ SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY IIn the Matter'of the Estate ofi'-~+~,t==,~,'r"r'lh,='~'h,r~=in ng Fna Report and Petton forJamended complaint, which has been/ Seattle, Wash. J & HAGEMAN,m~.~.~v . [ HAGEMAN ;llr'.~~ / BELLE J DERMODY Deceased I""~"h'-."*".~.T-'~.'.-'nt';='~' ~" .--.~ / Distribution /flied with the clerk of said court IHAROLD M. EASTVOLD ]Attorneys for Estate, / ~,~ w~ j Afforneys : 0~ ~P In Probate. No, 172056. Notice oflw;,t 'of'"~e~i,~';fo;; n~rJ'ct~n';==theE No~,~e Is .h,er~bv. OIvea thatlacTmho% ? eth 'alna e entmtLedlf; r e.VwfO aE te t t t5420,Bal!a,rd Ave. N .W~,lez,1 INS~tTE~,alS~ Tower I .20 B~t~ed" Avo: N.W. . S v~ ~.~ / Hearing Final Report and Petition |Sheriff nf Klnn County to r~ ('nr= =~ ~I~I::F~'KI- c:. YUUI~P,~MA~, Executrix ~ P p ay tar j= 13earl"le, wasnlnglon yelu/ I .~ - -- / as e~ ! I~) m for Distribution Ic us v o s ~,' on ~ -- "" ". "/at the Estate of EVA BACKUS De |Judgment to the effect that the lSeaffle, Wash. / BNT--5-27 tO 6-10-64 J /INTHE SUPERIOR COURT OF THI~ "O1~=~~,Notice is hereby given that Geraldtc p s ass o,tne ,premises |ceased has filed 'n the office o~= the/Court decree as follows: ~,BNT 5/13-27, 164J~-~-~'-~J ~ tate. at wasnlngron tar r~mg| State of Washington to)" the ~:ou~ ~ IJ. Dermody, Executor of the Estofe]"e~nt '~secr~enc~ nP'a=nnnT~lt'~ach of]Clerk of said Court, her final Re`J 1. That the plaintiffs have been| SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY,SAVAGE LECHNIII~ JB,~I~y''= W J of King. .IP~ l~.l JC Belle J. Dermbdy, has filed in thelthem be fo~ev,r b,rr,~ ~,~, k iP a d etitlon for distribution, ~ P P . Y,& HAGEMAN,Afforneys / ~,~ ~,n he Matter of the Estate Of ~ lUfflce of the Clerk of said Court hisI: '. ~."~.!:'. "")askng the Court to settle said Re`lscrmDed In tne amenaea complaint n/ Attorneys / 5(Re 20th NW 1 * ) MARION F. SCOTT, Deceased. Iit [~. Jfinai Report and petition for dis-|~n,g or asserTinganyrl.gnT, Tit!e, e,S-|port distribute the property to thelthis action since May 10, 1957 sublect| 5420 Bolla='d Ave N W,Seaffe Wash" / Probate. No. 176428. N0ti ~ T0 '."~ J~i Itrlbuton, askng the Court to settel o %' Orrelml~ts~eS~erminO~les~Orll~nce~persons thereto entitled and to ds.)only to an outstan d!ng mortgage| Sea, e, We;h," " IIn the Super, or Court of the StoteJ Defendant / CrUiSers. " ~.;':'~: ~ ISOld Report distribute the propertYl'-'dverse +^" Mntlffo an" *""" -'"" /charge said Executrix; and that saldl.presently nela Dy 1no' PrudentialllN THE SUPERIOR: CouRT OF/ of Washington for the County of J ~H ',U M ='~1183 ' ) ~otice Is hereby given" thai' If~ "~,1 ~b~" r!o the persons thereto entitled ondl~iffo b^ v ote.~ in re'" lm"" ~i''~ FRep rt nnd Petition will be heard on JMutual Say!rigs ~.anK; . J the State of Washington for the,King fThe ct"te of Was'hin-ton to the said |- g ed has been appointed and ,1-4 ~ to discharge said Executor' and thatl' )the 30th day of June, 1964, at 101 2. That lne aete aants, Robert G.) County of Kina Jln the Moffer of the Estate of JOSE-/ u ~-,~ - t qualified as Executrix .of the Be, ~./d~ ~ Sa)d Report and petition' wilt bel~ . "JA. M, at the Court Room of the(: a Y k, his wife, tin the Matter of the Estate -0f| PHiNII FREDRIKSliN, Deceased,/ Yo" ARE" HEREBY SUM""NED/ RION F. SCOTT, De- ~'~ fill heard on the 15th day of June 1964 J n.~.~'at "lalntlffs have such other and JProbate Deportment of sa d Court jbe`. ordered to convey to the, plain.| JUL US DELFEL, Deceased. In,n Probate No 176281. Notice to/to ap'po~r within sixty days'ValSe)/ceased; th.of, all per~ ms : ,l~vtl~g ~.jip at 9:30 a.m, at the Court Room oil L ~" Jot which time and place any personjTitts, by goDs ana sutflclent deed,) Probate No 176323 Notice Tol Creditors " " |.h . = = )claims against said deceaeed are ~/~ ~ the Probate Department of saldl~ur~!)er, re.=) uS may ue lUS~ ana(lnterested n sa d Estate may ap-lany interest or apparent record In-/ Creditor' " : " / Notice is herebv niven that the['" ,~u.= v, ~, .~=:L~ ~.~.j = inereby required to serve th'e same {'~ Court, at which time and place any leq.ruJTa ie', ~pear and file objections thereto and terest they may hpve in this prop-| Notice is'hereby given that the un-iundersigned has be'en='appo nted and |s~tmrrnt hneS'2~t h dWaT', o~l~V~,Sll)oTy (anYS ]duly verified, on sa d ExecutrJ1~.O;" ~11/~ ~ person interested in said Estate mayl,^,'~n,e, c'oIOn ^a~tec.s,~ le TO v:.eico~te, st.the same. j~rtyor, that upon I"nelr failure to dO|de)signed has been appointed andlhas qualified as Executor of thet~etend the above entitle~' a~i~i~|her attorneys of rocord of t.he ~f. I~t y ~r appear and file oblections theretoj'U'"~"~u~,=~'~,''= ~,uu. u,~,~j uaTea ~his 25th day of May, 1964.)so, mm o Lonveyance mereot aeihas qualified as Administrator of fheJestate of JOSEPHINE FREDRIK.]~he ,-h,v- -nt~t~-,~ tour* ~ -~ -~)aress o, e lOW eta,me/ o.na l'lie The 711 and contest the same i~.oumy --as ng.on lo-wl~: Lm ~,WALTER W RENSCHLER i maae Dy me ~. ark or The Court Or lestate of JULIUS DI=LF=~ n. l~J n -=-,= ~ +k,* ~ s ~ k,u I~ % % . :. u,~ ~ = same w rn Tne L ark at sa d Courr# ~g.~'~ )" Dated this 11th day of Mov 1964 IBl ck 5, J. G. Matthews Lake| Cerk of sad Court ' some other person appointed for that ceased" that o ,or=" =-'-L "~1;~,~"-"'-~'-- ~, ~;,~.~,~zi~oon~.~o~lme LompanT or me panTtf, ond/together with proof of such servae I~4~ ~ii Date of first aubll'cotlon ~v~ov 13"J Washington Addition, Division One,By H W POTTER' Deaufv r purpose; J claims' a~,ainst sald~"~:lecease;"';'~ ihe~o~-~""'~'-= ul~~,~'~^;'~-"~,~,='~'~,=~'--~= JServ. e copy.at.your Answer, upon rne, iwlthln six months after the-.date Of ~"-~] '~| 1964 ~ 'jaccordlng to plat thereof recorded ISCHNEIDER,' MtJLLAVEY J 3. That the p a nt fie' title to sold|hereby r~uired to serve the same verified on s~ld Executor o"r |unae .rs!gne.a .attorney ior plo.iQtltt, ar |f rst pub Icafion of this notice or ttte ~ WAL W S HLER n Volume 33 of Plats, page 38 HAGEMAN lands and premises be established duI verified on said Admtnlstr h " nls or)ice oelow etatea ana in case same will be barred ~ TEn . RIIN C ',Y star s attorneys' of record at the ad- of our falluro so to "do ud ment " ~' Clerk "f sold Court I Records of King County Wash. ) Attorneys for Estate /and qu eted n them n tea simpletor hi, aH d ~f th=t~l I' Y I g ~ Date of f )st pub cation May 27flI, [~J~ By R ~S Hofeditz, "Deautv I Date of f rst publicat on May 20 15420 Ba lard Ave N'Wl against 1he claim of the defendants addr'~= b'e-^.~';~.;'-~--.T.~.~-,-~. ;;:~1~.: ;~" ;'~"'~-~.'.',~"~."'.'" 'J'~,-":,~.~ '~+'" " Iwin .a .r . . ! -j 964. JONSON & JONSON - - / 9M' . ISeattle Washington .107 /or, any of,thorn=; Jsame"wtth ';'h% C:'l~'rk~of"'soid'"Cou;,/ge;;er wlt~ proof o;u such servlceJ ,c' eeemnan le r DOROTHY ,SCO . A~J r;~ ~rtornevs for Estate / ,~n,~,~=n, ~vtu~.t.P~v~= / / - a e = an eac, O, ltoaefher with oroof of such set'v c~Iw thin l t mnnfh nfte=r Shlt dnht I, ~ ~. .4 [ - =-^~ ~.r,x O~ sa,u ~$,u,=. :' ~* 1738 N-W Market ~t J HAGEMAN ) BNT--5-27 to 6-10-64 )them, excepting, of course, for the lwi~hln six monrths 3fter the date of i~f-~ ;, ~.~ =,~ %,~- ~,~; ~3,-.-~; r '-.sa'u ~ou,= j 5420 Bollard Avenue N.W ~ =.~" ~ ~- Seattle" Wash " J Afforneys for Pantffs J IPrudeatia Mutual Savings Bank be first ~ubllcoton of this notice Or +~'-J~'-- -;'--""~"~'~'~'~'-~-'-"=' j /no oDlect at me acllan IS rose`) ; Seattle, Wash. : ~-~"~ ;~" ' " BNT 5/1327 '&4JP. O. AddressM20 BallardAve. NW J~/tO)ever barred from having or'aS.|same"wl be barred ' "=J"~),~u."~=%'~"~fu~t~l'l~'~'l"o ] unl a a.lvor.c e:~ . ~ ~ .- )SCHNEIDER, MULLAVEY" T T',:; {~,al "~' " ' JSeafile, King County, Wash | SCHNEIDF.R, MULLAVIY I. |Betting any rght, tte, estate, lien, J Date of first publication May 2"/,119~1'' ~t~oJrnUeN .MAR~IlaNnIJONSSON,| & HAGEMAN ~1~ ~J~Ii H~.I= ;.~- i.;---- tar nterest n or to thelonds andt ~'~l~!ia~vrtJo~:h~;:!ELwE's' I'S - y tO ft. |Attorneys tor Estote sea w.~. / Attornoy for Estoto Nh/stote of Washington foTr tO~,/ The action affects title to .the fOI-~SCHNE DER,'MULLAVEY" ISAAVorAnGeys for Estate " ~ 7"l"64f~'NSON JONSON,-TATTOR~m~-I ~-~ ~ N THE SUPERIOR COURT OF/ 1 32 N. W. Market Street i. . g [5600 20th Avenue N.W. J ~ / ]~ * ~"~ ~ the State of Washington for the t Seattle, Wash. 90107tin the Matter of the Estate of)~"OU,nW' w,asm,ng' ~)0 . . |Afforneys mr Estate, ISeattle, Washington 98107 ' / n.~u=m~,~,Sealtlo, Wash. " t~' .~ County of King,J ROY A. LUNDQUfST, Deceased |The sourn.e.rw y rear ~as m.easo|.~120 .Bal!ard Ave. N. W, J BNT 5/13-27, '~1| .A n'o.rneys = JIN THE SUPERIOR COURT ~11 ~ ~)%~ In .+~'"= ~wu.=,"-"- -=u, ~l = ~ m=*~"~" ^f/IN THm CHilD,riD t'n, IRT OF/ In Probate. No. 175702. Notice t oJ urea at rlgnT ongms ro sourn line}/Seattle,i washington =.~ Du.ura ~ve ~ w the State of Washington for the 9#,~1 r JEI~OME RADOMSKY, Deceased. ] the State of Wash ngton for the r cred,tors |of. the to!lowing descrl.bed prop- BNT.--S-2"/ fa 6-10-64 I- ANDREW t ULVESTAD I, S e~,~,W~h County of King " ! Notice IS hereb [ arty, in F~mg ~,OUnW, wasnlngTon: Ill '11 n the Maffr t ~t In Probate. No. 140903. NotiCe of County of King. Y g vanthat the JONSON J~'i~SON Afforne ~ e the Estate of undersigned has been a Beginning at a point on the south- Y State of Washington for the County W LHELMINA . Hearing Final Report and Petition In the Manor of the Estate Of ppoInted and 1731 N.W. Market St. 303 L on Bids CROOK, DeceaNd. erl line of the northwest quarter Y of King ~,~ ' for Distribution. NEWTON D WATERS, Deceased. has qualified as Administrator W. Yh outheast uarter of ec SImttlo, Wash. Seattle Wash" in the Matte f In Probate. NO. 1711.~. Notice Of W A of he of t e s q s tlon r o the Estate of ' . Not ce s hereby given that A ce In Probate 'No 176490 Not ce to . . t h estate of.ROY A LUND- north N THE SUPER OR COURT OF IN THE SUPERIO'R COURT OF THE Nearing, Fine Report Ode PetJt oa to~nshinP ~6 Coun~yng~oSs~l~t, the State of Wash ngton for the State of Washington for the County EeRoNe~EfT inL' pr'r.o~aR~eENN/NG1'764D]~, tar Oistrlbutlon. : ~ i:-~" -I1~ ' Y g ~* ~Ytand, executrx of the E stat.e of Creel. Hare. " " . ' QUIST, ueceaseo; 'that all persons JEROME RADOMSKY D,=~.~u=ed, Notice is hereb wen mat the havinq ctalms against Bald deceased " " g ' " County of Kin of K~n ~: Notice Is hereby gives that Fro . re hereb r u mto a distance of 800.07 feet Balsa- g g. Notice To Creditors. ~ ofh Ss filed In the office of the Clerk undersigned has been ObPOlnted and nm dulyY verifleded IredontO servel the er~'from the southwest corner In the M.atLer of tho Estate of In the Matter of the Estate Of Notice Is hereby given that the un DiCeS Johnson Execu~IXl of~the Es~ ~,~ aid Court her final Report and has qua Ified as executor of the es- ",so d H, H. = thereof mea~ureb a o tig so d VERT~ Tc.~K ueceased. In Pro- THOMAS O'DONNELL Decealed ders gned has been ap nted an;~ Wi helml.a Croo~;" ha= fi!e~:'lp : petit on fo~ distribution asking the tale of NewtonD. Waters, De- WOLFE or his attorneys of record ?t southerl no; thehee contlnuln bate NO: 176333 Notice-to Creditors, In Probate. No. 176278. Notice To has ua f ed as Executrixp0 of the as- the'0ffice of the Clerk ~f ~ d- ;9' COurt to settle sa,d Report, dlsfrlb- havn ,he address heow stated, ond ill= Y g Notice IS he)Boy gven that ,the Credtors q Iher final Report and pet~loK~ ,~,~ te the property tothepersons eased are e same withtheClerk ofsold ~ undersigned has been ag nted and Not ce s hereb ven that the un- distribution, asking the Court .~ u ceased, that all personsg th o ong the southerly line of subd- . fate of ERNEST L. TARPENN NG, th claims against said dec Court to eth vision south ~8 02'00~ east 379.1'; po " Y g Deceased, that all persons having! :- ereto enhlled and to discharge hereby required to serve the same g. er withbroof ofsuch feet to Oo nt on the westerl has quol fed as Executor of the es- dersigned has been appointed and c a ms aga net said deceased are' settle said Report, d~strJt~ute. said executr x; and that sa d Re- utor or serwce within s!x: months after the P Y hlto of Verta Tater Deceased" that Pro same with the Clerk 'Ba ard Ave terSectlon W Par- ' 0 $ t,and file the ~ Port " du y verified, on said ~xec date of first uahc boundary of County Road No, 2142;,q hereby requ red to. eerve the same the his attorney of record at the ad- rice or the s " " thencenortheasterly alongso d P g ms ago st the estate of Thomas O'Donnelh De-:duly verified an sald Executrix or 0 x CU- 10th day of June, 1964, at 9:30 file the ' ame will be barred sa d deceased are hereby requ red ceased" that all )sons havln trix; and that said Report and pefl- A dress below stated, and That Wa tar H Ha eman r road bounddrles to a point of Ih- t ",pe g her attorneys of record at the ad M. at the Court Room of the of said Court " g ' J "' 5420 Ith a line drawn o serve the same duly verified on claims against said deceased ore dress be| w ta ed tian w be heard on the 17fh. cloy ( and fie objections thereto and con- first publication of this notice, or Date of first p'ublicat'[OI1 May 13 Bald subdivision; thence north said Court t^,-~he~th- thhe Crerk o~ or her aft, araBy=of recor.d a,t the within six months after the date of ~ o said Court, at. wrddt, tilt~ af bate Department of said Court, together with proof of such service hereb a,N,W Seattle, Wn, Is allel to and 213.06 teat distant said lixecutor or his attorneys of hereby required to serve the, some some with the Clerk of said Court, of June, 1964, at 9:30 AM at the InterWhlChested tlmen saandd EstatePlace mayany appearPers n within six months after the date of the AdmlnisY ppo(ntedtrator residentw W A agent for northerly from the south line of andrec rdfIleat'thetne samaddress be|ow stafedr,duly verified, on said Admlnistratrlx, together with proof of such service mentC urt naomi of the.Prgbate. DelXlt't- ~ tee the same wll be barred ' SIP02'00v west $7601 feet; thence;,vu,~, ,~ -. ~, vv. u. uuu.=-~= u=.uw =.u.=u, u.u = rnlt t r~t publication of this notice, or ana place any person ,lltter IB 5~ 964. J RICHARD J. WATERS, of Said Estate. Gate of firet ubll'cation. ~ rii" 22 pate of first publication May 20, first publlmflon of this.notice, or LAURA R TARPENNIN I Doted this. 1.gth .day of May ~1~ r t the some. . 1964. h rl to Int of be Inn n such service wlthln slx months after Klme wlth the Clerk Of sa d Court, the same wl be barred,I ea d Esfate may appear an;~e~e o~, ;~J~ Doted this 7fh d a~ of May, 1964 Date of first pubtcatlon May 27, H:. H. WOLFE :o ~neornlly, knopowln as B 0r lsl the date of first gub!!coflan of this to etherlwlth proof of such s ervll:e Oofe of tim publleatlon Mo ~Pth lectlo~ thereto Sad cont t thB uaTe at first pUDllcotiOn May 13, ,~n~ ~ammlsTrator WWA Y Y notceor the rr Y ' I " ' ' ' " Bou evard liothell Wash n ton same w oe aa ea w~hln SIX montNl after the aate ot 1964. same. ~'i :, WALTER W RENSCHLER ~xecu~ur u~ ainu ==~u,~ 54;:(] Uallara Avenue N w P P myo4 the same will be I~trrea G, Clyer~ of S~lodfedC?t;rt. F Adadr~(ee~l ;70320t N. W, SCHN=IS~ffle,~ ~.~VEY 1964, SCHNIIIDER, MULLAVEY JOHN HENRY TETE=R Delta of first publication May 27th, ~c~t;:lxor~f l~n~u~o~,~:' 1~ate .o!.:mrsl puallcat!on May W, ;i ' " t ~" " ' HAGEMAN Ex~.U,ur at s '~a I:s~am. i1m4 Seattle Wash. ! " WALTER W. RIINSCHLER= ~ .~,~vDeP l!~(, ~,~, ,Seattle, Wash. ,~.& HAGEMAN By' THOMAS M TREECE 1738 .N.W:.Market St. "" CATHERIN.~" HOL$CH.UM.A.KER, SCHNEIDER, MU~LAVEY "" !.-- Clerk of eald C t: . .~.; 110W4 ; n. ~ULL]R3E:N, ,=RIr~ r-r~u~==r~u,Dy Winter i-I. H~,u= u J Ah~)rn"ys for Plaintiffs Seattte, wash. AdnllnJstrQtrlx at solo I-STate. & HAGEMAN By H W POTTO~I~ De u Orney for Estate, jAttorney for Estate, Attorneys for Estate '~ JONSON JONSON 303 L on [~BId, Seats Wash ' JO p ty. ~1~ ctJc Building 1732 N. 542 Ballard Avenue N W P.O. Address .~ard Ave. N.W AttorneYs for Estate " "', "~ Ar W Market Street 0 20 Ball y, Atforn3ys for' Estale NeON JONSON ~ - A ' '~"tt e Wash 96 07 Seaft ~^"'=" ' " e ~, "In- Count" . ANDREW L. ULVESTAO~ By Walter H, Hogeman, Jr, Attorneys for Estat " = w~, ,u~ ~.ur~ ,~ -, ~, u ~ ,~,~e r~.w. MarKer ~t. Attorney tar I=state, M20 Ballord Avenue N'.W ,'- 1738 N.W; Market ~ ~ " :. , Wash. N .64 IINT--5-27, 6-10-64,Washlngton liNT,Seattle, Wash. 303 Lyon Seettie~ Wash . Seattle, Wash B T.--5-13 to 5-27 ENT 5/13.27 64 5-27, M hi 6.1044 " INT--5-1B to " lINT ~ tO 6-,t, i!i!