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June 19, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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June 19, 1963

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Page Four THE BALLARD NEWS -- SUnset 3-0400 Wednesday, June June J Reside on alia izens Early Crises; B ' CI Like nations, families and peo- ple, the history of the Ballard Boys' Club has not been withou a good many crises, but today seems all the stronger for them. olng rganlz, of se~-backs, to which any but the strong- willed might have suc- cumbed. The dark days of the following Rota In St. A money-raising campaign was successful, and the group was in- cluded in the Community Chest budget Architects Olsen and Discs June and July brought forth no Louis to atU conven M. OY Ridge Dr. ' two mon Soc welcor Fort Mov of Capt. an drew up plans for the boys' club conve: ended Jur Were over 1 of t 60 cos SUnday eve] attended Perhaps the beginning of the building (not including the presentsolution, although some suggested T.rau present 800-member organization gymnasium addition) which was that the clubhouse the only one in smg~ to be built on the school land, now Seattle owned by the community could be said to date back to righ l ' "Buffalo t= : after the end of World War II al- under 15-year lease (at $1 per free and clear of debt might be jlneune 12mu~ ; though there was a time stretch-year) to the club. The deal in-Imortgaged. By August, the gloom the sta~s ~ ing over a year and a half when cluded use of the facilities by[turned to enthusiasm, and by Oc- unici " ~" L^~ ~ there was no active club as such. pupils for physical education class- tober money started o come in ~e pal. u ~~ ~ That first organiza ion rentedes dm4ng school hours, t for the walls and roof. Using the mumcaJ ~~ L:~ the old Rialto Theater, located atAlthough there was a buildm" ~ pry that Ballard attendance topped Diary audi crzsm of a few months' duration,all boys crabs m the city, sohmtors sp~. ~ ~ ~~ ~:~ Market and Wallman, and started "" " ~', e s eakez'~ ~~ IF :~ a group of boys on the way to be- the people of Ballard came through raised money for rhe boys from o~;~: " " " " " :on, resl( ~'~]~i ~, ' coming pugilists. There were no with money, matemals and donated ]e~cl.y somce lmagmaD.m,~ even ze -.' e.~' ~9~ .~ - showers oz" seats, and the building work, and the clubhouse was dedi- [ cewmg a good-sized gift from the i ,- P . ~~t,;{z ~ was in a bad state of disrepair cited July 11 1952. Lloyd Nelson IDaughte~of Norway; i i~.u.rmsn e ASW. ~~ ~ However, the group was a member was president when the Ballard The walls went up and the roof ~dia "rest ~ of a loosely-knit organization group became affiliated with the went om Then came April, 1956, I ~'~L~ ~ known as the Associated Boys' sartorial organization on May 12, aria WOrK stoppeu on the gym. The ~'"'.',~, ,~ Clubs of Seattle and a folmez 1952, and ~Ionte M. Gibson, Jz' I hull, floorless and lacking other] on the wol ]Aa);d Nelson (left) and IL'~b Rapp (right) prep-tre to lumg sign ' ' ' . coach n'om one maoronna area, i' i'i!!!')i! i '.i}ii'. i '" . ~ ~. " ~' ii! i" "". i on fence with md of l,~Jys ( iub nlember Bob ( rL~p. lhe proln, rly had,o,+ wi~ ~-o~'~,~ ~,~ o-,~i~- ~*~ '. !' just been aequir l ,n tl,:. corner ,f 20th Ave. N.$V. and N ~V. 64th ' +hose" were~t~e':e;'rs oi'one c;'~sls " ". St. The Baptist (-hur('h i~ acros~ the ~treet. -~+ ~.^. {.-n +;--^. ~ ~ ~tztot.u~t, allu zlt~ll~, ~aaa*~, i . -- -- --- - -- - - :Rice had to go out and collect his Y fB 'CI h own salary. ! " r !1 Around 1950, the club closed "~|~" --,~----||,"I~|~ - --" vm|| ~ "--v/--|~~~|'~ ~" U--"----|| ||~,~ --| *es ,' stretchedtherarily"ertyd Wn'greateSt,arisisit WhathadintOtoa periodandwashit~it ~e~/~thebyst~z~e}iyears,physicaloffarclub.timetheprobably``tempo-Duringwhichprop-long- i~'}i' " i ~ i~ ; "j " "' ~f" ":!:: :' !'"~ (!! ~,~ m this time, the three ~llard service L ~~ ~~ g~ ~l~,l~il~ clubs got together, paid off the |~Ull II II,~l~ ~W~ J|Ull II~J~ bills, and began to make plans for ==. ~ -i=- =w q~ v,= V,= ,=v,~ a bigger and better boys' club, which would be a permanent fix- Because. there are zn~.y new- 1954---April 2, Ballaz'd receives tire in Ballard. Ralph Hager was comers to Baltard wb,~ weren't p!.~que and $250 for club showing the first president and Bob Rapp here when tile Balh~rd Boys' Club greatest achievement dm'ing past :- first treasurer of the new group. sCruggled through the early years year. October 1 ground broken for ::iii:@:i~ The ~,-~)ng months of that crisis and because (,ld-tirm-r:; like lo be new ~ymnasium :i i~i:::::I were p~"oductive The Boys' Clubs reminded of key cvent.~ from which i 1955---February 11 Ronald Dean ~i of America organization was in- to take off on a reminiscent binge ' Chappell. ~. named Boy of the Year ~!.:i :!::.: vestigated, even to bringing Re- The Bal~ard News has turned tor 19o4. ~ gional Director Aaron H. Fahr- through its filcs and come up with1956 Batlard gets plaque and ~, inger from California to Cell the a few miiestom .~ for [hoseFib- $250 for being "Outstanding Boys' J~ ,u ~a~r ,u t. f ~a.v!local people how to qualify for ulous Fifties " Club of King County" for 1955 [ l'a~'~ ';;~'*;,~.'.~' "."'.'" ~'.'" "" u,-- membership in that organization " ' aau a,y.~ ~au, ~'nO IOOK over 1950 The old clubhouse at Mar- ' April, work stopped on gym. Ban- I in J ~oa,~ t t ~h,~ ! In the meantime negotiations with ket and Tallman z~ c o~ed. N(~t atams wm all-czty football cham- [exnerience a~ assistan~ in E-'~ ~ the Seattle School Board f r use good beginning for a new (,ecade pmnsh~p going through ll-team I ^ ~, ,~ ~ I of some playground land a~c 20th 1952---After a yea -and-a-halfschedule undefeated Meet Cheney N W and N W 64th were comin struggle, debts paid off. Reorgani- S~uds for Noz'thwest' title. Studs of ~ to' a" satisfactory close g zation meeting January 7: new Tacoma had gone through season [and formally presented to Adultl' board of directo~; plans for newunseored upon. Ballard wallops i Council President Pete Borg by i : : - [ . : ~ building May 12, admitted to Studs 48-0. gsi~r f"~nrnnnnv Ob;, ,~ v. -~.:- .-.'--.: =-=-~-~ ~ | " jr ~ xt ~L~.t. '~aVZlV~ 4.~y membership m Boys Clubs ot 1957--1~ ebruary 16, floor layed I ~'.- --- -i= ~ America. July 11. clubhouse dedi- in gym. Bal~ard wins four basket- ~sovem~er, cmo has o~o members. ~ -~ cared. Lawrence Amslee named ball titles: Boys' Club Juniors and l November 29, Vince Cazzetta and ~~i~ Seattle Boy of the Year. ! I n t e r m e d i a t e s; County Park I his Sea tle University team hold ~~Fr~~:::(~ I 1953--Now. 360 boys', clubs in League. 15-and-under and . unlim- t b~,~,~,a~"^~'-l', c'i-~, ,~ a~." ~ uu.~'" " ~ a~u':'"~'"-" ~ America. (This figure would near- : lteds. Club gets .trampohne foz'l i ( ~lagecs wm cloy nagoall t~opny ly double by 1963.) Mieh~el Thorn-'Christmas, in drive headedby " " son named Seat le Boy of the Henry Grady and Loren McLeod. 1959 April (Library Week), ~~~ Month for April; will be one of i 1958 Victor H e i n s, director, I five leading paperhack publishers ~~:~ t 12 competing for I3,o5" (,f th(, Year. ' .~hows 120 m e m b e r s who won I o-ive Balla~d Bo~s~ Club l~-' ^~ I ! ) "" ' " " I ~ y UaU U~. :.: i: Amslee named on all-('zLv all-star awaros. Ryan Deromer wins Se- books June 13 bo c ~;~ basketball team. t,)metA Vancou-attle Midget table tennis chain-,ys tuo ano ~oy i ver, B.C all-.~tavs. Sept mbcr, r pionship. November 6, new work- [ Scouts put on benefit party to help i:: Adult Council f(,rmc,L shop finished (after three years) t buy artificial leg for Rahn Lahti, ii 12 who had been in bicycle-auto ii I]accident December 29, 1958, and: ~ i !~:~,~::}:~ cation did not come until Jul5, 11 ~^~- "~ ~l~h%~"~S [~'ls ~nnn|n~ $already had spen four months in ~i~ ]::::::::]::::::::::::::::Y:: : ~ :!~}i::ii~:::::;~.~:;::~}::iiii::iiii:~'~ii i::i::!iii:::i::!!!ii~::}iiiiiiii:ii!iiii!ii!iii. -:~ii~ ' ' " "- are' president Mrs Arc ' i1 7th Ave t .~!:!i!~. : i Ba!,lard Hospital. had. been to sur- ~~:~i!i~i~i~;:. i i~~::::~: i!~:~ii!~~~!~': '::::::::: "~" " 1~0 thaLt~me bthethlOCa~n club l~d treasurer" "Mrs Dollard- I.i. ~.~a him Savings"-'" [gery ten times, with two more ~~!!~ : ::::::::::::::::::::::::: .:i::' i:!:~.::::::-~::!:.: ::?:::::::':::::::::::: .:~" ,-'::ai <'~4:' m s; y e a a, ern : :::. ,~:: ~::.?~:.~:~:~::.:. :: . ::z:~::: ~:.~ ::a:.::~:: . ployed at I trips coming up. Rahn son of ~~i!~,~i~~i;i~#:~:::~ ~| it had nearly 400. ' live in ~ t ~ ~,~ ~:. :~.:::~i.~!:.ili~.i:~::~ai~!~:t}~i~:~;i ~);:!~'::~:~:::':~i}~i~ iiiii~:i: . - ::- a~ ~.~::- ~ :.:. ~ ~ Joining the Boys Clubs of Amer- . . . ::: : :: :: '.~:::: : : w 4::::::~: '" :::::::.:::,:~:" -: boys' club worker Gll Laht~ had ~~:~ | ~a~:~!,::i~!~a:~:!i:~: ~!:~~::::~ ~.~Wii lea meant that the local club would am pitched his East Ballard Little ~~lk~i/ [ I League team to a championship ~~l~i~[~ I :::i.i [become a unit in a huge, coordi-[ ~ ~ ][~ q he summer before the accident. ~~ili~,~~iii;:} natmede org~iZc~n wihd Chb::rV~l ~tl ~.l~ November 4, dance committee re- ports successful dance, but lost MRS. HAROLD OLSEN MRS. RALPH LIAL MRS. OSBOURN WARE of directors that 'sounds like a eet Ju H $14 i --Photo by Johanson' Studio Photo b" Johanson Studio ~-'-- ~'- "" n et" m- ~Who's Who of America. The Bal- ,~ -- y [lard group also is a member of ,~apter ~o "l r 'THE BALLARD NEWS -- ]. OVE~~~ BnS~aWiu~n~: ~:f Co~ ue~:u~nre n~lmb~'Pl,~:~ha::U:~ a~uai~~Z~a~in;:ntd'a :es Y~rP~eAi~Tii [ .Y ' ." - y . s a~ year, set e the The Northern Pacific Region . s 5410 Ballard Ave. N. W. Board of D~rectors, as offleers and ~s members of the Adult CouncM, with E L McKenzie of San F an" tatrons, pa ~!i:i!~:i? Seattle 7, Washington ~,~,and have their own organization, ,the "l~os~er Club" to help put cisco ~ ~l'irector, encomv r~h~ :~bez's and ! over Boys' Cluh projects. Among those who im~ given unstintingly I Ballarci club The Northwest Boys' JCmdental please Enclosed find contribution my to the BALLARD BOYS I ." ' ~ Of Concol of their time m the I~st decade are, left to right. Ver~ (Mrs. Harold) Club Association made un of na- ' ~ ~S'C Discs; Inga (Mrs. It~dph) Lml; Betty (Mrs. O~bourn) Wm'e. lions1 affiliates in the sta es of i" S. Wort CLUB in the amount of $ You moy/May not publish ] it and Wo' ' - Washington, Oregon and Idaho, inv~+~ ~, . ,r~-~ ~F~,~ F~ ~.~ ,~,~ ~ finds" Ball,ard taking part in mdny a--"~,tcena ':" my name in next week's issues The Ballard News. ] $4 ~P"E~k,J$4L /r4t~]WE/r4L J'~J~l[ IUU'J~ rJELJ'e Northwest-wide,contests and tour- naments with ocher members of wi h school OUt, and many new has brought much credit to the 'the NWBCA. Last year, Terry TERR~ SIMONIS, NAME : :.5 ~ J. programs started at the Ballard community. Simonis, then director of the BaNthe Ballard Boys' A major erisi~ in tl,e hi,Mor.v of the Bailard I~D's' Club oec~wred [ Boys' Club, he Bal!,ard News and Let's all, once again, show the lard club, was elected president of ]960 through when work sh,pp(,d in April 1956. V ilh the walls up and the roof [ the persons and firms listed be- spirit which the boys' club organ- this group. ~ The fhmr wab laid in Feb- ADDRESS I)resident of the low are making a speciai appeal izers showed. Use the coupon at The closest-knit oub-group to Clubs of America in the~ J for this worthy institution which the left. Every. little bit, counts; which the local club belongs is Che Washington, Oregon On, |hore ~a~ D(~, iiionoy for a J'toor. ruary, i 9~37. f]'D " " " " " " " " t A.B.C. AMBULANCESERVICE BALLARD HOL'-N-ONE DONUTS FRED BOCK'S SHELL SERVICE [ MARY'S BALLARD LUNCH ,/ "'Ser,'ing All o] Balhu'd" Ligbt Luncbes. Donuts Made Houri)-- Tune.up -- Brake Service --Minor Repairs. J "Mary Is Back Again" : 8114 Aurora Ave, North LA. 5-6688 5447 Ballard Ave. N.W. SU. 2-3712 8thAve. N.W. atN.W:70thSt, i' : :SU."2 43 q: 5332 Ballard Ave. N.W. SU. 2-9572~: BALILARD OPRACTIC FICE HO?SE OF YORK ' WEST McCORMACK K.G. SONDERLEITER, D.C. Distiuctive Hair St)ling --- Phone [or Appointment Aluminum lVindou,s and Patio Doors 1515 N W. Leory Way SU. 2-8696 5414 20th Ave. N.W. SU. 3-4606 5509 8th Ave. N.W. SU. 3:-3432 942 N.W. 46th St. SU 3-8424 e ~d~et a, COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND BALLARD BRIDGE AUTO WRECKING 15th Ave NW. ond N.W. Leary Woy SU. 4-3480 PAUL'S CHEESECAKE Acai/,d~/e al ,"*lo.J Super Markets 4350 N.W. Leary Way SU. 4-6375 BALLARD DAIRY QUEEN 5802 24th Ave. N.W. SU. 2-2966 FAY WILSON TRAVEL SERVICE 8001 15th Ave. N~W, SU. 2-9222 RON'S VACUUM CENTER "All Makes Vacuum Cleaners Repaired 4210"Fremont Ave. North BALLARD RADIATOR SERVICE 1448 N.W. Leary Way SU. 3-7667 SALMON BAY MARINA 2100 W, Commodore Way AT. 3-2100 GLENN'S TEXACO SERVICE GLEN R, PESCATORE N.W. 77th St. and 24th Ave, N.W. SU. 2-9525 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND lot extensive about this BALtARD ELECTRIC: CO INC. I ALLARD : 'l illed IBxe 1149 N.W. 53rd Street SU' 4-4800 AUGUST 3 A6ENY I ED'S AUTO SALES Only Quality Cars -- All Models Market ~t~ SU 4-2760 6301 15th Ave. N.W SU. 2-80~