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July 31, 1963     Ballard News-Tribune
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July 31, 1963

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Page Four THE BALLARD NEWS -- SUnset 3-0400 Wednesday, r~ L !i!i !i~i S Q May 20, 1963 to the "Daily," to which ou re y - sionary Film Service of Seattle." World in his emotional and dis- Mr. Douglas Qtti~t Dix phed. . The question posed here is not torted attack on Communism on 4600 22nd Ave N E Some of us are wondering if whether Cost(gas is a Communist. the Map. He described it as "a Seattle 5 " " " you could put together some docu- Nor even whether he is advancing total travesty of truth, a 1,udicrous ~- -~ mentation for discussion and dis- the communist cause. Specifically, recital of past history," which )ear uoug: seminal(on concerning some of and on the record, the question is "used faked photographs and false ~ome of the z~ew uonservatives Dl Cost( an'" ~ --" ~'~ '*~+^ . g" s ~'~,L vuu-~ ~c-iwhether Cost(gun qualifies as an documents, and backed up these nave saia trial tney Know that merits several letters (none of which was " CLIFF HACKNEY historian in accordance with the false documents with citations . accepted touchstone established by which were themselves false." He printed) were sent to the "Dally" Pre.~idont ~ ~ w Cicero. added, "Not one of these criti- supporting your position and/or Ne : "' w Conse~wat~vesIn the first of his many publiccisms has been invalidated to this your Hght to assert it, in your mr- appearances denigrating the film day." [or of April 24. ~ -~ ~ June 13, 1963 strip Communism on the Map, at If that be true, it is time to in- A~so, a couple o~ ~ew wonserva- Mr Clifford Hackney Meany Hall January 27, 1961, Cos- validate a few. It is not difficult. --tires a t t e n d.e d the Democratic P--E--ir~ UenL, WVV ~eW ~onservauves'~" tigan said, "I wish to put this The matter of "no evidence to sup- ~orum. on Apm~. 3. where ~)r. Cos-. Morn.real Un,~,~ ~,~,~ ~,~.~ audience on guard against bel.iev- port them" has been thoroughly t~gan was a prmmpal speaker. HeUW Seattle 5 - ing much that is said in the hour quashed above. When the' film- vigorously attacked what he called Dea~" Cliff: that follows . . . These incredible strip was being shown frequently, charges are said to be fully docu- Cost(gas admitted a number of the "right-wing" and charged thatThe suggestion in your letter of mented but no evidence is ever excesses of which the Soviets had the filmstrip "Communism on theMay 20 of putting together someproduced to support them. This is been guilty over the years. He Map" was filled with falsehoods, material for campus discussion the essence of McCarthism." could not well deny the authentic He also attacked the S p o k an e seemed to me to be very good. As a matter of ac"tual fact, the photographs of the mass graves at l~r~oDam W'ic~Htor~ tho m~h~t~ne~Among other things, discussions film strip contains a wealth of Vinnitsa, which were a part of the .-7"" ]'~ :"7 ~---." .-"-- regarding "Communism on the evidence and documentation; toofilm's documentation. Nor the of wnlch ne repeateo in ills letter p, - ~ ,~ T w,~ Ma wzth person~ =.much to list in full, but here are sworn testimony of an eye-witness are knowledgeable lead me to be- some of the items: Time magazine, before a Congressional committee qflllE~ lieve that much of the criticism Parade m a g a zin e, New York that the victims were starved to ~--~.~ .~ has been unjust. I do know thatTimes, U.S. News & World Report, death under orders from Moscow, ~~ this criticism met with approval Wedemeyer himself thought to be happened in China meant abandon- most unlikely as he wrote." ing a cherished VVestern myth-- R e m e m b e r i n g all three of that communism was wholly evil Cicero's laws, let's look at the and destructive ~nd devoid of ere- facts Actually, the Wedemeyeralive possibilities." Near the end report, which was suppressed "for of this address he said: "The West two years by President Truman,also will have to adjust to reality, said: "It is recommended: abandon its wishful thinking and "That the United Slates Govern- let-n'n to recognize that communism men[ provide as early as practi- is not wholly evil and is not going cable moral, advisory, and materi:~l to ew~porat'e bect~use of our de- support to China in order to con- sire that it should do so." This tribute to the early establishment smacks of ~he communists' own of peace in he world in cons()- doctrine of inevitability and re- minds us that Y)r. Charles Malik nance with the enunciated prin- of Lebanon. first President of the ciples of the United Nations, and UN General Assembly, has stated concomitantly to protect United that if one thinks that ,the various States strategic interests against communist gains "were inevitable, militant forces which now threaten then you are al.ready a Marxist." them." The Communist Manifesto of It is true that Wedemeyer criti- Marx and Engels, which Khru- cited the corruption in Chiang's government. (He also criticizeci shchev declares he has not aban-i the corruption in out' own govern- doned, calls for the abolition of l merit, which was substantial.) But priw~te propeVcy, the abolition of his report also stated that: the family, the abolilion of all re- "T lit(on and the abolition of all mo- o adwse at thin tune a pohey o ' " ' " rality. If this is not "wholly evil" f no asmstance ~co China would itwillserve untilKhrushchev Newsweek, Christian Century, Our which wer- ex~cnt~cl h, lzh~ Sund "'i " " "'"" ~" l~U. 2-~100 of the Communist weekly, "Pc*- ~ay v~mtor, ~eader s D~gest, shchev. In spite of his admission of Opens 6:45 ]'his Pridoy. COntlnu- pie's World." J. Eogar rioover, a Truman execu- many Soviet crueltie~ an~ h~h,~ ou$ from 1:45 SATURDAY, SUNDAY In accordance with your sugges- ~ve order, the Dalm Llama of: ties, when the film was before the lion, here is some preliminary in- r~Det, sworn ~esumony oz ~ecre-people two years ago, he now FRI.- SAT.-SUN. formation, based on facts and .laxly.of the Amny Brucker, numer- characterizes the filmstrip as "a '2 FOR THE documentation. = s ~tem s o~ sworn testimony oe- total travesty of truth, a ludicrous DOUG DIX ~ re ~ongressmna~ committees, as recital of uast history" well as the books, Lane" "I Saw . "- ~" Poland Betrayed ;~ ~'^-'~ r~is current faked c h a r g e of SEESAW Two thousand years ago, Cicero m~v~r. "Woa~mo:~or ~,to" +~ faked photographs also was made said: "The first law is that the ----~--~ .-%-----~- ~--~- w on Mercer Island February27 STARRING historian shall never dare to set name ~u~ a zew. inere are numer-~ , lv~l He stud" The second m- ][~oF]b~rlt .~t[|~ down what is false; the second,*us reproductions of news storms " . . . stance of dehberate dmhonesty ]s Shirley MacLalae,ll that he shall never dare to conceal prm~ea a~ the ume oz me events."h It is doubtful whether there is.~ e zraoumnt use o~ a pnotograpn the truth; the third, that there an- ma-'or discre-enc- in the fi~m m order to discredit the late Pres- No;~: "s~d~. o( si ~" w~h [ shall be no suspicion in his work ~. ~t p. Y ident Roosevelt Immediately after s,o~, o,a,m, ,d Ch,i, ~ou~- I of either favoritism or prejudice." strip, t)verau, it is a Cl~ClOecl un- th -'" " " menn w|i) ~ploce "2 for The See- e menuon oI nzs uecimon in v;~ derstatement, since it ~s ]mposs]ble Saw" Ol the 2 p.m ~[urday ond I Speaking before the "Democratic t~ Or5wd {win aft m{.~,+~. ~ ~.t~] [O gran alplomauc relations w~tn Suneo~ ~a*~,*~ Sh,~, [ Forum" at the Seattle Center Play- of 42~years'of murder:'to~turean t Russia, a picture is flashed on the -- AND ! =- house ~pril 3, 1963, Giova]mi Cost(- tvran v ' screen which purports to repro- gun, i~trodiLced as "Prolessor of "--~ ~" ~- -.~ x sent the signing ofa Russian- .~cne t){ r/oc: "~ tk ~, ,v ~- Am ][~ Co|or -= Englis]t Hislory an(t Modern Euro- . erman agreement But ~f one ing, ~ Lth a bl~n]t( t ~a( mtment n- . pean }[istor:z at th University of seem( Ja a a.looks emsely, Tst-tung, nen 'rv] ,g-~t~ Washi~tgton," renev'ed his right to so . an unknown rebel m (he moun- cecum( CL 1 12( .n111 e m "n[-wmg oi the 19}1 pl~mdi s ~,f the People's ~ . ~ ~alns or wnma ]s stanu|ng next o ~AV~ Del. ~ U In p t2 t t~ I y OppU~ %0 ' . THE .u.~' !World. That Pacific Coast Commu- Stahn,while Vmhmsky, who was house April 3, 1963, Giovanni Coati- i t a screenwhich purports to rePre- I gun, mtzoduced as Professor of At th~ rtfv~#~o atl,~ w ~ sentthe mgn|ng of a Russmn- ! English History and Modern Euro- ~,~*~'~ ~::~; ~.~'Y ~:Y'.~"* ":'~" American agree~nentBut if one ~, a manKet ]nom~men~ un- pean History at the Umvermty of seemin-1- in a schol ~ ~--+i looks closely, Mao Tst-tung, then Washington," renewed his right to ~ Yh~ o.+;~o ~,~,~san an unknown rebel in the moun- t~he 1261q~plaud~s oLthe PeopLe,s ~)eing~c om~pYe~'e ly~oppos'e~ to tains of China, !s s.tandmg next to nmt wee ly sa~d, on ebruary 11,in~ of his natron saint Franklin not even m the foreign office, m STARRING 1961: D,~'R~sevelf that "N~ tB signing the document." " "D~ Giovanni Costigan, uniTer (onn|e Franc is !r: . ~ be good oz" bad just the same as To set the record straight, here mty mstory pro~essor nas emergea PAULA PRENTISS --- JANET PAIGE . : old ones' Then he suggested thatis a verbatim quote from (he ~, as maoer in exposing me nJm ~" - ', tr i " ' NeXT WEEK[ "? H To ,area" i (Communism on the Map) which Inmark Of: uDeral mm m a w!ll- ri~llcr, P2~h:~fitrl~ l~rlems[i~zPlSkn~o~r end "Papa's. Del! ate C~ndifiom" i has been made available to thou- n~ne~s to,recogmze [ne necesm~y . s . L. or a x r .~a~, .~p~ ?~,al. a S~eo~.s ~ [ ~o a~ +~ h ~f or+~ of Boein~of change. Th~s sounds somewhatthe Commumst Conspiracy came ,~cu~. -----===========-~ ~"'~? Y':'Y"~ . ~. %. ~ . ~" like the Marxist doctrine of "in- in 1933. The United States formal- ~ ~.ana tsm). ~om . mavai Air ~fa- evitability." ~.v recognized the Stalin regime. m ~ ~mn r~ammg ornce ana tne ~a~s " "" In his hymn of hate for the right- The prestige, of this recognition -------- win~ he declared "The~ want was priceless.' Up to this point a ~' ' J t * ENROLL NOW to abolish such things as Social P cture of the news report of rec- * Security." Apparently, English and .gRit(on is on the screen. Then the EVERGREEN SCHOOL Modern European History donot tape signals a beep for the next m= m mm-,m.mem ~ummmm~al,give the facts about so-called: So' pmture which is the photograph rv~ ~|mmml[2~ ~[lmL-~l~[~| m~a cialSecurity' in the United States. described by C0s~igan, and the Kmderga;ten through I"ourIb Grade Obviously, Cost(gun does not know narrator continues "Overnight the " " that the law provides -that. the Stalin Government Was clothed in 4 year olds welcome Small classes, - , Enriched program French Field trips Guest speakers SCHOOL CONDUCTED AT BETHEL LUTHERAN CHURCH EAST 175th and 8th AVE. N.E. FOR BROCHURE OR APPLICATIONS LI./ 2-8660 tl. 2-8282 m AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC Lifetime Factory AVERAGE 5 ROOM HOME Reg. $397.00 FREE ESTIMATES FHA APPROVED Reg. $$97 INSTAI, L NO lr 8715 Greenwood Old Reliable North End Firm Only SU. 4-3615 Enjoy the Beauty and Comfort of a. Picture WINDOW let us tear out a~ul replace those old style windows with a new and moderu "outlook," The increase in the value. o[ your property will be many times the cost. -- FIIEE I TL)IATI -- MADE TO ORDER I SPECIAL PRICES on Storm Windows Made To Fit INSTALLED Your Windows o 1529 N.W. Market St. SU. 2-2717 suggest the withdrawal of the ~ ano/o~ t~ee zeuu~ can coo to ]t United States Military and Naval " ' " ' " " Advisory Groups froth China and As the filmstrip reported, the it would be equivalent to cutting Dalai. ~. Llama. of Tibet, who fled, for the ground from under the feet of h~s hfe m 1959, declared: The the Chinese Government. Removal Communists have seized Tibetan of American assistance, without property, sterilized men and wom- removal of S ov i e t assistance, en with the purpose of exterminat- would certainly lay the country ing the Tibetan race, driven Ti- open to eventual Communist domi- betans into forced labor gangs, nation." brutally massacred thousands of The. report also,stated'. "The Tibetans.~.and set "[bout [*,destroy. Chinese Commumsts a re self- our reh~mn and cultures. Cosh- professed Communists bound (de*- gun himself seems to lack the corn- logically to the Soviet Union They passion he deplored in the right- proclaim as their eventual aim the wing, since he has found none for establishment of a Communist[the Tibetans nor, in fact, for any state in China." I of the one-third of the earth's pc.- The suppressed report further plea who suffer under Communist declared: "Even so, criticism of[slavery. results achieved by the Nat(eRa? Such "favoritism or )rejudice" t~overnmentin efforts for impr0ve- in the face of docume: ted facts men[ should be. tempered by a ~ ~c- regarding the evils of c~ mmunism ognition of the handicaps imposed may explain why Costig~ n was up- on China by eight years of vat', set by the historical facl ~ of Corn- the burden of her opposition tomunism on the Map but they Communism, and her sacrifices for deny him the role o'f historian results achieved by the Nations?. Such "favoritism or prejudice" Government in efforts for improve- in the face of documented facts ment should be. tempered by a r ~c- i regarding the evils of communism ognition of the handicaps imposed may explain why Cost(gun was up- on China by eight years of war, set by the historical facts of Corn- the burden of her opposition to munism on the Map, but they Communism, and her sacrifices for deny him the t'ole of historian the Allied cause." under Cicero's third law. The report also declared: "A]- After relating how the commu- though the Japanese offered in- nists gained control in numerous creasingly f a v o r a b l e surrender countries, in the filmstrip, the nar- terms during the course of the tutor declared: "These victories War. China elected to remain bate been victories of infiltration, steadfast with her Allies. If China. propaganda, political maneuvering, had accepted surrender terms, up- i~md co~lition governments, ~VIos- proximately a million Japanese cow-directed rebellions, deceitful would have been released for era- diplom~cy, careful planning, and ployment against American forces patient dedication to the commu- in the Pacific." nist cause by its agents. This is Did Wedemeyer think reforn]s the most significant single fact in "extremely unlikely as he wrote," this report---the technique of take- as charged by Costigan ? Onaga ~e 397 of his book, "WedemeyerPR-e over from within." - Is dissemination of this histori- ports,' the General, wrote, 'I was cal fac~ perhaps what causes Cos- just left tO twiddle my thumbs in tigan to become so disturbed, so collections from both the employee z'obes of international respectabil- and the employer, must ,be "in- vested" in Government Bonds. This means that those funds, the actual cash, are available to be spent for "Foreign Aid" or what have you. It is roughly, equivalent to an insurance comically doll~ct"~ ing premiums, putting an IOU in the till and spending the money. Then Cost(gun accused the right- wing of wanting to "destroy de- mocracy." Presumab],y, English and Modern European History does no( include Article IV, Section IV of :the United States Constitution, which states, "The United 'States shall guarantee to every State in this Union, a republican form of it " ' Obviously, the producer of the film .knew/khat-Cost(gun does" not, ill spite of his historical preten- sions. There was n0 formal signing bf what Co'st(gun : described :as "a, R u s s i a n-American agreement. :Late in the evemng of November "~16, 1933, P r e s i d e n t Roosevelt &anded to Maxim Litvinoff a letter of recognition in exchange for a 'letter in" which Litvinoff made spedifiC promises On behalf of the Soviet Government to refrain from subversion, attempts to overthrow the'government, or interference in domestic .affairs. See the text of this correspondence in the United government." Nor is there evidence States, In Foreign Affairs, 1933. that C0stigan ever heard of the l The Soviet promises were violated s t a t e m e n t of e great Liberal the very next day. See Gill.w: Woodrow Wilson, who said: ~"The Whole of Their Lives." "The history of liberty is a his- Harding College, to which Cos[i- tory of limitations of govern- gun snearingly referred as a little mental power, not the increase of fundamentalist college in Arkan- it." sas, knew its history better than In an emotional burst of dis- the University of Washington pro- a spacious office at the State De- partment until at last it dawned on me that all my work had been to no purpose, and the recom- mendations I had made with such high hopes were being quietly ignored." On page 402 he continues: "Per- haps I made a grave mistake and was derelict in duty to my coun-! try when I returned to military) duties following the suppression of my report on China and Korea. Maybe if I had resigned and spoken my mind I might have brought the truth home to the American people and thus saved China from the Communist con- quest which led inevitably to the bloody, futile Korean war." Cost(gun's Mercer Island speech also included the following : "Late- ly, however, as if. in response to such criticism, a shorter and less deplorable, though still objection- able version, has been shown." He expanded on this theme, indicating it was a highly z'eprehensible ac- highly emotional, and so inhospi- table to truth ? Do Costigan's own words dis- qual.ify him under Cicero's first l~w? At Meant Hall he stated: "It (the filmstrip) mingles some undeniable falsehoods and tragic truth with a still greater measure of falsehood." A few weeks later, a protest of 92 University faculty members signed by Costigan, ad- mitted that "some facts stated in the film are true--e.g that mass murders have taken place in So- viet Union and in China and that the countries ,of Eastern Europe have come under communist con- trol . : ." Yet, on April 3, /963, Costigan called the film strip "a total travesty of truth, a ludicrous recital of past history." Perhaps his remarks at the Democratic Forum should be called to the attention of the People's World with a view to qualifying him for an Oak Leaf Cluster. In- asmuch as Costigan insists on de- parting from his specialty, a prac- unqualified, perhaps he should[ emS~irl ngp" e "s 9~s miles(he com=.u. iSSaway, ~|'. Nic01 read s o m e official pronounce- ) has a right to his opini0~|~ r~ ments to help him to understand!ever erroneous. But doeS~]Y~ tree al ! just what he is doing. Knowingly, ~() "aavance '~'~ Georgi Dimitroff told the Lenint m0n purpose"? Does he D~& D! sci ool: "As Soviet power grows, right to use the =am* Lnsrle$ university and the title 0x~ there wil~ be a greater aversion professor to spread emotl ~J~^Jr' ~m ~,~ to Communist parties everywhere, derdash which meets the s.~|~{]~]~e]{~ so we must practice the techniques of an officialcommtmis[~ of withdrawal. Never appear in the foreground; let our friends do cation?,~ L the work. We must always remem-Z~@ her that one sympathizer is gen- erally worth more than a dozen ( militant Communists. A university professor, who without being a party member lends himself to the interests of the Soviet Union, is worth more than a hundred men with party cards." i0rary, and less on the stu~Ni, he is qualifie'd to talk ate/~, Charles February 9, 1946, speaking on munism ? Why doesn t u~)U~ the forces of the new war, Joseph ~ai~!~i~une[d Welsh Stalin said: "Of course, there are members of the party and there are non-members, but that is a formal difference. What is import- ant is that both shall advance the ~ " D0I same common purpose." ~'-'~ '~ ~h~to by ieattle P.I. ~~~~~~ O0ral col.re( ~ ~ ~ ~ ~/~ t,~. : ~ll~s were the i '.']~bPel on the -~ - tUrday afterr ~ ~./~ ~ ; i~s Nicolette E/ Charle, i .rmy ; [)~VS The Rev LODGE of Mr" Open All Wear "il.~eh officiat: 10#~:ae bride is z $10 Fc r rw Rustic cottages wlth Mrs Jam~ ON THE RIVER -- O8 33rd N.~ ~re~ts are ( $10 for Tw0/ Z~ic les E. We] $2 add|lional for each extrO ~e~ll -- ~f ~ouege, Stay Saturday, Saturday came we= tf#,~ e bride s g all day Sunday at no ex .- ~-~ ' ,~-. rganza ov( L ~'~.'~F~ /. Granite Falls, Washln~/~;~k~icl with c. ///l~rfj~/./ -;:)~ ~uarter le ,Phone O.W. 1 "28~O,'i~~, doted, ]e, " -- 7~ ;! aes detalle ~.~ ~-~'~f~L~c~ ~jj X ' ~1~ -tip leng ] a~'~t ~'Y-~- an ar 'an ~-- ~'~- ~ :ephan, tis [SADDLE thJ:hnLa i HORSES u F, ,i '-~ ' . and the fact that the federal gov- ernment has nothing until it takes it from the taxpayers, so there can be taxpayer aid but no federal aid of any kind. Furthermore, so- called federal aid means federal control. The Supreme Court, which Professor Cost(gas s u r e 1 y re- spects, has ruled that "It is hardly lack of due process for the Govern- ment to regulate (control) that w h i c h it subsidizes." (317 U.S. 111.) Forgetting the liberal ban on guilt by association, Cost(gun de- clared (hat. the. right-wingers .go back to the know-nothings, the Ku Klux Klan, the Red Baiter~, Shoes Regrouped 7--" Prices For Complete Clean-Up. WE MUST MAKE HOOM FOH BIG MENT OF FALl, SHOES NOW WOMEN'S QUALITY @hCE WALKER Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 SEVERAL HUNDREDS QUALITY FLATS ~ Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 AAA to C WIOTH and i earns Richard United I man. Tibaldi : Webbel neph( * chiffon, accessories Cymbidi~ mother match(: s and tribe, Cost(gun declared that right- fessor. Naturally, the photograph tion. Actually, it was not "lately" tice held in low esteem by scholars a 1962-63 wingers "dislike all forms of in- could not refer to a formal core- but months earlier, before any of integrity, and since he insists Princess. (ellectualism," prefer "uncontrolled mony which history records never public criticism, that the 30-min- on talkin~ about communism a ne I,~,v ~-~n~R$ : graduate of luxury of emotion, particularly the occurred Obviously, it was sym- ute version was adapted from the subject in which, on the record of I " ~:: ~y at Wes emotions of fear and hatred," said bolic of the words that accompa- one-hour version because the pro- his public remarks, he is utterly ~7,/,~ #A ~]r O0 [ ~Tn/,~ #~ ,~, ~.couple wil "one never finds them indulging nied it'. "Overnight the Stalin grams of service clubs, like Rotary - v- m In Auburn, in the creative emotion of love anc] Government was clothed in robesand Kiwanis, have room for only ~t A~I]|,~,~,~:7 |~ When their of international respectability." 30,minute program. [ J ~llflr~ll W ~4~e~#m~]~ I1' gAYgl gA~/g| ~X-~lily will be brotherhood, and you scarcely Ferha hz m vumm~,umm vv. m.mu~.vvnmumu ~Ptv--m ~rtvm- ever hear such words as sympathy,Also at Mercer Island, Cost(gun ps 's tant)~u s over Corn- )m I Im and compassion for other peoples." said the Wedemeyer Report in munism on the Map may be better [ mm Plull|binl~ lleating ,[| ~-!. ~.~t~- ~]~[[]~[$~ ~~# ~ ~$ '3m~]r]-- it [[ factseverely condemned Chiang s understood by reference to some of ~ m -- . ~ ul m -~ ~ I# ~ ~n-~ll~d'~ His own emotion had carried him ~nu l|epalrs ::' m Government for its tyranny, cor- his earlier public addresses Spe- [ [] . III . -- ~- t,~mmnaru off the deep end. He should have ruption and inefficiency, and rec- cificall, y, speaking to the Seattle == ~otary ~ooter ~erv,ce I,I "W~kI~U~,N ~, ~l~A~t learned from his Modern European ommended that no further aid be Bar Association, March 16, 1960 m 2 o0R emm ~ ~are I I ~m mP~mmvmr~ml ~ ** & :RICSI History about one Herbert Hoover m~m who saved Europe from starvation gzven to Nationalmt China, unless on Co-e mtence -- An Hzstozmn s [] SERVICE ~U. ~ ~ [ [ ~1.~,/i' "Lmm m~uL at the end of World War I, and is[it effected drastic reforms in the View," Costigan said: "To recog-i~1! Iv~rKet :,t. ree mz, even credited by the Soviets them- government, a p r o s p e c t which nize (he significance of what had s ~ ~@l~ ~,~p a selves with having saved at least i five million Russian lives in the NOTHING TO !/ INSTALL&' Cost(gas stated, "They detest NEED NOT BE federal aid to education." 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